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The Spreadsheet [M/OPEN]

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The Spreadsheet [M/OPEN]

Post by Maeter P on Wed May 23, 2012 7:27 pm

There was no wind, not a single gust had appeared for the entire day. The artificial sunlight beamed down upon the towers within Las Noches, baking everything it touched. The sand underfoot felt like a thousand vipers biting at your soles. For once Las Noches seemed entirely quiet. No explosions from feuding arrancar, no echoing chatter from gossiping girls. The only thing that seemed to exist was Maeter and the heat. So stifling that every single window was open in her tower and still she sweated. It covered her skin like an unwanted jacket made out of materials that made you sweat not warm. She would have enjoyed it if she was dripping with sweat, but the humidity in the air prevented that. It drained the will to do anything of importance. Which was a shame since Maeter really wanted to wander around the wastes of Hueco Mundo in search of some fun. Whilst it was frowned upon, Maeter did greatly enjoy fucking Adjuchas class menos. They always underestimated her, unable to sense her spiritual pressure due to how powerful she is. By the end of they’re rough and tumble in the desert night. Maeter has them begging for their lives as she, to put it simply rapes them. It was a guilty pleasure, one that could be argued as bestiality.

"Lust comes in many forms, regardless of the fetish."

The words fell out of her mouth lazily, as she basked out in the sun. Letting her tanned skin soak in the hot summers sun. Maeter rested upon her elbows, slowly flicking through some books, which she had gotten some hollows to grab for her. They were basic magazines from the human world, a mixture of fashion, gossip and porn. It passed the time; despite how she felt like her intelligence had dropped after reading them. They were always full of the same topics; breast size, sex, the perfect meal, how to lose weight. Maeter felt a pang of pity for the humans, given bodies that could change shape at the slightest bit of indulgence. Eat too much and you get fat, not enough and you look like a bag of bones. Why not an eternal body? One, which doesn't age and stays in the perfect shape? Sitting up on her knee's, Maeter looked down onto her naked top. Her hands ran along her curves, rounding her breasts before groping and pushing them together. It made them unique she supposed, but it seemed like such an inconvenience. One hand let go of her breasts, fingers lightly flipping through the pages, trying to fine someone with equal proportions. Her other hand, lightly massaged and caressed around her nipple, teasing it slowly till it got erect. She turned the pages faster now, as her hand worked around her body, touching each and every sensitive area. Maeter threw magazines left and right until she found the pornography.

A devilish grin spread upon her near flawless face as she flicked through the smutty pages, eyes swallowing each detail of the women within. Her hand danced beneath her thong, slowly working around her inner thigh until she found the perfect image. Women screaming, cumming, moaning in pleasure and pain. Spread legs, arse and breasts, mouths filled with cocks, cunts swallowing cum. As she turned each page, Maeter's fingers began to grow more and more impatient, begging to slide within her and release this pent up frustration. But she couldn't do it; not yet, she needed to find the right picture, the one that was perfect. Her heart was pounding, her breath quickened as she started to tease herself, making it that much harder to resist. It was pleasure within itself really, the act of waiting, of holding back until the right moment. And there it was, the perfect picture.

It was a spreadsheet, a woman surrounded by men. Her hair was long and red, face blushed, body toned. Her mouth, hands and holes were completely occupied. Her body was wet and covered with splotches of white, and yet despite all of that she was still going. Her only focus to pleasure the men however much they wanted to. All of them were hung, beasts that you could clearly see, were stretching her already small holes. Her body was fully displayed, each muscle tensed, limbs twisted to get as much pleasure for him and for her. This woman for that one moment was who Maeter wanted to be. Easily she could run down to the lower levels and find as many arrancar as she wanted, but that would ruin the moment. She wanted to dominate them all, on this very tower, in the clear light of day. Leaning her head back, Maeter opened her legs wider, leaning on her knees, as her fingers began to slip into her shuddering body.

But at that moment, she sensed it, someone standing right behind her. The only thing between them was the littering of magazines that sprawled across the floor some bent and out of shape. Still they stayed until Maeter spoke, her voice thick with lust and impatience as her now wet fingers screamed to move.

"Are you going to just watch me?"

Maeter P

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Re: The Spreadsheet [M/OPEN]

Post by Kyroshi on Thu May 24, 2012 8:14 pm

Yoyo had been feeling anxious and horny lately and she couldn't find anyone even REMOTELY appealing for her right now. She wanted a good hard time and now she was going to find it. And the only other person besides Elena who could satisfy her when she was feeling this way was Maeter. Where the hell was Maeter!? Dammit! Yoyo ran up and down the halls searching when she finally felt that little pin prick signifying where Maeter was. Yoyo rushed through the halls and finally came to Maeter's door. She knocked and then waited for a few moments. Nothing. She knocked once again and waited a few more moments. Still Nothing. She finally walked in to Maeter's room to find that she was beginning to pleasure herself while looking at some rocking orgy porn. In a magazine? Where had she gotten these? Yoyo smiled her own guilty pleasure, making her ache inside.

Yoyo just sat there, watching Maeter, until she noticed Maeter's body posture change. Then she heard Maeter's voice that had a hidden layer of annoyance...or was it impatience? Yoyo could never tell the difference between the two. Ehh, they were both the same horse, just a different color. "Are you going to just watch me?" Maeter asked snapping Yoyo out of her own thoughts. Yoyo gave a playful smile and scooted closer to the quivering Maeter surrounded by an array of various magazines. She chuckled and stepped closer. "Wouldn't you like to know." She uttered and crossed one barely moistened thigh over the other, Yoyo's arrousal quite apparent. "Don't you want to rape me baby? I'll even scream for you." She said smiling and unlacing her boots, pulling them off. "Tell me you want me baby." She said smiling and rubbing her thighs together.


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Re: The Spreadsheet [M/OPEN]

Post by Thorns on Fri May 25, 2012 5:31 am

A dark and malevolent voice seemed to come from the very room itself.
"IT'S NOT RAPE IF YOU ASK FOR IT!!" Then, the speaker became apparent. Coming out from a corner where he'd managed to remain hidden was Mabohiku, a perverted smile on his face. Instead of his usual uniform, he seemed to be wearing so much thinner. It was clear to see that he was as horny as Yoyo was, and he generally wasn't the type to be asking politely. In all honesty, he had been enjoying the show before this strange arrancar had spoiled the fun. She had dare to claim that such an act was rape? She didn't even know the concept, let alone how it would feel. Maybe he should show her? Either way, he appeared infront of her quickly, barring her entrance with one of his arms.
"Who the hell are you to disturb the mistress when she's enjoying herself? No, wait a second... I know you." the smile intensified as his eyes ran over her body, pausing for a second at her boobs, before returning to her face
"You're that dog of the lord, Yvinos Oip. You're the third. What are you doing here, I thought you'd have your own army of little slaves just ready and willing to screw you senseless." he turned his head to look at his mistress, smiling pervertedly.
"You want me to let her join you, m'lady? I know how you like to torture those little friends of yours."

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Re: The Spreadsheet [M/OPEN]

Post by Sponsored content

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