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Try-Outs: Zeraphin Apollo Rotbaron III; Der König [APPROVED]

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Try-Outs: Zeraphin Apollo Rotbaron III; Der König [APPROVED]

Post by Ravilin Asura on Fri May 18, 2012 10:35 pm

  • Try-out Role-Player: Der König
  • Try-out Character's Name: Zeraphin Apollo Rotbaron III
  • Try-out Character's Race: Shinigami

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Ravilin Asura

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Re: Try-Outs: Zeraphin Apollo Rotbaron III; Der König [APPROVED]

Post by Der König on Sat May 19, 2012 11:22 am

Deathly silence ruled over the area, so different from just moments ago. High ranking Shinigami had been ordered to the human world with the goal to capture a certain Arrancar, who had been collecting strong allies all around him.

Of course Zer could not be lucky enough to kick the door in, grab the idiot by the back of his nape and go out again. Far too many opponents had been present at the scene and before too long an all-out fight had taken place in Osaka.

Buildings collapsing, pitiful screams of the humans caught in-between, angry shouts and harsh mocking as the two sides clashed with each other, until... until it all just stopped.

It was a bright, sunny afternoon, the day not indicating at all what had taken place within the last hour. Not a single cloud could be detected in the sky and the sun shone busily – its light reflecting off the broken windows of a building that had the last two stores missing – blown off by the Arrancar's explosive power, and the many shards spread all over the ground. It would give the scene almost a holy glow if it was not for the red car burning in front of the broken building, the flames by now so fast-spread that they already started licking on the black Mercedes next to it. Here and there moans could be heard, of humans, of Shinigami, of Arrancar laying brokenly under the debris – making it just too obvious to who all that blood, covering the ground as much as the shards, belonged to.

The two males, yes, it might be them who in the end destroyed the scene completely.

One of them was laying on his back, his chest raising and falling heavily. He was short and had a plump frame, making it hard to imagine that he had more than one trick up his sleeve. His orange hair was shaved short, making his face look even rounder than it actually was. Though his eyes... it were his blue eyes that glimmered with mischievousness, that showed that he truly was the mastermind behind all this. Though... right now nothing seemed to glimmer about him. The white dress shirt and suit jacket had fallen off earlier, after a kidou spell had set them on fire. His white, skintight pants, had three slashes running along the thigh area, the wounds bleeding heavily.

His eyes, so scared for once, were set on the figure sitting astride his lap though.
The second male.

His crimson hair, which usually was swept backwards, had loose strands hanging forward, though not shielding his pale, orange eyes from the pitiful figure in front of him. His suit jacket too, was gone and the usually white dress shirt was dirty and bloody – the left sleeve even completely gone while the tall man's arm bled heavily.
So far he had not noticed that.

Zer lifted his right arm and brought his hand in front of his face, taking a long drag of his black cigarette – cold eyes still fixed on the Arrancar laying underneath him.

He could not see, what Amai-Soutaichou needed the man for. The business the Arrancar followed was certainly a thorn in the Shinigamis' side, but the order to keep him alive and bring him back?

Zer dropped the arm again, opening his mouth as he blew out the grayish smoke, only now light skin tissue became visible under his mask, next to the corners of his mouth.

Luckily Amai-Soutaichou never explained in which state the Arrancar should be.

“I have a question.” Zer suddenly spoke up, his voice rough and deep – his chords not being used to the talking. “Are you hurting?”

He could see how the Arrancar swallowed heavily, his eyes sweeping left and right – the prey was looking for an exit.

Funny, Mr. Fox. The rabbit has you cornered.
Light amusement lit up Zer's eyes as he took another drag of his cigarette.

Calmly he continued to watch the male underneath him, could easily detect how he became more and more nervous as time passed.
The silence was not helping.

Maybe Amai-Soutaichou wanted to experiment on that Arrancar? Though why... Again Zer could not help but wonder if there was something bigger going on, something the captains had not been informed about. It would not really surprise him. Gotei was far too politic, far too lawful.
He huffed and flicked the wrist of his right hand, ash of the cigarette falling onto the Arrancar's naked chest, who could not help but follow the ash's journey with scared eyes. What did the tall Shinigami want? Why were they here, sitting around? By all means, he was an Arrancar – a feared Arrancar... and yet he could not help but feel extremely uncomfortable.

He was afraid enough to wish a second Shinigami would appear, just to feel safe.

Zer huffed again as he brought his cigarette once more to his lips. At least Shinigami cared about knowledge. It was amazing to see what inventions they could come up with. Quite interesting actually. Most Shinigami who developed so much had been normal humans... but why could they only create things of such importance once they had died and joined Seireitei? Was the world of the living still so strict about knowledge? Though why did Gotei not join the human world's ideas? After all... soldiers were easier tamed when stupid.
Another thing, he had not figured out yet.

Zer blew out the smoke.

Suddenly he felt slight movement underneath him, making him blink in surprise as his eyes settled back onto the uncomfortable looking Arrancar.

“I apologize.” the Shinigami murmured. “I am awfully inattentive today. You give me a lot to think about though.” He leaned forward, their faces almost touching while strands of his long crimson hair tickled the Arrancar's cheek, the plump male trying to escape from the feeling. “I like that.”

Then Zer sat up straight again and took another drag of his cigarette before flicking his wrist once more – this time the ash fell onto the ground next to them.

No, Amai-Soutaichou really had not stated in what condition the other male should be in.

“Are you hurting?” he repeated his question, his whole posture still as calm as if they were talking about the day's beauty.
This time the Arrancar nodded.

Zer pouted underneath the mask.
He could hardly see the pain.
Not enough then.

Once more he lifted his right hand while turning the cigarette and holding it with three fingers – the burning point directed at the Arrancar now.

“Then let me hurt you some more.”

Immediately the plump male's eyes opened wide in shock and again he tried to free himself, bucking underneath the tall Shinigami. Though Zer did not move one bit. He only brought down his hand – the cigarette point now right in front of the Arrancar's left eye, while his other grabbed the fat chin between long, thin fingers.

“Let me see.”
Der König

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Re: Try-Outs: Zeraphin Apollo Rotbaron III; Der König [APPROVED]

Post by Ravilin Asura on Sat May 19, 2012 11:35 pm

"Zer!" The sharp bark came from another captain, with raven hair and crimson eyes. Kasumi Suzume came to see that retrieval went good. After all special op missions were something that she generally covered, working through her blood sweat and tears to make it work. Disdain was clear on her features. Amai-sama never once told them to harm the arrancar, merely to retrieve it. The wreckage should've been enough but the other shinigami wanted to torture the arrancar. Kasumi flicked her gaze to the struggling man who was trapped under the long strong sinewy frame of the shinigami. Sometimes it made her wonder why Zer liked to straddle people. "We were never told to harm the target. Whatever your fetish with pain is will have to wait." The cold tone echoed through her voice though a part of her wanted to see the arrancar to suffer. They were beasts who deserved nothing more than to be slayed. Arrancar were dangerous creatures who didn't deserve the right to exist. Though that was merely what her anger scream at her. Slowly Kasumi inched closer to the other shinigami the white haori fluttering about the doll like frame. Each step brought a crunching noise from the shattered glass that seemed to be strewn about everywhere. Jesus, he caused a mess after all. Approaching the crimson haired man a look of amusement touched her face as she pulled her sword from its sheath. To those that didn't know the taicho would've sworn she was going to stab Zer right off of the man, the crimson eyes were dangerous.

Dropping to a crouch, Kasumi brushed against Zer looking at the arrancar. Lightly she hit the man with the hilt of her sword hard enough to render him unconscious. Slowly her gaze fixated to the crimson haired man at her side. Leaning in against him she looked to the smoke. "That shit is bad for you Zer." Kasumi scolded softly, her fingers trailing through the thick locks for a moment. The scent of nicotine clung to him. The scent stunk enough to make the petite taicho pull back. Now emotion showed on her face as she peered between the two for a moment. "Sitting on top of an arrancar is never wise, what if he used a bala or cero on you? Then what would you do?" The woman scolded Zer softly, lightly poking his forehead before pulling back a step. The crimson eyes flicked to the area around them. They were lucky to have the perimeter blocked off from humans seeing and sensing. Imagine the news that would come from something like this? The crimson eyes held a distraught look to them. Destruction was always messy.
Ravilin Asura

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Re: Try-Outs: Zeraphin Apollo Rotbaron III; Der König [APPROVED]

Post by Der König on Sun May 20, 2012 12:34 pm

He had not even managed to bring his cigarette one inch forward, the heat of the glow only making the Arrancar's eye teary, as his name was called.


Did he feel like reacting to it?
The tall Shinigami lifted an eyebrow in thought, looking down questionably at the Arrancar, who wondered for a moment if the redhead was going to ask him something.

Once more, silence settled over the area.

"We were never told to harm the target. Whatever your fetish with pain is will have to wait."

Another pout appeared under his mask. Why was he not allowed to do it? He had done everything that had been asked of him.
Zer's eyebrows knitted together and he turned his head slightly towards the voice.
That voice.
So he had heard right and it was her of all people.

Wait... he had thought she had already been here to begin with. If she just arrived... Zer's head snapped in the other direction - his eyes settled on the debris just a few feet away from the black Mercedes.

Only an arm was visible, which was slightly covered by a cut, dark-blue sleeve.
If that was not one of hers it was one of his people.
... uuups.

Still... the itching was gone now.
Zer sighed heavily before turning his head back towards her, noting how she was coming closer.
With that look in her eyes.
Oh, the Arrancar could call himself lucky that Amai-Soutaichou wanted him back alive, the woman would have done worse to that thing than him.

The Arrancar, seemed to notice that too. Scared eyes swept from Kasumi's approaching form back towards the Shinigami sitting on him back towards the angry looking woman.
Then suddenly he had to close his eyes instinctively as ash from the cigarette fell down in his left one - a tear running down his cheek.

As fast as the anger seemed to have appeared on her face it disappeared again, leaving nothing but amusement. Heh, strange woman indeed. Curiously Zer still followed her movement, so far not uttering a single word. If he even felt like talking... so far he had not been able to make up his mind if she was friend or foe today.

By now the Arrancar had started to shake in fear. With those eyes of hers... she was probably just as crazy as the wacko sitting on him. How could Shinigami dare to judge when they were just like them?
Just as foolish, just as crazy, just as evil... and what the hell... had she not said to keep him alive? Why had she unsheathed her zanpakuto then? ... would she stab that bothersome redhead?
Though when the woman crouched down, next to the Shinigami and looking down at him... with those eyes. Bloody eyes.
He knew this was going to be the end for him.

With slight wonder Zer's eyes continued to follow Kasumi, noting how she came so close to him. Brushed him. Her white haori, that always clung to her petite frame, just barely touching his white... no wait... there was no white sleeve. Once more he could not help himself, but lift an eyebrow in surprise.
Oh... his arm was torn.
Slightly he leaned sideways, trying to not dirty up her haori.
Seemed like she was a friend today.

A friend who took his toy away.
Before he could control himself a huff passed his lips again. Why had she done that now? Amai-Soutaichou had never stated 'Don't blind that Arrancar.'
Well, what was done was done... he sure as hell would not shake that thing awake now.

"That shit is bad for you Zer."

He was not handling any form of shit here and... and she was close again. Damn woman... alright then. Her loss if she wanted to wash out all that annoying blood. Zer slightly shook his head, before noting just where her eyes had settled.

Oh, that shit.
Curiously he watched as the burn reached his fingertips, though he felt nothing. Was somebody supposed to feel that on their fingertips, or was it normal? Damn... he really needed to try that out sometime...

The tall Shinigami turned the cigarette between his fingers again, holding it at its end once more, and flicked his wrist - the ash falling on the unconscious Arrancar's face - sticking to the wet path running down the other male's cheek.

What a sad sight.
Zer lifted the cigarette back to his lips, taking another drag of it - his cheeks hollowing out, before he remembered what she had said earlier.
She was a friend today.
He huffed again, the smoke escaping from his parted lips as he turned to rub the burning tip against the ground next to him.

Shit was bad for him indeed... but they all had their annoying habits.
In the end they were just humans.

"Sitting on top of an arrancar is never wise, what if he used a bala or cero on you? Then what would you do?"

"Hmmm?" The first sound he made at her. What's with that tune in her voice? Confused he looked down at the doll-like taichou, noting how her eyes matched her voice.

Before he could let out a single world though she already poked his forehead - his eyes opening comically wide.
Just what the hell?
Could she not be at least a little scared of him? The others were doing so wonderfully and she... well... she was captain of that Division.
He should have known she was different.

"I would die." he finally said, his voice void of any emotion once more, though his eyes holding slight amusement within them.

Then, finally did he stand up, brushing the dirt of his dress pants before holding a hand out towards her - intending to help her up.
Yeah, today she was friend.

"I am not going to carry that fat-ass."
Der König

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Re: Try-Outs: Zeraphin Apollo Rotbaron III; Der König [APPROVED]

Post by Ravilin Asura on Sun May 20, 2012 12:47 pm

Try-out Profile Evaluation Section - Sub-Total: 32/36
  • General -Total: 12/12
  • Thoroughness - 4/4
  • Organization - 4/4
  • Cleanliness - 4/4

  • Character - Total: 10/12
  • Originality and creativity - 5/6
  • Character depth - 5/6

  • Zanpakuto - Total: 10/12
  • Originality and creativity - 5/6
  • Zanpakuto depth - 5/6

Try-out Post Evaluation Section - Sub-Total: 46/64
  • Creativity - Total: 10/18
  • Setting - 3/6
  • Action scene - 4/6
  • Character reaction -3/6

  • Grammar and Sentence Structure - Total: 11/16
  • Punctuation - 3/4
  • Sentence structure - 2/4
  • Readability - 6/8

  • Storytelling Ability - Total: 4/4

  • Flow and Overall Structure - Total: 7/8
  • Post flow - 3/4
  • Post organization - 4/4

  • General Detail - Total: 14/18
  • Setting detail - 4/6
  • Character action detail - 6/6
  • Character interaction detail and integrity - 4/6

Total: 78P

Rank: Master +
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Re: Try-Outs: Zeraphin Apollo Rotbaron III; Der König [APPROVED]

Post by Ravilin Asura on Thu May 31, 2012 6:40 pm

Try Out Total 10000P
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Re: Try-Outs: Zeraphin Apollo Rotbaron III; Der König [APPROVED]

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