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Rafael Selig- Human

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Rafael Selig- Human Empty Rafael Selig- Human

Post by Yaksha on Mon May 28, 2012 12:42 am


Name: Rafael Selig
Nickname: "Ironsides"
Age (Appearance/Actual): 43/43
Birth Date: December, 1969
Gender: Male
Non-Fullbring Weapon(s): A revolver
Personality: Rafael is a bitter, jaded individual. He's become convinced that the shinigami are in it for themselves, and that there's no one else he can rely on. After a lifetime of seeing his work go to waste, and being let down and persecuted, Rafael has almost given up. He spends most of his time drinking or trying to resist the urge to drink, and the few times he's not drinking is when he's on the job, usually tailing someone or trying to find something out. Rafael tends to stay to himself, keeping his relationships as businesslike as possible, and keeping everyone else at arm's length.

Despite this, Rafael DOES have a soft side, and an almost heroic streak. Rafael has a compulsive need to help others, even though he knows and acknowledges this as dangerous. Typically, Rafael will go as far as he can to help a grieving widow find closure, or a man find proof to exonerate his wife. If there's any complaint about Rafael, it's that he's sometimes too dedicated, and too ready to go overboard to get things done. Rafael has a mean streak, and will not stand for people he's taken up for being hurt or persecuted; Rafael secretly fears the day he goes too far, and doesn't quite stop himself in time.
Physical Appearance: The first thing people notice about Selig is that he's BIG; not merely tall, or wide, but big in personality. He seems to fill whatever room he's in, and even tailor-made clothing look tiny on his frame. He has enough fat on him that people can easily mistake themselves that he's an out of shape man, unfit for physical strain. But beneath the fat is a startling amount of muscle, and though he's still quite fat he trains and works out constantly.

On his left cheek is something that can only be seen when he's truly angry; there's a mark there that looks very much like a handprint, but the fingers don't taper out like a normal person's. Instead, they end in small points, almost like the tips of a dagger. When he's angry, and his face is flushed with blood, the birthmark remains pale, and stands out quite visibly. He also has a tattoo on his left arm, that looks very much like a leering skull. It's hard to identify what animal it is, but he claims it was inspired by real life.
Theme Song:
Bio: Rafael's mother was known around the United States as a spectacular nurse. Silvia Selig had saved people from death's door so many times, she was known as a miracle worker, both jokingly and less so. However, there was always one person she was unable to help; an elderly man, who always seemed to suffer serious burns in the middle of the night. It defied all medical knowledge, and the videos showed no sign of abuse; he would simply writhe in his bed, shouting and gibbering as the wounds would show up from nowhere. Though she could deal with the burns easily enough, the curiosity had begun to haunt Silvia, and so she eventually decided to stay in the room one night to see the cause firsthand.

As soon as she had sat down, the man in the bed began to gibber and point at a section of the wall. Though Silvia glanced at it, she could see nothing; she only felt a faint drop in temperature, and a smell in the air much like ozone. As he tried to flinch in his bed, she did her best to console him; moments later, the burns began to form. As soon as she reached to touch it, she felt something stopping her from moving closer, immediately followed by a burning sensation that ran over her arm. She drew it away, quickly noticing her hand WAS burnt.

For the next month, she would visit the room constantly, hoping to find out what was doing this; was it some sort of shared delusion? A flaw in the old man's mind that told him he was seeing something impossible? She simply had to find out. Every day, she would wait to spend the night with him, and every night he would get some new burn. Eventually, she begged her own husband, a skilled lawyer, to join them in the room. Though it took him quite some time to warm to the idea, by the time he was ready to join them, Silvia had burned herself at least a dozen times, trying to calm him.

Finally, the day came; this time, when the old man began to gibber, Rafael's father rose like a bullet, beginning to shout himself. He spoke about a large lupine beast with a white mask, standing next to the old man's bed, taunting him. When he tried to tackle the creature, passing right through it, his entire body was badly burned. Silvia ran to his side, only to feel something both very hard and completely invisible strike her chest, sending her flying into a wall. She fell unconscious instantly, and by the time the security had arrived, the beast had left.

Selig's father held on for several days in the ER, but eventually died of his injuries. Silvia, distraught with this, almost contemplated suicide; however, after a week she began to realize that she was pregnant. Even if he wouldn't have a father, her child deserved to have a mother that cared for him. She named him Rafael; "God Heals." When Rafael grew up, he was told that his father had left for another woman. He believed this until he turned 20; at that point, his mother told him the truth; that his father had died of severe burns, after trying to attack...something. Silvia never even could've imagined that Rafael already knew this. He'd met dozens of hollows, though he had never thought to interact with them before now.

As soon as Rafael realized that a hollow was the reason his father had died, he went to work; he began to investigate in his free time, while he attended school; studying who the man his mother had treated was, and why this creature had been tormenting him. He finally found a paper saying the man had vanished a year ago, and no one was sure where he had gone. After visiting the last place that the old man had been seen, he could feel the oppressive presence of a hollow surrounding it. It took him another year to track down the beast that had killed his father, and countless others. In their first interaction, the beast immediately dispatched Rafael with a single hand. His cheek had been badly burned, but he healed admirably, save a faint pale mark where he'd been struck.

For the next 5 years, Rafael tried his best to live a normal life; he made human friends, he went to college, and he began to study criminal justice. His plan was to become a lawyer like his late father, and see criminals put into jail. Perhaps then he could feel his father's death had been avenged. But time and time again, the spirit world dragged him back into it. His friends would come to him complaining that whenever he was around, things seemed to go missing or get broken. He was shunned within the university campus; everyone even began to cross themselves when he passed by.

When Rafael graduated, and turned 27, he met his first shinigami. After deciding to follow another hollow and find out what it was doing, he spotted them; a black robe, and a blade by their side. In one smooth motion they sliced open the hollow's head. Inside, there seemed to be a small child, whimpering and shying away from the person. He could only hear snippets of the conversation, but the one in the black robe seemed to be soothing the child. Finally, the child took their hand, and they both seemed to disappear. For the next year, he was utterly consumed in finding another of these...things. He would have to see what was going on here.

Finally, when he began to track hollows, he spotted another shinigami; this one was a woman, a rather frail person. She seemed sickly, and rather than use a blade, she seemed to rely on something magical to dispatch the hollows. When he confronted her, the shinigami revealed her name as Fon Lan; she hastily informed him to forget about their meeting, but he refused. He began to track hollows longer, and more in-depth; some even began to speak to him, and question him as to why he could see them. He never gave any answer, and he never got so close to the beasts to be in danger. But, after another year, he finally confronted a hollow, asking it about Fon Lan, the shinigami he had met.

Mere months later, he was confronted by two new shinigami, both absolutely livid. They informed Rafael that Fon Lan had been hunted down by a hollow; the same hollow he had spoken to about her. They sat him down, and for the next seven hours he was constantly grilled, almost brought to tears. When they finally left, he discovered that they were friends of the now late Fon Lan, still distraught over her death. Though they finally admitted he probably hadn't meant to, they still told him that there would be no more warnings. It was on that day that Rafael promised never to meddle in the affairs of spiritual beings unless a human was already involved.

Two years later, he received a call from his mother; she too was being tormented by an unseen assailant, much like the man she had once nursed for. Rafael instantly saw the association. He ran to the house, prepared for a second encounter with the hollow that had so ruined his life. This time, he arrived just in time to spot the...thing grasping his mother around the throat. He grabbed a nearby lamp, tossing it at the creature and shattering it. The hollow immediately turned on him, roaring in hunger and fury, and lunging at him. For six minutes, him and the hollow ran through the house; Rafael continued to pelt the beast with whatever weapons he had at hand, while the hollow simply tried to pin him down and finish him off. Finally, he managed to escape; his mother, however, was left in the house with the hollow. She died, her body absolutely covered in severe burns.

This time, Rafael realized that he couldn't live peacefully as a lawyer, sitting in a building all day in a suit. He needed to walk the streets. He needed to find the hollow that had done all of this...and this time he wouldn't lose. He applied to become a private investigator, and for another four years he toiled under the thumbs of various other investigators, trying to obtain his own license. He hadn't gotten his own license and identification card until he was 35; at his own request, he was instead handed a badge. Immediately afterwards, he went on the hunt. He never obtained anything more than basic cheating spouse cases, along with a few missing children cases; each time, they were inconsequential, merely ways to pass the time and get a paycheck.

When he turned 38, he finally fought his first hollow. A family, reporting that their child had begun hurting herself, and they suspected the death of a recent boyfriend for it. As he begun to dive deeper and deeper into the case, Rafael finally reached the final conclusion; he had come back, and was for some reason trying to kill her. He arrived at the parents' house, telling them that he had to spend the night in their daughter's room to investigate her. Immediately, they turned him down in disgust. The case went cold, and after a week the family arrived, telling him that they were firing him.

Immediately afterward, Rafael began to study their schedules; he found a period of just under an hour when the child was home alone after school. He arrived at the house mere moments after she came home, kicking in the door before she could lock it behind her, and grabbing her. He began to shout to her, trying to get her cooperation before it was too late; finally, she admitted that her boyfriend had been visiting her for the last three months, speaking about the pain and loneliness of being a ghost; he would constantly assault her, insisting she join him in death. Trying to drive her to suicide. Before he could find out when, her family arrived home, and the police arrived.

A restraining order was taken out, and Rafael only barely managed to avoid going to prison. But if he did anything else to or around the family, he'd be locked away; he couldn't even warn them about what was going on. He still studied the home from afar, knowing quite well the dangers. But the little girl was in danger, and the family had asked him to help. He wasn't going to let her die because her parents refused to see the truth. It took another month of studying the history of the accident when he realized the hollow always arrived at the same time; the time it had died.

He hatched a plan into action instantly, calling the girl's parents and informing them that the man they had put a restraining order on had just entered their neighborhood. The parents sprung into action, grabbing flashlights and a handgun, and searching for him. While they roamed the streets, Rafael snuck inside. This time, he ran up the stairs, managing to get to the girl's room just in time.

The hollow had just entered the room, and this time Rafael was prepared. He pulled out his own handgun, firing three times; the bullets made small holes in the creature, but it hardly even noticed save to turn towards him, and attack. The girl, hiding under her covers, watched as a mysterious man, a man who had only a month ago broken into her house and terrified her, fought with the creature that had once been her lover. Rafael's body was laced with cuts and burns as he punched and was punched, wounded and was wounded. The fight was clearly in the hollow's favor, but he wouldn't give up until his heart stopped beating his blood. Perhaps not even then.

Finally, the hollow pinned him down, preparing to pierce his heart; Rafael fumbled for the only thing he could grasp, and caught his detective badge. He held it up, speaking almost deliriously. "I was hired to protect this girl. To keep her from being hurt. And I don't care who you are or who you are. You won't hurt her."

As soon as he spoke, the badge seemed to disappear, and in its place a pitch black skintight suit had appeared. When the hollow struck for his heart, it only managed to pierce the upper layer of his skin. Rafael immediately countered by punching the hollow in its face, which completely shattered the mask. The ghost began to disintegrate as he rose, only to be tackled by the child's father.

He was dragged off in cuffs once more, but this time he could see one thing from a window that made it all worth it; the little girl staring out, with one hand lying on the glass, and a faint grin on her face as tears ran down her cheek.

He was in prison for a year, and during that time had a tattoo made; it was a tattoo of the hollowed that had killed both of his parents. He wouldn't forget its face, and he wouldn't let it escape him a third time. He'd track it down and he'd annihilate it.

After being released at the age of 39, Rafael set up his business once more. Since the arrest, business has been quite slow, but he's gathered the attention of some much more important people since his release...


Name: Atlas' Burden
Item: Detective's Badge
Appearance: When released, Atlas' Burden takes on a form very much like a wetsuit. The Fullbring's main power is to absorb and redirect energy, typically the energy released from physical blows. It can also absorb reishi-based attacks, and even elemental damage, though to a much weaker degree.
Abilities/Techniques: Category: Fullbring
Number: N/A
Title: Atlas Shrugged
Effect: While active, Rafael's fullbring can turn even serious physical blows into glancing ones. Attacks that hit him find most of their power robbed, trapped in the suit he wears. The leftover energy can still hit him and leave him staggering, but he can also counter by releasing the stored energy along with his own blows.
Incantation: None

Category: Fullbring
Number: N/A
Title: Achilles' Heel
Effect: By slamming his heel into the ground, Rafael can manipulate the soul of the ground, causing it to rise in the form of several sharp spikes. On softer surfaces such as dirt or mud, this happens instantly, but is rarely more than a distraction. On surfaces like concrete and cement, this can take longer to do, but can cause nearly fatal wounds.
Incantation: None

Category Proficiency

Total Points: 1P/1P (P is based on your try-out. When you expend that P to upgrade a category, it depletes from the total.)
Physical Offense: Feeble/Feeble
Physical Defense: Feeble/Feeble
Agility: Feeble/Feeble
Reiryoku: Feeble/Feeble
Kidō: Feeble/Feeble
Hankou: Feeble/Feeble
Mind: Feeble/Feeble

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Rafael Selig- Human Empty Re: Rafael Selig- Human

Post by Ravilin Asura on Mon May 28, 2012 9:39 am

Passing on to Try-Outs ^^
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