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12th Division Rankings

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12th Division Rankings

Post by Shikashi Yubi on Fri May 18, 2012 9:44 pm




Captain: Shikashi Yubi

3rd Seat: Kyroshi Ishia
4th Seat:
5th Seat:
6th Seat:
7th Seat:
8th Seat:

Good day, fine sir. I think you've managed to find the Twelfth Division... or we found you, in which case there's no point trying to run. I have a tazer and I WILL use it. If you think that's a threat, then you're wrong. It is a promise. But, you might be wondering what this entire page is about, in which case you should be ashamed of yourself for not realizing when you saw the name. Seriously, for not knowing you shouldn't probably be in here, but we're not a picky group. Just... try not to blow anything up. Now, stop, collaborate and listen. Here's all the jumbo that's going down in the twelfth squad.... if that's what people say nowadays. Fuck if I know.


Smart, willing, hardworking and wise - The Juniibantai is home to the geniuses and brainboxes of the Gotei 13, those who have a real drive for knowing more and finding out the secrets to the universe. That's not to say that all we want it scientific, but it does make up a large part of our job. Why you ask? Because, dowhop, we are the scientists, and we can live by science alone. If you don't get that joke, hang your head in shame. We are the ones who are needed to bring understanding to the minds of the other divisions, be it by dissection, looking through records, doing tests or simply by pressing buttons and hoping that that does something. Essentially, when there's a problem and nobody knows the answer who are you going to call? TWELFTH DIVISION! If you want to join our ranks, you must have a good knowledge of your science and be willing to learn new things. After all, if we act stupidly, then the rest of the Seireitei is in the dark. And you DON'T want to see the Seireitei bumbling around. Not a pretty sight.


- You must be willing to work hard. Please, no slackers.
- You must have at least basic interest in science, if only in a specific area of it
- This one's a rule that goes over the entire seireitei. You must be willing to follow the orders of your superiors. We don't want someone going rogue or AWOL in the middle of a crisis scenario. The consequences would be severe.

The first two rules have no real punishment, other than getting on the bad-side of the Captain. Prepare for latrine duty if you piss him off. That, or he might end up using you for one of his tests. The possibilities are endless
Break rule 3:
Rank and Seat Probation
Removal from Squad
Execution (In extreme Circumstances)
Shikashi Yubi

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Re: 12th Division Rankings

Post by Shikashi Yubi on Sat May 26, 2012 5:39 pm


Outside of the barracks:

- A large greenhouse, filled with many different plants that are typical of current enemy hot-spots. This includes crystal trees from Hueco Mundo and Cherry Blossom trees from Japan
-A large courtyard with a cement slab (approximately 30 feet squared). Used when someone wants to test a new close-combat weapon, or members of the squad want to spar and practice their fighting skills.
-A target range, approximately 30x60 feet long. Used for testing long distance weapons

Within the barracks

-The morgue: This massive room is around the size of a normal dining room and all of it's walls are covered in massive lockers. Inside these lockers are dead specimens of enemies that were retrieved from the field. This is where they are kept until they are ready for dissection
-The 'operating theater': This room has four metallic tables out in the open. the room itself is around half the size of the morgue, and is where the dissections actually occur. Behind a 'glass' plated curtain, there's a segregated table. This is where the ones with potentially contagious diseases are put, for risk of affecting the whole room.
-Private Quarters: Separated from the normal barracks, every seated member of the squad is given his own private room. The fittings of these rooms change, depending on who is currently residing in them.
-Meeting rooms: there is one meeting hall, around twice the size of the captain's bedroom, where the seated members of the squad are debriefed or people who are hoping for a seated position are interviewed
-Dining Rooms: on the bottom floor there is a massive dining hall, with enough seats for everyone in the division plus a few.
- The Captain's Office: Guarded by two members of the Law Enforcement squadron, the Captain has a room where he, or someone he delegates, fills in paperwork and other official business
- The Labs: A series of three gigantic rooms, each so large that it seems impossible to see the roof. Pipes run all the way through the rooms, sending some kind of liquid down below. It is rumored that there have recently been some hidden rooms added to the labs, but nobody but the Captain knows for sure.
Shikashi Yubi

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