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Yaksha Dokuja- Hollow

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Yaksha Dokuja- Hollow

Post by Yaksha on Wed May 30, 2012 11:22 pm


B A S I C S //
Laying down the bricks //

Nickname/s | N/A
DOB | October 30, 501 BC
Age | 2500
Sexuality | Pansexual
Ethnicity | White
Occupation | Bookkeeper
Loyalty | Himself

Proof of who I am //

Inner Beast

Hollow Ability | Yaksha can create a plethora of poisons, for various purposes. From swelling to hallucinations to mood swings, Yaksha hold the capacity to control people numerous ways in his fangs.

Further than just the skin //

Height | 8'2
Weight | 225
Hair color & Style | N/A
Eye color | Green
Overall Appearance | Yaksha has a bipedal form, though he still seems to bring to mind a reptile that has learned to walk on two legs. His face is elongated, forming an almost rounded snout, and his body is very thin and lithe for his size. His mask, if someone were to get close enough to inspect it, would notice that it almost has an appearance of overlapping scales. His tongue is long and forked, able to reach several feet away from himself. He also has a tail, four feet long and flexible enough to serve as an additional limb.

Despite his appearance, Yaksha doesn't sound very primal at all. With his return to normal intellect, he has also rediscovered his old voice; a deep, rich tone that instantly puts others at ease, and almost makes it sound like he's an upper class human. He frequently wears a thick brown cloak around himself, hiding everything but his face, to ensure that when he is spotted, he doesn't immediately cause a scene.

Understand the invisible //

Positive Traits |

    Yaksha is a wonderful liar, capable of making up elaborate stories, and even new identities, on the fly. It's been said if asked the same question twice, he'll never give the same answer, and he doesn't do anything to deny this.

    He's also a wonderful judge of character; after centuries of watching human interaction unfold like stories, he's begun to predict the 'types' of people, and the proper ways to interact with them. Even beyond lying, he can slip into a brand new personality at a moment's notice, if the situation is getting out of his control.

    Yaksha's age means he has a considerable knowledge of the world around him, and the history of the world, as well as a considerable list of people that owe him in some manner. There are few things Yaksha doesn't know, and even fewer things he can't find out given a little bit of time.

    Yaksha is a very dedicated man, putting forth a truly ludicrous amount of effort to get some things done. Once Yaksha decided something needs to be done, nothing short of divine intervention can stop him from doing it. The few people he does care about and trust are privileged to discover that he'll do nearly anything to keep them pleased.

    Despite all of this, Yaksha is not an inherently bad man, or a good one. He strives to be as fair and unbiased as possible, whether it's by helping shinigami and arrancar alike, or simply making sure never to do anything that won't get paid back in spades. He's a shrewd man, and tricking him is nearly impossible.

Negative Traits |

    Despite his seemingly unshakable appearance, Yaksha is actually a very insecure person; every smile and laugh is a lie, a way to try and get into the heads of others. All of Yaksha's power lies in misdirection and trickery; he can convince people of falsehoods, but he can do very little on his own.

    He's also a very frail person physically, unable to take more than a few hits before he falls. He tends to overcome this by avoiding confrontations overall, and relying on trickery or dirty tactics when he's pulled into a fight, but if he's forced to fight fair he's almost always at a disadvantage.

    Yaksha also has a bit of an identity crisis; after 500 years, he's found that many of the souls he's eaten don't simply go away. Whether it's a faint tidbit of a memory he can't remember getting, or a name that's always being repeated in his head, parts of every soul he's consumed live on through him, and share the space. It's getting pretty cramped in there.

    Despite his dedication, and his determination, Yaksha is also a dramatic soul; he has an overwhelming desire to do things right, and to be remembered for what he does. He'll always choose to do things over the top and flamboyantly when he can, never settling to go un-recognized. He also strives to keep his own identity and whereabouts secret, creating an almost paradoxical desire to be famous and mysterious all at once.

    Yaksha's also found that he has developed a temper of sorts, over the years. Any mention of God, or of persecution will quickly make him lose control; he claims that despite being a hollow, he is no better or worse than any other ghost, or even a shinigami. Though he strives to prove this, and works hard to overcome his more bestial nature, he still finds himself backsliding at times. A surefire way to see Yaksha's worst side is to imply that his mere history, rather than his actions, are how he should be judged.

    He also has a taste for the finer things in life, though he can't really enjoy them. Rather than simply eating hollows wholesale, he'll pour their bodily fluids into wineglasses, and drink from those. He can typically be tracked by finding the most upscale, most expensive place where humans gather, and waiting there for him to show up. Even dead, a man has to enjoy himself when he can.

Habits |

  • Reading
  • Meeting New People
  • Philosophizing

Aspect of Death | Control
Fears | Loneliness
Goals | Belonging
Overall Personality | Yaksha is an unpredictable figure, almost seeming to take pleasure from being infuriatingly hectic. He enjoys defying expectations, from the ideal of the 'savage hollow' to the 'righteous shinigami'; Yaksha feels that the greatest good he can do for the world is to push each person, to apply pressure in all the places they're weakest. Yaksha loves pulling the rug out from underneath people, watching their entire world be turned upside down, and seeing how they react. Yaksha can change his personality and his methods almost at will, able to seem like anyone he has to, to get under a person's skin.

Despite this, he's not an inherently bad person; Yaksha feels that his task in the world is to fix it, to bring failure and corruption to light, and help overcome them. Even as he drives people to tears by harping on their past, he offers them a way out, gives them a chance to fix it. Yaksha believes that the people around him need to be 'shaken up', need to have their choices and actions questioned. Yaksha feels that the people need him, need to be shown themselves and their worlds as he sees them, and though he enjoys what he does, he doesn't really harbor ill will towards others. He seems to act as if his victory is already certain, and he treats his enemies and his allies alike as part of some big game.

Yaksha has a flair for the dramatic, always trying to make a strong first impression. He refuses to do anything if he can't do it right; rather than simply eating souls, he'll drink them from a golden chalice, and rather than simply telling people what he wants to say, he dodges and weaves around it until suspense makes anything into big news. Yaksha knows well how to play people around him, and how to do things in the most memorable, effective ways. Yaksha is a soul that has seen too many soap operas, and can put a spin on just about anything.

Tell me a tale... //
Birthplace | Greece
Mother | Elya
Father | Hekam
Siblings | N/A
Other Relations | N/A
Companion | N/A
Overall history | Born in the early 500s, Yaksha's life was fairly unremarkable; he was no prince, and no sort of knight. He, instead, began a job of compiling literature and drama from the age. Many people began to respect him, and visit his home to see the many copies of books that he had, or the stories he had to tell of his visits to the many theaters. His life, even at the age of 25, held many possibilities for the future. He was known by many as a purveyor of some of the age's finest culture.

However, some of the religious fanatics of the time began to grow infuriated with Yaksha, after various attempts to destroy the books that were an affront to god were halted by him. Time and time again, the men would approach him, decrying the stories as defamatory, and abominations to the eyes of the Lord; time and time again, Yaksha simply responded "If the Lord doesn't appreciate fine literature, that's no fault of mine." The tensions continued, as the people even began breaking into his house to attempt burning his collection, or stealing the books that they believed God wanted destroyed.

Most of these attempts were met with failure, from the combination of Yaksha's odd sleeping hours, to the many people who loved Yaksha, and cared very much for his safety. During the skirmishes, the fanatics continued to plead with bishops of varying neighboring areas to support them; to demand that the simple book keeper give up the books they felt were hurting God.

Finally, given the blessing of one man, the men entered Yaksha's home, and even as they stabbed Yaksha dead, they began to set fire to his home, hoping to claim the death of the well-known chronicler as a sacrifice to god. As the smoke and heat began to fill the room, and Yaksha's spirit left his body, he could feel nothing but a complete hatred for the ones who had so blindly chosen to destroy his efforts, in the name of their beliefs.

He watched in silence as these men went on with their lives, not a one of them tied to his death. He watched in silence as his family line died, giving him not even a nephew or niece to continue in the world. Finally, after several years, he snapped when he found a copy of one of the same books he was executed for, now being freely read among the people.

In his rage, the simple book keeper began to claw and tug at the chain that had been attached to his chest. He had no idea what would happen, but he was prepared to sacrifice even what little humanity he had left to destroy the lives of those who had gone to such lengths to ruin his own life, for such a petty and ultimately pointless goal.

The change was almost instantaneous; the beast, barely anything more than an instinctual animal. It began to track down the ones who had played a part in his death, destroying each of them and consuming their souls as they died. His fury ran white hot, overpowering all thought, as he continued to feed on anyone with a connection to the stories that had ruined his life; eventually, he even took to killing and consuming those he found reading copies of them.

Finally, after nearly a hundred years, his intelligence began to return in degrees. He began to regain the consciousness he'd once had, but like a neanderthal, he was still primal, and many of his thoughts too simple for the man he had once been. This only drove his fury and spite even further, and he began to consume anything he could find; even other hollows were subject to his hunger.

He finally evolved in the 1700s, when he consumed the dying soul of Lous XIV. His intelligence finally reached the levels it had been at before he'd let his anger and hatred consume him, and he could feel nothing but sickness at the thoughts of what he had done. Though his memories of the past were more feeling than thought, he could still tell he had killed countless people, and cut short their lives, for reasons even flimsier than the very ones that had slain him.

He began his quest for solace, constantly traveling to new places to meet anyone he could connect with. His journeys took him to some of the most remote areas of the earth, and his hunger for the souls of the dead never waned. To avoid the knowledge that he had knowingly destroyed anyone's final chance to change their lives, he dedicated himself to only consuming the beasts he had met; the ones who, like himself, had given up their intelligence for instinct, and had given away their humanity for their fleeting satisfaction.

His travels continued well into the 20th century, and he spent much of his time seeking out the wickedest humans; the ones who would've gleefully become what he had been. He began to whisper in their ears, driving a few to madness, and even to their own deaths. Before any of them could truly comprehend their new lives, he swooped in, to make certain that none of them would become as much a threat to the nightlands as they had been to the rest of the world.

The last 50 years of Yaksha's life have been surprisingly unremarkable; finally beginning to overcome the memories of what he considered his previous life, he began to create a history for himself within the real world. He managed to obtain a gigai in the early 60s, making use of it to commission the suit he now wears, and to begin making a proper life for himself. With the knowledge of his own mind and thoughts helping him along, he has managed to gain ownership of a home, where he spent most of his time catching up on the culture and history he lost in his years as a spirit.

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Re: Yaksha Dokuja- Hollow

Post by Ravilin Asura on Thu May 31, 2012 7:03 pm

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