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Emerald the Arrancar

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Emerald the Arrancar Empty Emerald the Arrancar

Post by Emerald on Wed May 30, 2012 4:09 am


Name: Emerald Dauragon
Nickname: Emmy or Snake
Age (Appearance/Actual): 20/162
Birth Date: Unknown
Gender: Female
Non-Zanpakutō Weapon(s): None
Number: 96
Hollow hole: Small Hollow Hole in the center of her collar.
Personality: Emerald is usually seen as a distant and cold girl. She is usually the one to sit in a meeting of "friends", which she calls her play things, and chew out anyone she doesn't see is good enough or will usually just torture guys with her lustful ways. She tends to not wait to talk and often shouts out of turn or threatens somebody. However, whenever she does believe something needs actual concentration she will be more insightful and wise.

When she is with those she wishes to converse with, it is usually to manipulate them into doing as she wants, usual through seduction or blackmail. This is what she does out of sheer boredom, but no one seems to mind it or care, especially not her victims. She tends to get angered easily during certain situations but when she needs to she shuts out the world to remain calm. Usually this is by plotting someone's death or thinking of her next toy.

Anyone that is interested in Dauragon should be ready to be rejected. She finds no interest in anyone that isn't her type. This consists of usually the mischievous but bad ass type of men or women. She prefers to have someone that always has a trick up their sleeve as her partner just so she has someone who she can easily get along with and plot with.

Physical Appearance:
Emerald the Arrancar EMERALD_DAURAGON_by_vinrylgrave
Standing at approximately five feet and eight inches, Emerald remains tall with a very curvy physique. Her eyes a bright and glistening mixture of orange, green and yellow which is then split down the middle by her slit-like pupils. Her skin fair and very smooth though it is cold to the touch. Emerald's lips traced with green, which is natural for her. As is the green markings around her eyes and along her nose. Her hair is that of a vibrant green as well, though it changes shades as it nears the tip which ends just below the woman's knees.

As for her clothing, like any other arrancar, Emerald wears mainly white with black trimming. Her top consisting of a white crop-top, which exposes the curving transition from her upper body to her lower body. Still with her upper torso, there is a jacket she wears that remains on her at all times. The sleeves being slightly layered thus black trimmed rings on each layer, accenting they're flow. The collar of the jacket itself tends to stand straight when she is moving but falls flat when Emerald remains still.

With her lower half, Emerald's pants are very flowing, for the sake of fast movement. However, they are also very openly cut for the sake of taunting her enemy. Exposing her left and right thigh very opening, then closing at the knee, her pants come down into a fulled bell which tightens around her ankles where they are tucked into her boots. These boots remain very elegant in their appearance but that back of them has a pointed cook coming from the heel.
Theme Song:
When Living:Surprisingly, Emerlad's history begins in Brazil. She was a young girl with a very uninteresting life. The closest thing to interesting was the fact that she killed herself by ordering an on-duty guard to shoot her with his shotgun.

You see, Dauragon was very depressed before death but very afraid of it. So, she decided to have someone else kill her. And that is exactly what happened; the guard shot her and she died. Naturally, her parents were very sad and hated the guard for the rest of their lives. But Emerald wasn't angry at him. Instead she was angry at herself for being so foolish and angry at her parents for missing her. It was this that caused her to become a Hollow. Her hollow was your basic serpentine shape with a sharp-fanged hollow mask and some wings.

Death: Naturally, being so angry with her parents, she went after them and ate their souls. But that did not quench her terrible anger. She hunted souls and ate them, killing a few Shinigami on her way. She ate and ate until eventually she became a Menos Grande. But she was still hungry; her mind was possessed so much by this thought that it crushed all others in the Menos. And so, she began to eat the Gillian, ripping them apart. But even as she became an adjudas, she was still so hungry. So she continued to eat more and more hollows, growing in strength and killing more and more.

In Las Noches: By now, she looked like a full-grown woman with the wings of a bat and the tail of the devil. Her mask had horns upon its head. She was likened to a demon. A demon of the sand. With a sinister mask, she ate more, trying to bury her pain. All this time, it made her more and more bitter. She hated the Shinigami who'd killed so many of her friends. She vowed to get stronger, to get to Vasto Lorde.

But her goal was achieved far more than that. Her mask was broken in a fight one day, exposing her face and golden eyes bellow. She screamed as her body reacted against this violation, transforming into her current form.

Without remorse, she killed her enemy and ate them too. But she was alone in the world before she came to Las Noches. She wanted to be loved, at least valued. So her quest for acceptance took her to Las Noches, where she asked if she would be allowed to reside with the other Arrancar. But still, to this day, she feels obliged to try her best. She feels that she owes the residents of Las Noches her sanity many times over. She is wily and very harsh with this however. She wishes to be a member of the Espada someday, which is one of the reasons why she is perfecting her Resurrection. That and she wants to be more powerful.


Name: Gaidoku
Sealed form:
Emerald the Arrancar Blade
A Zanpakuto that looks like crystal. Gaidoku,
Emerald the Arrancar Greeeeeen_with_envy_by_winter_falls-d4oexpb
Call out phrase: Bare your fangs and strike, Gaidoku!
Name:Lips of Compulsion:
Type: Active
Effect: [Varies upon the incantation used]
Weakness: Must make contact with opponent
Description: This is a move that Emerald has had for as long as she can remember. The only way to activate any of the types of Compulsion, she must say a different phrase before activating it. However, once activated, it must stay with her for 3-6 posts, depending on the power.

  • Lips of Nuetrality
    Incantation: None
    This is Emerald's normal state when her lips are green. There is no specialty to them therefore there is no problem for them though they make people wonder about if it might have a special purpose.
  • Lips of Calming
    Incantation: Rest your will and emotion.&
    This is when Emerald's lips turn white. Upon this happening, her kissing her opponent, usually on the lips, can bring them to a jolted shock but after a moment, bringing them to a calm state slowly due to the tenderness and the emotions of care that seem to come from this kiss. This state remained for 3 posts.
  • Lips of Silence
    Incantation: "Mute yourself."
    For this to work, not only does Emerald had to say the incantation but she must also must place her lips to her target's in order to silence them from talking. If this does not occur, the enemy will not be silenced. When activated, Emerald's lips turn a smooth gray. The silence lasts about 3 posts but this power can be only used once every 5 posts.
  • Lips of Rest
    Incantation: "The world of dreams awaits for you."
    This is when Emerald's lips turn a dark blue. For this to work, it does not take her kissing one on the lips but a mere peck on the cheek or forehead will suffice. With this, a slight bit of a strange fluid enters the pours for the target and slowly moves through their body like an depressant, slowly mellowing out their body until they are asleep. The sleep lasting for about 3 posts but this can only be used on a person once per post.
  • Lips of Lust
    Incantation: "Live your desires.. Bring them forth."
    This is activated from just a sexual word being spoken from Emerald's lips. When activated, Emeralds lips turn a soft pink. Her body would seem a bit more wanting when this is used on the target and can easily make someone aroused. This technique is one of the many reasons why Emerald believes other are toys. The effect of this lasts 5-6 posts, depending on the one that is 'seduced' or Emerald's mood.
  • Lips of Ice
    Incantation: "Freeze in your tracks."
    When this is activated, emerald's lips turn a light blue. Depending on where the lips make contact with the target, they can become frozen from within or their body going numb. However, when this is activated, it lasts 6 posts for her use but those effected can usually be stuck for 3-4 posts. Also, not only can her lips touch the opponent but Emerald can also blow chilled air over the opponent and freeze them in their tracks.
  • Lips of Flame
    Incantation: "Let the flames take you over until you're ash."
    When this is activated, Emerald's lips turn a bright and fierce red. Just like the Lips Of Ice, the lips f flame can be used to blow flames toward her enemy but not without burning her own mouth in the process or lighting her tongue on fire. Due to this, though it may be quite powerful, it only lasts 3-4 posts. Those kissed by these lips tend to feel their body heat rise immensely, even to the point of a high and almost deadly fever.

Category Proficiency (Keep this section empty until you have been trialed and have been allocated points and know your appropriate rank)

Total Points: 1P/1P (P is based on your try-out. When you expend that P to upgrade a category, it depletes from the total.)
Physical Offense: Feeble/Feeble
Physical Defense: Feeble/Feeble
Agility: Feeble/Feeble
Reiryoku: Feeble/Feeble
Kidō: Feeble/Feeble
Hankou: Feeble/Feeble
Mind: Feeble/Feeble

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Emerald the Arrancar Empty Re: Emerald the Arrancar

Post by Noaruji Amai on Wed May 30, 2012 6:41 am

Please refer back to the disclaimer in the Arrancar Template section. We require the use of words to describe everything in your application. While it is acceptable to post pictures for refrence, we still require written descriptions of your character. Your character has a lot to be described, as well as a beautiful Zanpakutou and frightening Resurreccion to flesh out into beautiful sentences of eye candy, no?

Furthermore, please provide your Abilities / Techniques in the format of our Ability and Technique template located Here if you would be so kind.

After you have made the appropriate edits, please post here so we can continue with the application process.
Noaruji Amai
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Emerald the Arrancar Empty Re: Emerald the Arrancar

Post by Ravilin Asura on Sun Jun 03, 2012 3:46 am

Update to the new template please.
Ravilin Asura
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Emerald the Arrancar Empty Re: Emerald the Arrancar

Post by Sponsored content

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