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Rubianca "Ruby" Oukami

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Rubianca "Ruby" Oukami

Post by Ravilin on Wed May 30, 2012 11:43 pm

Kerop Oukami

B A S I C S //

Laying down the bricks //

Nickname/s | Ruby
DOB | April 1, 1812
Age | 300
Sexuality | Femme
Ethnicity | Armenian
Occupation | 5th Division Captain
Loyalty | Unknown

Proof of who I am //


Zanpakutou Spirit |
Name: His real name is Brewmaster, but due to his infinite state of drunkenness, he has forgotten. He has renamed himself Jintao.
Appearance: Rubianca's Zanpakutō spirit is a beast through-and-through.
  • Jintao stands at roughly 12'0" and weighs approximately 753 lbs.
  • His physique resembles that of a humanoid as it stands up straight on its hind legs. His entire body is covered in black, soft, smooth fur except for its face and knees of which are white in color. His facial complexion, however, retains a small patch of black fur around the eyes. Both his arms and legs end in clawed hands and feet. Each appendage fosters four fingers or toes. Its long, sharp nails are of white color and extend to roughly six inches. His skull is quite carnivorous. His face resembles that of a bear: an elongated muzzle, elongated jaw, large canines and sharpened molars. Above his head reside two round ears, both of black color. Beneath its jaw rests a smooth, medium-length, black colored goatee. Between his round ears, on top of the back of his head resides a tied lodge of hair, similar in appearance to his goatee. It cascades from his head all the way down to his upper-back. The length of each fold of hair increases as it descends. The top-most strand reaches just a foot above the tip of his blackened muzzle. He dons a rather large gut...well, he's a beer-monger after all. Strangely though, his obesity hinders not his mobility...and instead acts as a source of strength. Quite menacing, indeed.
  • Jintao wears a two-piece, Shaolin Monk outfit. It is quite baggy and of black color. The edges of the garment are of white color, contrasting the jet-black. The lined-straps that keep his upper robe together are of golden color and run down the center. This upper-portion of his outfit runs all the way down to his mid-thighs. The lower-portion, his trousers, are also of jet-black color. On the knees he dons two pads, both made of bamboo. He keeps the ends of his garment rolled up, which displays its inner white color. Around his waste, Jintao wears a fastened sash of golden color. In the center of this sash resides a rather large, round ornament made of pure gold. Holstered around his sash, Jintao dons two antique, alcohol containers. One small and the other large. Additionally, on opposite sides of these two bottles he holsters two tied, strings of bamboo. Around his wrists, the giant beast wears two thick, golden rings. Lastly, he stands on two brown, bamboo sandals.
  • Jintao wouldn't be the Brewmaster without his trusted, infinitely-filled keg. It is rather large, almost the size of his whole upper-body. The base is of a brownish bamboo and fosters several white stripes that run all the way around in ascending succession. The lid is also made of bamboo, but it is a swirl of green and white. This wooden top is fastened by tied rope in cross-formation. He usually has it strapped to his back or holds it over his right shoulder. Only way to drink from it, like a manly man. He also keeps a long, ten foot bamboo rod. It is carved of fine form and at every two foot interval, one can discern a slight slit. It is done so to strengthen its base. Around the center of this rod resides red silk, tightly fastened. It encompasses roughly two feet of the pole. On the front end, tied with the same red silk, hang two more antique, white alcohol containers. One of double-pear shape and the other akin to a bee hive. The former is tied around its thin neck, just before the second pear and the latter is tied around a white ring which runs through its head. The hive comes after the pear and hangs just a bit farther than its companion. Lastly, fastened onto his right shoulder rests a rather large, fur-studded shield. Its exact material is unknown, but damn is it strong.


  • It's happy hour!
    Jintao is a drunk. He's always intoxicated, or well, wishes to be. At every single moment Ruby has encountered Jintao, the latter has always been under the influence. Hey, who's to judge?

  • A barrel of laughs!
    While intoxicated, Jintao is quite loud and friendly. Well, this may be his true nature...but Ruby has never interacted with a sober Jintao. He possesses no shame, speaking to Ruby straight-up and without any hidden message. What you see is what you get...or is it?

  • This one, my friends, is in the bag, much like myself.
    The lovable, over-sized beast possesses confidence unrivaled...but he isn't blind, well, completely. He is extremely perceptive and knows when he's either fucked up or cannot attain victory. He'll back down when appropriate...well, only if he's not in a drunken rage, of course.

  • Shall we call this off and have a friendly round?
    Don't misunderstand, Jintao is a fighter among fighters. He enjoys the thrill of combative challenge, but, that is not to say he does not believe in a stronger ideal. Simply, Jintao fights for both peace and the well-being of others. If he can win a fight without fighting, well, he's done his job quite well.

  • Barreling in!
    Especially when drunk, which is all the time, Jintao's blood boils. He's basically a ticking time bomb and once the fuse is lit, he rushes into battle fists swinging and belly slamming.

  • Drinks are on you!
    Jintao's sense of Pride for his alcoholic concoctions is so great that it transforms into Greed. He's extremely...careful with his special brews and instead demands Ruby to consume alcohol for his intoxicated pleasures. Don't ask him for any of his deliciously strong and adrenaline pumping brew. You'll find yourself face-to-face with Death.

  • For Yoy and Oyo.
    This beast holds a darker past, one that not even Rubianca is aware of. He once had two younger brothers, twins. They perished a long time ago and with their yearning souls he created the Twin Drunken Hammers, Yoy and Oyo. These two ornamented weapons hold a special place in his heart...and at times mourns their fall. Don't ever speak of them while in the presence of Jintao.

  • Were you wanting to see some identification?
    Comically and to the misfortune of Rubianca, Jintao at times loses his memory. He'll forget who he is, where he is, why he's there and even who the hell Ruby is. Alcohol's a crazy drug. It gets quite frustrating...

Inner World | The mountain of Ararat, a radiating, awe-striking and inspirational locale. Yes, the enormous, snow-tipped formation is home to Rubianca's soul. It is where she goes for peace, for calm and for clearness. This earthly phenomenon's base is met, in a 360 degree rotation, with an endless stretch of forest. As far as the eye can see, even from the tip of Ararat, one would still only discern the green surface of woven trees. An array of clouds hover around the mountain, roughly 100 feet below the tip, that acts as a screen. Those below wouldn't be able to see what was above yet those above would clearly be able to see what was below. The total height of Ararat is roughly two miles.

At the very tip of the mountain resides the Temple of Yerevan. It is an open-faced, lime-stone structure. Its of circular shape and encompasses roughly 12,000 square feet. From the edge of this circular plateau rise twelve, forward-arcing pillars. These protrusions of stone create a circular alcove if one were to observe from above. Their arcing posture almost makes it seem as if they yearn to one day meet each other. Each one is roughly eight feet twelve feet apart. In between each pillar lie twenty-step staircases, also made of lime-stone. In the center of this Temple resides an alter of flame. This flame is the very life force of Ruby. Around this alter, in circular formation, lies a bed of roses.

Strangely, whenever Rubianca visits the Temple, her senses blur...almost as if the very fumes of the burning flame intoxicate her bloodstream.


Sealed state | The sealed form of Oyo no Yoy is that of two, identical wakizashi. She keeps Oyo sheathed and strapped on her right side, through her sash, below Jin. She keeps Yoy sheathed and strapped on her left side, through her sash, below Jago. She is obviously ambidextrous.
  • From tip-to-tip, Oyo and Yoy are both 24 inches in length. The guard is roughly 8 inches long and the blade comprises the remaining 16 inches. The sheath, guard and handle of both weapons are carved out of one, large bamboo branch. The design of the fine carvings is of ancient caricatures. Both the handles and sheaths are of equal width, roughly three inches. The guard is roughly double the width, so six inches. Both weapons, when sheathed, posses an earthly disposition.
  • For both Oyo and Yoy, where the pommel would normally reside, a large hole exists instead. Both handles are hollow. The guards are both round and resemble two large, crescent pillars. The blade's collar, for Yoy is of black color and golden for Oyo. The symbol for Oyo is engraved in black, just above the collar. The same is true for Yoy, but instead in gold. The blades themselves are of fine construction, their grooves always glistening when she unsheathes them. Both the blade's edge and ridge, for both weapons, is smooth. Both blades are of metallic-silver color.


Overall Ability |
  • 双子のブーズ - (Twin's Brew)
    When Rubianca releases into shikai, her metabolic construction transcends that of a mortal. Her system is able to dissimulate alcohol or similar substances at a frightening rate, sobering up in mere seconds an amount that would normally take days. Therefore, to ensure her constant state of intoxication, the two hammers, when gripped, project tiny, almost invisible needles from the handle. These protrusions pierce the skin of the wielder and channel, continuously and without reprise, their special brew into the bloodstream. The amount is infinite and the weapons can never run out. When both hammers are wielded, her blood alcohol content (BAC) maintains at .29. When only one hammer is gripped, her BAC is halved.

    Due to the substance's special property and incomprehensible potency, Ruby's entire bloodstream is transfused into something otherworldly. Her blood essentially transforms into a substance like none other and thus its genetic construction transcends into something unknown. If one, other than Ruby, were to consume this substance, they'd be buying a one way ticket to Hell.

    She is able to manipulate this special brew, or simply the power of her spirit, in ways unimaginable and thus her techniques reflect this ideal.

Release phrase | 戦争や平和、天国や地獄は、前年同期比でないオヨ、私に平和をもたらすん。- (War or Peace, Heaven or Hell, bring me calm, Oyo no Yoy!)
Shikai Appearance | In shikai, Oyo and Yoy transform into two similar yet distinct ornate hammers. Both retain their original lengths, 24 inches. They both weigh roughly 50 pounds each. Rubianca's appearance does not change in any way.
  • Oyo.
    The pummel of Oyo is silver in color and formed into three distinctly sized spheres. The bottom-most sphere is the largest, the middle the smallest and then the top-most in between. The shape almost resembles a pear, but with a wider tip. On the bottom-most sphere lie four round pieces of gold. Directly under this sphere lies an even larger gold piece. The pummel is made of steel. The handle is constructed of fine, brown leather. The pummel is wider than the handle, roughly five and three inches respectively. The handle leads up to another sphere akin to the pummel, also of silver color and four inches wide. Post this sphere lies the hammer's eye, which is made of brown bamboo and leads up to the hammer's cheek. As it ascends, this bamboo hammer's eye increases in width. It starts at three inches and then culminates into four. Just before the hammer's cheek, on the four inch sized bamboo, lies six golden, round pieces embedded, akin to that of the pummel. The hammer's cheek is quite large, ranking in at roughly 12 inches wide. It is of stone-gray color and one can discern slight cracks all over, including both of the hammer's faces. In the center of the hammer's cheek resides a bestial design, which is carved. It resembles a bear. To both the right and left of this cheek lies three golden, round pieces, in vertical order, roughly an inch apart. This same design is reciprocated on the other cheek.


  • Yoy.
    The pummel of Yoy is gray in color and formed into one sphere and half-sphere. The bottom-most portion is the sphere, which then leads to the half-sphere. The handle is constructed of crude, brown bamboo. The pummel is made of stone and is of the same width as the handle, both roughly three inches. The handle leads up to another stone-made hammer's eye, also of gray color and 3.5 inches wide. Around this portion lie four equally spread, round stone pieces. Post this eye lies the hammer's cheek, which also meets at 12 inches. The hammer's cheek is quite large, ranking in at roughly 12 inches wide and 7 inches tall. It is of stone-gray color, but unlike its brother, is not worn. In the center of the hammer's cheek resides a mystical design, which is embedded. It emanates a blue light and resembles a square. To both the right and left of this design lies three stone-gray, round pieces, in vertical order, roughly an inch apart. This same design is reciprocated on the other cheek.


Overall Ability | (DO NOT USE)
Release phrase | (DO NOT USE)
Bankai Appearance | (DO NOT USE) [IMG*]image url (if there is an image)[/IMG]

Further than just the skin //

Height | She stands at roughly 5'7" and weighs approximately 138 lbs. Her measurements are roughly 36C-24-35.
Weight | See above.
Hair color & Style | Ruby's hair is of dark-brown color. Her hair normally reaches down to her lower back, a gorgeous silky smooth, but she wears it in a ponytail, of which she ties with a small, black-colored silk ribbon. She ties it just enough for the lodge of hair to only reach her mid-back. She also maintains bangs that curve from her center hair-line and wave outward. They reach down to her lower jaws, on both sides.
Eye color | Her eyes are of light, hazel color, are of medium-size and are slightly slanted. If one were to study her eyes, she'd resemble a mix of Chinese and American.
Overall Appearance |
  • Rubianca Oukami is a woman of character and her appearance reinforces that persona.
  • She has a symmetrical, round face that curves into a fine, feminine chin. Her eyebrows are dark, thick and eccentric, giving her visage a menacing undertone. Her nose is petite and feminine. Her lips are small yet succulent, a beautiful light pink.
  • Her body type is athletic and curvacious. She possesses distinguishable muscle-tone on every inch of her body, thanks to her diligent training and swimming regime. Her skin color is white with a mild-tan. From her right arm, just 7" above her elbow, all the way up to the center of her neck, right above the trapezius muscle, rests a large tattoo. The design is of chaotic yet firm curved strokes, which together culminate into circular or crescent formations with sharp edges. Each curved symbol is never an inch apart from either its preceding or seceding formation. The designs swirl around her entire bicep, entire tricep, entire deltoid, entire frontal trapezius up to the clavicle and her entire rear trapezius.
  • Rubianca wears an altered form of the Gotei 13 Captain's uniform. She wears a black kosode, a sleeveless form of the kimono. She wears it so that the cleavage of her rather large breasts can typically be observed. Around her shoulders, over the kosode, Ruby wears a brown, leather fire-arm chest holster. She keeps her two revolvers strapped within the leather sockets, just under her armpits. Ruby also wears a hakama umanori, a form of hakama that is split in the center, similar to trousers, which grants improved mobility. She wears white tabi, or socks and bamboo waraji, or sandals which are slightly visible from the edges of her hakama. She wears black, leather gloves that cover the majority of her hands, but leave her back-hand and knuckles bare. Around her waist, Ruby wears a thin yet fine, black sash. The handles of her tied sash reach just a foot and a half down from her waist. Beneath this initial layer, Ruby wears nothing save panties. Over this outfit, the female Oukami dons her white, Captain's haori. The haori is tailored with long-sleeves, which reach all the way down to her wrists. However, her haori is also altered. The edge of the overcoat, starting from where it meets her clavicle and then all the way around to the opposite yet identical side, is fitted with soft, jet-black, wolf fur. The amount of fur is modest and it extends roughly four inches. She wears no visible accessory, not even earrings.
  • She keeps on her at all times a small, metallic-black lighter. The case is of rectangular design, which then culminates into the head of a wolf. Its maw is open. Within the maw lies the lighter's eyelet, which provides the escape for the condensed flame. The flint wheel is embedded between the wolf's pointed ears. Alongside this lighter, Ruby keeps on her a case of Marlboro Red cigarettes.
  • Rubianca carries on her a metallic-silver alcohol canister, which not surprisingly, is always filled to the brim with spiced rum. On both sides, in the center, the three letters R.G.I are inscribed in black.
  • Her gigai's appearance is quite similar. She retains the exact same physical appearance of her Shinigami self, however, her clothing changes. Instead of the Shinigami Captain's uniform, she wears a black tank-top which intensifies her large breasts. She also wears short, ripped blue-jean shorts which intensify her rear. She wears black, leather gloves akin to her Shinigami self. And lastly, she dons military-grade, black boots. However, her gigai does not posses the tattoo that resides on her Shinigami form.


Understand the invisible //

Positive Traits |
  • The Oukami Pride.
    It is strange...no, it is ironic that one born of the Oukami name does not posses the pride that plagues such a lineage. All Oukami are said to leave their mother's wombs holding a small, clear container. As legends foretell, this container houses the very pride of the newborn, only to be ingested as its first meal. But Ruby's first meal consisted of pure, uninhibited milk. Oh yes, she remembers even that day vividly. Rubianca isn't one to put herself before others, nor flaunt her status knowingly.

  • Street Smart or Book Smart, golden either way.
    The day she lost everything was the day Rubianca transcended from an ignorant, clueless girl to an intelligent, perceptive woman. Its her survival instinct. It had saved her then and continues to serve her well today. She encourages the improvement and development of one's intellectual prowess, whether that be through direct experience or through academic studies. This aids her both in non-aggressive and combative situations, making her quick minded and footed. She is also quite knowledgeable in a myriad of topics, due to her affinity for literature. She is also quite fond of linguistics, encouraging all of her subordinates to learn as many foreign languages as possible. She is fluent in English, Japanese, Spanish, French and Armenian.

  • I won't leave you behind...but goddamn!
    Even though Ruby's persona radiates antagonism and at times seems to be against one's very existence, she will never abandon a comrade. She has long accepted the necessity for structure and in order to maintain it, Rubianca will go to hell and back and back to hell and back again. Be sure, though, that after everything's been done and gone, one will hear her voice even in slumber. She'll make sure whoever fucked up is aware of it.

  • Fight but don't throw your life away!
    Ruby fears no one. Yes, that's right, NO ONE. She has seen too much, been through too much to ever open her soul to fear. However, the mind is the strongest asset any being could hope to ever posses, no matter their race. Rubianca understands this and thus uses it more often than not. She will accept defeat when it is futile to continue, but only if life is an outcome of said alternative. If death is the only conclusion, she'll fight to the very end.

  • I know who you are, just stay out of my way.
    Ruby understands the significance of hierarchy, thus she will respect those of superior position or status. She will also show consideration to those of similar rank, if and only if, said individual doesn't do something that upsets her. If one were to slight her, no matter rank or status, Ruby would concede all forms of appreciation until said individual acknowledges their wrongdoing and repents. Interestingly, Ruby does not expect the reciprocation of such consideration from others. She doesn't care for the opinions of others.

  • If you deserve it, I'll praise you!
    Rubianca's disposition, as you may have already discerned, is of questionable likeability. She doesn't give out compliments often, nor does she commend her subordinates frequently. However, when one does something truly of worth, something of unquestioned success and valor, Ruby will shower said individual(s) with unforeseen praise. Don't get used to it though, for she'll place one back where they belong if they become over-confident.

  • Yea, yea, a bad yesterday but a better tomorrow.
    Ruby isn't one to delve in the past, but instead prefers to look toward the future. These ideals are an effect of her distraught upbringing. Though she may display otherwise, deep down in the far reaches of her soul resides a flicker of care. She'll sympathize with those who are going through hard times. Often, beyond her better judgement, Ruby will indirectly attempt to consul said individual(s). A motherly instinct?

  • If you're willing to learn, I'll teach you...but don't get too attached.
    Oukami wouldn't be her surname if she wasn't one to teach. Rubianca has experienced both extremes of the spectrum; on one side, she had effectively taught herself how to survive when she was abandoned, and then later taught directly by a mentor of high discipline. She understands the strengths and weaknesses of both methods and thus she takes a gray approach to her teachings. She believes one will only truly surpass one's limit when trialed under both extremes.

  • Don't play with the lives of others...or I swear...
    If Ruby were to ever witness the life of one to dance within the palm of another, she will henceforth seek to run the offender six-feet underground. There is no being in existence whom possesses the right to judge who lives and who dies.

Negative Traits |
  • Ask me once, I'll answer you. Ask me twice, I'll kill you.
    Rubianca's very genes were constructed to detest repetition. If she says something and someone doesn't catch it the first time, tough luck. Don't ask her again, well, unless Death is what one seeks. Be very attentive...

  • Do what I tell you to do...and on the double!
    Ruby possesses a strange sense of patience. Its quite relative to the situation. More often than not, though, Ruby will not be one to wait. She translates sluggishness to dis-respectfulness. When she delegates an order, Ruby expects it done without question and in fast tempo. If one were to disobey...well, then they've bought a one way ticket to rant heaven.

  • Yes, I know you think I'm a bitch.
    It is no surprise to the one who exudes the very persona others hate, that well, they hate her. Heartless and cold are the typical words that pass from ear to ear in gossip. Honestly, Ruby prefers to be misjudged in this regard...no, she wishes it. To safeguard both herself and those around her, Rubianca throws on a facade. Simply, she may seem like a ruthless, unlikeable monster on the outside, but she's as caring as a mother koala on the inside.

  • Call me a bitch...but not an unfair bitch.
    The one thing Ruby is sure she embodies, is fairness. She will give one the chance, the opening...no, the opportunity to succeed. But if someone is to ever speak the words "unfair", that individual may as well just say "bury me". She detests whiners and those who succumb to emotional distress.

  • The instinct...it makes me lose control!
    Her instinctive nature is a double-edge. On one side, this characteristics provides Rubianca with the means to surpass obstacles deemed impossible to overcome. On the other side, this characteristic takes control of her very being, which causes her to act upon rash or irrational decision points. This occurs more often than she would like to acknowledge.

  • Don't get too close...I'm a monster in more ways than you know.
    There are certain secrets sealed within Rubianca's body, mind and lineage that pose a great threat to those around her. This factor has posed great influence in Rubianca's detestable demeanor. Its a defensive precaution to ensure no one ever gets involved in her affairs.

  • Buy me a drink and I might give you friendship.
    Rubianca likes to drink, through and through. She isn't quite at the level of an alcoholic, for she maintains control of herself...most of the time. Strangely enough, even under the influence of alcohol, Ruby's demeanor remains abrasive. Can anything ever break through her hardened exterior?

Habits |
  • The Piano, a Deity among men.
    Rubianca was taught the art of Piano from a very early age, nine to be exact. The year her youngest brother was born. The majority of her teachings were of classical genre, however, over the long years, she has also mastered many others. When not at a bar drinking, or training within the Gotei, Rubianca enjoys a blissful night of sensual melody.

  • Training.
    Over her long life-span, Ruby has trained every breathing day and in a myriad of both combative and strategic competencies. One of her favorite categories, though, is target practice, with of course, her two trusted fire-arms. She could spend hours without a glimpse of fatigue, the resounding shots resembling the string of a piano's chords. Its just like playing the Piano back at the Office.

  • Weaponry.
    Due to her past experiences with all forms of weaponry, Ruby had taken an interest in their construction, entomology and general application. One may often find the female Oukami studying, tuning-up or practicing with a variety of combative devices.

  • Swimming.
    Ruby loves to swim. The sensation of being engulfed in the very essence of life, oh yes, it is quite magnificent. It soothes her, brings her calm...and lessens the burdens propped upon her already aching shoulders.

  • Drinking.
    It should be no surprise that Rubianca also partakes in daily drinking. The combination of swimming, music and hard-work culminates into a night of delicious consumption. Not too much, not too little...just the right amount. The right amount to fall into blissful sleep.

  • Smoking.
    Almost at every waking moment...hell, even in her sleep, one will find a cigarette entrenched between her soft, pink lips. Even though the smoke provides neither a benefit nor an issue to her well-being, Rubianca enjoys its smug appeal. It accentuates her abrasive disposition.

Fears | Unknown.
Goals | Unknown.
Overall Personality | See above.

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Re: Rubianca "Ruby" Oukami

Post by Ravilin on Thu May 31, 2012 12:08 am

Tell me a tale... //
IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Should include a triggering memory from human life, and some of the time in the academy (to portray their strengths and ect.) If shikai is obtained, then must explain on how the voice of the zanpakutou spirit was heard, and the meeting in the 'inner world'.
Birthplace | Unknown.
Mother | Lara Oukami
Father | Vandë Oukami
Siblings | Gen Oukami and Ikki Oukami
Other Relations | Unknown.
Companion | Xarath Shiru
Overall history |
A new Oukami is born
Rubianca Oukami, Age: 8 months and 3 weeks.

It was a night to remember, oh yes, a night to cherish. One Oukami, two Oukami...no, soon to be three.

Lara was laying down, her lower back pressed against the strong, concrete floor. Her posture was up-right, for she stood on the support of her reddened, aching forearms. Her legs were spread apart, her knees elevated just enough to be parallel to her visage, her sweat drenched, dreadful visage. Directly in front of her, seemingly hidden under the beautifully-knitted, crimson and white fabric that covered Lara's lower-body, lay Vandë Oukami. In this dimly light area, save for both him, his wife and an assortment of candles, nothing else could be discerned. This event required secrecy...for the safety of the soon-to-be infant.

As Lara cocks her head back and shrieks in agony, her silky, long dark hair sweeping the concrete, Vandë's very soul shivers. He knew what his wife was going through...well, no he didn't. Instead, at every scream, he pictured himself enacting seppuku, gutting his own flesh and tearing his own muscle. He wanted to share her pain, yes, to alleviate her burden. He stared blankly at her left knee, stuck within an instance of his own mind.

His daydream interrupts when he senses Lara's legs shake uncontrollably. Vandë's eyes flicker furiously as his gaze returns to her face, his sight hovering just above the cloth covering his wife. From his perspective, all Vandë could see were her flaring nostrils, clenched teeth, flexed chin and convulsed neck. She was breathing heavily and slow-

Suddenly, she lets out another shriek, louder than ever before. Her breathing begins to quicken, almost to an abnormal pace as she puckers her lips and blows out puffs of air in succession. And then, his southern peripheral vision detects movement. Vandë looks down. His eyes widen, his expression shifts to display both joy and disgust. It was his first-born after-all, but seeing Lara like this made him want to feint and forget.

A minute hadn't passed and there, in his hands, lay a newborn child. A piece of her umbilical chord still protruding from her abdomen, the tiny, defenseless creature wailed uncontrollably in the warmth of her father's embrace. As he peered down, her dark, multicolored skin gave way to the most beautiful baby. Well, at least in Vandë's eyes. As the child continued to cry its tears of joyeous life, the male Oukami looks up at his wife. She now lay fully on her back, her legs crumbled horizontally and knees colliding under the cloth. Her breathing had begun to return to normal. Her eyes peered at the dark, almost pitch black ceiling.

"Vandë" she murmured, her voice shaky. "Promise me...she will be safe." Vandë looks back down at the now strangely, quiet child, the dim candle lights shone on the creature's visage. He smiles, one of sincere warmth and conviction.

"I promise."

Time to say Goodbye
Rubianca Oukami, Age: 9 years.

Their home wasn't lavish, well, at least for Oukamis. In the countryside, far from the hustle and bustle of the Rukongai Districts, stood a small yet cozy home within a secluded, forested area. It housed three rooms, two bathrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a small garden of both fruit and vegetables in the back. Its location had been kept confidential...or so they thought.

The total Oukami count had now risen to five: Vandë the father, Lara the mother, Rubianca the eldest child, Gen the second and Ikki the final, third. Ikki had recently been born, oh lord, what a crybaby. The little thing wouldn't stop, day or night, hot or cold, it mattered not. Every two hours it would awake, whining for its bi-hourly meal. Though tonight, unlike many others, was of peaceful calm. It was her night, not Ikki's. Well, she didn't mind all that much, for she had gone through the same when Gen was born.

And tonight, she would be given permission to play, to bask in the soothing sounds of piano keys. Interestingly, Ruby had just recently found her love for music, particularly of piano. Her mother, Lara, had but a month ago begun to teach her in the ways of the melodious instrument.

Strangely and fortunately, both her parents had left the house tonight, of which they usually never did. Ruby's mother had taken Ikki with her. The infant was way too young for Ruby to care for. Rubianca's father had told her they were going to meet with her grandfather, Jago. She had never met the elder male...well, elder by age. Her father had always jested at Jago's appearance, on how he resembled but a teenage boy. Well, why would a nine-year-old, innocent girl care about such insignificant things? No, at this moment, only her inevitable serenade was of importance.

She stood at roughly 4'1", in her living room, mere feet from the piano bench. Ruby's young, five-year-old brother stood behind her, a portion of his mushroom hair-style protruding from the left side of her lower back. His hands were latched tightly onto her trousers. They were in the living area, a dimly, candle lit room. At this time of day, light played hide-and-seek with the shadows, forming interesting and at times horrific shapes on the surfaces of the house.

"A-Are you going to play?" Gen murmurs, his voice a bit muffled due to it being lodged into her lower back. She nods, a large smile on her face. "Ya, Genny. You pick the song!" Not seconds post speech, Ruby pulls away from Gen's grasp and walks around the bench. She stands at the center, facing the piano and then comes down gently to sit on the wooden stool, her long, brown hair bouncing up slightly and then waving from side-to-side. Ruby rests her hands on her laps, palm down, her almost non-existent tricep muscles flexing. Her eyes stared blankly, straight ahead. "So...which one, Gen?"

The younger Oukami had already returned to stand at his sisters back, his fore-head plopped against it and his hands tugging on her shirt. She knew which song he'd suggest. It is a truly beautiful melody. Her cheeks lift even before he speaks. "You know which one..." Her smile grew even larger. "Ya, I know" she replies as her hands rise and gracefully slide on the surface of the instrument's teeth. Gen wraps his arms around her waist and smothers his face onto her back. She closes her eyes...and then, pure uninhibited bliss.

Her fingers begin to dance in accordance, each press of the finger ushering forth a sensual sound and all of them together culminating into a utopian serenade. The song was a cross-over rendition of Con te partirò, Gen's favorite. Her eyes remained closed the entire time she played...until, half way through, the front door slams abruptly open. Ruby's eyes open suddenly and her muscles tighten, causing her fingers to push down on seven keys simultaneously. The sound that came forth from the instrument was horrendous, almost forcing Ruby to cringe. Gen had already walked around the bench to her front, crouched between the bench and piano. What was-

As she turns to face the opening that lead to the door, Rubianca's eyes widen. There, just visible from the corner of the gape, stood her father, Vandë. He was hunched over, his shoulder pressed against the concrete corner...and he was bleeding! His right arm was wrapped around his abdomen. His shirt was torn and bloodied, his pants the same. She couldn't see his face, for his shoulder length hair masked it. She didn't know what to do. She was too scared to do anything but mutter that insignificant word. "Pappa..?"

And just like that, as if her words were a command of execution, a thin, silver katana blade pierces through Vandë's chest. Her father's head cocks back, his expression of pure pain shown. Ruby stands abruptly, almost without control, and then slams into the maw of the piano that lay now behind her. One could hear the whining of a poor, innocent young boy. The blood from her face began to retract, leaving a cold, white visage of fear. And then, as she stares with wide eyes at the only man of her life, she notices tears flow down his cheeks. "Mother-" is all Vandë speaks before the blade within him twists and then retracts, leaving the male to fall face first onto the concrete floor, a gush of blood following in trail. All of the candle lights blow out with a gust of wind.

Her ears pick-up the sounds of footsteps. Moments later, her eyes pick up a strange figure not far from where her father once stood. "Uhh..." is all Ruby's whimpering gape mutters as that same, horrific figure begins to walk towards her and Gen. Ruby pushes herself back, her hands pressing on a myriad of piano keys and thus filling the silence with an atrocious yet fitting melody. As the figure nears, the young female Oukami discerns the offender to be of female gender, with shoulder length hair. Nothing else could she observe, though.

Ruby felt Gen's grasp of her left ankle, but paid it no mind, for the murderous creature now stood mere feet from them. The killer raises her blade over her head, to the right. What was she going to do? Ruby closes her eyes, bows her head and clenches her teeth. "WAIT!" she hears, but feintly, as if it originated from afar. For what seemed like eternity, Ruby remained in her disposition. She didn't move an inch, didn't shift a single muscle. "I'll take care of these two, Malinda. You've drawn too much Oukami blood today." Ruby opens her left eye slowly. To her surprise, the female figure no longer stood before her, but a male, at least from what she could tell. Those large, white teeth. His grin was almost as menacing as that woman. "No...we'll use you just fine."

As the man approached, Rubianca's world turned from dark to pitch black.

This isn't a home, its a prison.
Rubianca Oukami, Age: 20 years.

Time had passed oh so slowly, ever since that dreadful night. The man known as Lorenzo de Caprilles, a truly sinister individual whom masks his true intentions within a compassionate facade, had brought her here. No, he had taken both her and Gen and had dropped them down, center in the playgrounds of hell. But she could not remember the last time she had seen Gen. Where had they taken her little brother?

She spent most of her time within her quarters, well, if one would even call it as such. The life she lived now was restrained to a small, purely white colored, windowless room. She couldn't feel neither the warmth of sunlight nor the sensual breeze of mother nature. Everything was of artificial origin. Within this enclosure, one would find but a worn, wall-mounted bed and a single, oak table. There weren't even any seats to accompany the wooden furniture.

Well, what was a young woman supposed to do with this? Rubianca, for the most part, spent her time within this prison by training both her body, mind...and more recently, her soul. She had matured into quite an attractive woman, but also quite staunch and hardened. She had lost everything, almost in an instant, and her persona had to adapt in order to survive her new environment. Her garments consisted of a white shirt and white trousers, which annoyingly, were larger than her form and thus hung loose.

She had developed an internal clock of sorts, awaking at the same time every morning, or what her senses believed to be so. Soon after reviving from slumber, she would begin her daily regime by meditating, and what better spot than atop the oak table. She would sit at the center, legs crossed, head hung low and eyes closed. Her now long, free brown hair would act as a canopy, covering the distracting light, allowing her to concentrate more easily. She would spend hours on end in graceful meditation, both strengthening her mind and diving within the far reaches of her soul. At every sitting, Ruby inched deeper and deeper, hearing and experiencing phenomenon one would never believe otherwise. She had begun to hear another voice...within her soul?

After her early meditation sessions, Ruby would commence her physical routine. All of her exercises, at least under confinement, consisted of core and resistance training: push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, hand-stands and acrobatics.

But alas, Ruby was occasionally given freedom from her confines and after a decade of the same routine, she had gotten the exact time of day to the second. Unfortunately, what was given to her wasn't much more free. She always thought, "from prison to prison." She would be escorted out of her room to another location, or rather facility, where they would exhaust both her physical and mental capabilities beyond their limits. Unfortunately, they always blinded Ruby, with some strange magic, when they escorted her from place to place. She really had no clue where she was.

Her most detested device...the Capsule as they referred to it, was a giant mechanism that exerted some strange, over-exhausting pressure onto her body...and shockingly, even against her soul. Though they never gave her an answer as to what these continual "test" were meant for, Ruby had an interesting and in her opinion, quite accurate, hypothesis. They were preparing her, getting her ready for something...but what that was, she couldn't figure out.

And then her day would come to a screeching halt, where she would re-enact her meditative activity...just like this very moment. Ruby sat atop the oak table, hunched over, her head low, her legs crossed and her fore-arms rested on the edges of her knees. Her hands hung lifelessly just above her calves. Her visage, still under the protection of her hair, remains blank. It suddenly twitches. Yea, it was just about-

Then, that same voice...that same verse, every night at exactly the same time, it would infiltrate her mind and speak of its own accord.

"I stalk the frigid darkness
My shadow begs to be free
Buried beneath the cold stones
Where no reapers rescue me
This never-ending torment
Serves as everlasting bliss
I yearn for my redemption
But life means not much more than this
Through my life, the lust, the hunger
And my sacred behallowed past
Runs the cursed and wretched evil
A demon unsurpassed
But when the time has come
You'll all be dead and gone
Though my fall from grace to darkness
I will live to carry on!"

A loud knock resounds. It was her nightly meal. The door to her prison slides up, disappearing into the concrete wall above. Through the now opened passage walks in a large male with a tray, which held up a loaf of bread, cheese and sake. That intoxicating, alcoholic scent travels from the small, cylindrical opening of the white, pear shaped bottle to her nostrils. She inhales deeply.

As the man places the tray on the floor and turns to leave, her indifferent expression transforms into a large grin. Yes, she'd definitely sleep well tonight, she'd definitely not hear the voices of this eerie, uncomfortable hive.

Big Game Hunters.
Rubianca Oukami, Age: 25 years.

She had awoken but an hour ago, when suddenly, her door slide open. The two guards who came in were greeted with a standing, back-flexed and arms crossed Rubianca. She now wore a fitted, black silk tank-top and baggy, military-grade trousers. She wore a utility belt around her waist, but unfortunately, bare of utilities. She wore military-grade boots and black, full-covered gloves. Her hair was styled in a ponytail, the lodge of hair hanging down to her mid-back.

She didn't move, didn't tense a muscle nor did she make a single noise. "Rubianca Oukami. Come." Just then, her eyesight begins to blur and then, mere seconds later, her sense of sight completely disappears. She slowly but surely brings down her arms and unites her hands just behind her rear. The two male guards cautiously walk up to her, secure her arms, turn and then walk right back out with their new escort.

Again, just like every other incident, Ruby had no clue where they were taking her, but in these past five years, she had improved her intuitive nature. She had a hunch that today was the day; Judgement Day. As they walked, the female Oukami's ears did not assimilate what they usually could. Her surroundings were completely void of sound. She grins. "So I was right" she thinks. Her ponytail swung back and forth as they continued their march.

The two of them tighten their grip on her arms, indicating for her to halt. She obliges. Moments later, Ruby feels a slight pressure push her down as she hears gears turning. So they were taking her somewhere above. Well, she was being taken to places she'd never been before. A flicker of excitement sparks within her. Just as quickly, and seemingly disappointingly, their momentum halts. They urge her to move forward and she obliges once more, her hair returning to its swinging motion. Just like before though, complete silence. A slight fear begins to maw on her mind. The only noise emanated from their footsteps.

"Stop" one of the male guards emphasizes. She does as told. And then, she hears that detestable man's voice. "Ah, my beautiful Rubianca. Thank you for coming." In her mind, she scoffs. She came of her own will? Yea, right. She then feels someone's hand caress her left cheek, she pulls away instinctively. "My, my, so edgy already?" Just as he finishes, Ruby turns to face the direction of the noise, her lips pucker and then her head cocks as she lets loose a slurry of saliva. She hears the collision of spit to surface, well, hopefully that deranged fuck's face. She grins. At least in her mind, she had the last laugh, for after that, her world went blank.

Big Game Hunters: Day 0

Ruby's eyes flicker open, her vision blurry but slowly returning to normal. Her senses quickly begin to detect her foreign surroundings. She quickly sits up-right, her palms pressing against the moist ground, solidifying her position. Her ears begin to pick up on strange, high-pitched clicks and chirps. As her eyesight strengthens, Ruby twist and turns in all directions, taking in her truly horrific surroundings.

Tall, almost sky-high trees and large, almost bestial fauna stood at every patch of visible land. Additionally, a dense, assailing gray mist hovered about, making it difficult for Ruby to breath. She pushes forward, curls her legs and stands up. The first thing she does is check her pockets and utility belt, but alas, she finds nothing. Great. All she had now as the clothing on her back. Fine. Her head turns abruptly to the right, her ponytail swinging violently to the left, as she hears a distant yet menacing howl. Her eyes squint, attempting to focus in the direction of the noise, but it was futile for she couldn't see a thing. It was too dark.

She then lifts her gaze once more and studies the anatomy of a nearby tree. Branches and large ones at that. Taking refuge up there would be the best bet. Ruby walks up to the trunk and stares down at the base for a few seconds. Her left leg rises and guides her boot's edge to rest within a slight alcove in the tree. She lifts her right arm to guide it similarly, and slides her fingers into a crevice. Left, right, left, right. She continues this process until she reaches the branch she had observed earlier. Yea, definitely big enough. She cautiously maneuvers onto the branch and then sits. Her back was now plopped against the base of the tree and her legs crossed at the ankles. She'd rest here for the night and hopefully, her forty-foot high position would serve for safety...from whatever was out there.

Big Game Hunters: Day 1

Too bright, holy fuck, that's too bright. Her eyes flicker open as her head tilts to the right, attempting to avoid the brightness of the...sun?! Any former annoyance dissipates as she turns her visage to face directly at the source. A large smile forms around her gape. It felt so warm, so natural. She closes her eyes and takes it all in. The sounds of chirping avian creatures assail her ears. Almost like keys of a piano. After a brief moment of soaking, Ruby makes her way back down to ground-level.

Once on ground, Ruby turns in all directions...yet sees nothing different. It was all the same as far as the eye could tell. Well, first rule of survival is to find water. No other way to do so but move in a direction. She kneels and examines the ground. The ground to her North was filled with more vegetation than anywhere else. Well, that sounded like a good bet. She stands and begins her march due North.

It had been roughly a half-hour of travel before Ruby began to hear the feint noise of flowing water. She grins. Yea, her instinctive and intuitive nature had improved significantly in these last five years. Every forward step brought her closer to what she had set out to find. As her boot lands on a large, fallen branch, her knee now parallel to her waist, Ruby sees with her own eyes the flowing river of bounty. Food and water, perfect.

She had reached the edge of the river and was now kneeling, both hands underwater and palms facing up. She bows her head and simultaneously brings up a puddle of water. She takes a sip. The cold, mineral rich fluid washes down her dry throat. Oh yes, who knew water would have such rich taste. For a moment, she just stared down into the reflection of the water. As if an illusion, her ripply face turns and twists into her younger brother's. Her infant, five year old brother. Her eyes swell with water and without hesitation begin to assault the surface of the river. Shaking her head and closing her eyes, she reciprocates the action, but this time splashes water into her face. She then straightens her posture, waves her hands to dry them and stands up. She peers into the fast flowing river and spots several fish. Well...she'd need some kind of sharp weapon. She turns to scout the immediate area. Shit, well, she'd just have to construct some out of wood.

Ruby had taken a brisk walk around the river to scout for materials. She had found several sharp rocks and well-sized, fallen branches. She kneels next to the now amassed pile of materials, takes a sharpened rock and begins to carve the wood of a branch. Little by little, Ruby shapes the palm-sized branch into a crude, semi-thick wedge. It resembled a combat knife, roughly 8 inches in length. The handle, or so she called it, was a bit rough. Thank goodness for the gloves she wore, otherwise she'd suffer from collateral injury. Her next weapon would be of a pointed spear.

It had taken her longer, almost double, to construct the spear. But alas, she had done so and now she basked in the fruits of her labor as she dined on fresh fish. She had built a small fire, the skewered fish wedged just above it. The scent of the cooking meat danced with her senses. As she completed her meal, light began to fall and instead, blackness began to surround her.

She had decided to remain here, near the river. Her very instinct told her not to, but the allure of such a source of survival had strongly influenced her decision. Like the previous day, Ruby observed above for an adequate resting place. She blew out the fire and then climbed that tree.

And once again, Ruby falls asleep high up in the trees of this foreign place.

Big Game Hunters: Day 2

Her eyelids rise abruptly. Ruby's ears had picked up on a foreign sound previously not present. She could tell it was dawn as her eyesight focused. She then bows her head diagonally, to the right in the direction of the noise. Her brows furrow and eyes squint as she attempts to recognize what stood far down on the ground. Another...spirit? The creature was fully dressed in white: boots, trousers, shirt, gloves, overcoat and mask. If it were of similar race to Rubianca, one wouldn't be able to discern. But, more frighteningly, this creature held within its grasp a large, metallic device. She had never seen one before. What kind of functio-

Just then, the masked individual points the device at a nearby, rustling bush. The subsequent loud bursts and sparks of energy that emanate from the device startle her. She jumps instinctively, her momentum pushing her over the left side of the branch. Her quick reaction had allowed her to grip the branch with both hands, halting her free-fall. Unfortunately, the creature had now noticed her. Shit. She looks down in time to see that same device from earlier pointed in her direction. Her teeth clenched, eyes flaring and heart beating, Ruby releases her grip. The small, condensed blasts of energy just miss her ponytail as she falls. On her way down, her ponytail twirls like a ribbon being pulled down at quick pace.

As she nears the ground, Rubianca curls her legs up into her abdomen. Roughly eight feet before impact, Ruby thrusts her legs out and strikes the tree. The subsequent force pushes her forward. She performs a front aerial and then lands just behind the masked figure. Before the thing could react, Ruby turns and simultaneously pulls out her carved dagger. She thrusts her free left arm under and through her opponents armpit and then lifts her arm to apply force. Just as quickly, she takes her right hand, weapon facing forward, and thrusts it three times at his right midsection, in quick succession, roughly 2 inches apart in ascending order. She had applied so much force that the crude weapon punctures the creature all three times. At every retraction, a gush of red blood follows. Not wasting any time, just after the third retraction, Ruby simultaneously lifts the figure and flings backwards, effectively performing a suplex. As she feels the reverberating thump, Ruby hears the cracking of bone. She now stood there, her back arced and pelvis high. Her left arm was now wrapped around a lifeless husk. She twirls to the right and stands up straight. Her breathing was heavy, her face drenched in blood, her brows furrowed and her eyes filled with rage. What was going on?

Her eyes now stare at the strange weapon that lay on the moist ground, the one this now bloodied, dead creature once held. She squats and cautiously picks it up. Huh, surprisingly, it felt just...right? She wraps her fingers around the grip. Hmm, not too heavy. The weapon wasn't too large, the length of a modest combat knife at most. Adjacent to the grip lay a small, metallic trigger. As she turns it around, Ruby observes a small, circular opening in the front. Other than that, she knew not how to describe it. Strangely, though, as soon as she had gripped the tool, Ruby had felt as if her energy had been sucked right out of her. Weird...

Her eyes then trail back onto the dead figure. It lay front first on the ground, its head turned in an unnatural position. On its back lay yet another contraption, even larger than the one now in her grasp. It was at least a meter long and seemed to be made of sturdier material. Above the weapon, parallel to where the trigger lay, stood a large cylinder. Just inches from front tip to back tip, fastened, lay a leather strap. Hmm, from the size of it, Ruby guessed it was meant to be held in both hands. She holsters the smaller weapon through her belt, the handle acting like a hanger. She leans forward, her ponytail falls down her right shoulder and almost brushes on the dead figure's lifeless body. With her free arm, Ruby grabs the center-base of the weapon and swings it forward, carefully, so that the leather strap no longer wraps around the lifeless husk. Now free of its original master, Rubianca brings it closer to her face for inspection. Man, the thing was heavier than expected.

And then she hears something else, something that also didn't belong. She lifts her gaze, but the darkness fights against her. Shit, she needed to move and move fast. Still gripping both her self-made dagger and newly found device, Ruby darts towards a large tree trunk. Just as the tip of her ponytail disappears from view, two other similar figures appear.

Her back was leaned on the trunk and her eyes were closed. She'd stay here until they acted. She'd follow them and hopefully, they'd lead her to where she wanted to be.

Big Game Hunters: Day 6

She had cautiously traced and followed the two figures that had appeared all those days prior. Infuriatingly, they had left their friend where his neck had been snapped. You don't leave anyone behind, especially your comrade.

For several days, they had remained close-by to the river. Ruby guessed they thought whoever had killed their friend would return for sustenance. Unfortunately for them, she was quite resourceful and fortunately not so naive. After those few days, the two had begun their march. For days she had walked in pursuit through the thick jungle. Annoyingly, Ruby had begun to attract the attention of mosquitoes, or similar insects. The majority of her body now ached from stings and bites, small red lumps of swelled flesh visible.

Thankfully, they had finally arrived at their intended destination. At first she didn't believe her eyes. Before her stood a giant complex of pure steel and metal. How could something like this exist in the middle of the wilds? She remained hidden for a while, behind some trees and foliage. Her crude and now crimson wooden weapon was holstered through her belt and the strange, metallic device strapped on her back. Rubianca hadn't had an opportunity to use it...but she was sure she would soon.

Night had fallen. Now was the time to make her move. However, just as she stands, the hairs on the back of her neck tingle. She turns her head in time to see a blade swinging rapidly at her neck, attempting to lump it off clean. She ducks just in time...well, almost. The blade cuts through several strands of her hair. But as they fall to the overgrowth, Ruby had already begun to turn and had already gripped her jagged edge. Without even having sight of her attacker, Rubianca thrusts her wooden edge in that direction. As her eyes meet the figures bare, lightly tanned chest, Ruby feels strong fingers grip the wrist of her attacking arm. Her eyes quickly lift up to see a male, grinning visage. He had jet-blue, shoulder length hair and those eyes...they possessed a sinister intent. Most horrifyingly, though, was that this man donned a crude mask. A mask with jagged edges that covered the right side of his face. It seemed almost as if the other half had been ripped off.

"Look at what we have here" the male spoke with a sarcastic tone. She clenches her teeth, snarls and pulls her arm with all her might. Crudely, she breaks loose of his grip and immediately attempts to launch her knee into his abdomen. But he was too quick. The bare-chested male chuckles as he blocks her assault with his left palm, the hand that had previously gripped her wrist. Before Ruby could react, her enemy pushes her leg back down and then quickly swings the same arm towards the left side of her face. The back of his hand strikes her face. The force lifts her into the air. She twirls uncontrollably in mid-air, her ponytail and legs resembling a helicopters spinning rotor. Ruby had spun at least five times before she landed on the ground, feet from where she once stood, front first. Her palms had safely softened the fall, however, her opponent's killer intent was apparent when he, without hesitation and quick succession, attempts to impale her with his blade. Her instinct kicks in.

She rolls to the left, weapon still strapped to her back, and dodges the stab by mere inches. Her ponytail had swept the moist ground and had collected an assortment of leaves that now gave her an earthly disposition. Without missing a beat, as she lands once more onto her palms, she lifts her right leg up high and launches off of her left foot. The force provides her enough momentum to perform a front hand spring. She lands on her feet, crouched, mere feet from the masked man. Before the male could even react, as Ruby stood up, she swings her arms diagonally from southeast to northwest, providing her with enough momentum to lift off the ground. Her leg had been prepared to strike him before she had even lifted. Now, as she performed a diagonal back-flip, her right leg followed suit, swinging down diagonally. Its target was his left trapezius, between his shoulder and neck. But, her attempt was futile, for all she heard in mid flight was a maniacal chuckle.

Just before her attack connects, Ruby's momentum is halted. He had simultaneous blocked her assault and latched onto her leg. She now dangled upside-down, her senses momentarily astray. The tip of her ponytail brushed the ground. Just as quickly, her world twists as she's hurled, front first, into a nearby tree. Her abdomen collides with the base. Ruby's eyes widen as the air is sucked right out of her lungs. "Unff" is all that escapes her now open gape. She falls six feet and then slams down, right side, onto the ground. Still on the ground, laying on her right side, Ruby hears footsteps. They were getting louder...getting closer.

She had now regained enough oxygen to stand once more. Even though her body ached and her breathing was heavy, she lifts herself up and turns. The man stood roughly ten feet from her. He wore a large grin. "You're just like your little brother. You're so weak." That was it. The trigger that activated her rage. The rage that had accumulated over all those confined, lonely years. Her shocked expression turns to one of complete anger. Her gape snarls, displaying her clenched teeth. Her nose wrinkles and her brows furrow. Her whole body convulses. Every muscle on her body tightens. "WHAT DID YOU DO TO GEN!?" she exclaims. Her head shakes uncontrollably as the words leave her open mouth. Nonchalantly, her opponent responds with an even larger grin. "He's as good as dead."

She crouches, bows her head and lifts her arms so that her fore-arms now lay on her head. Dead? DEAD?! Her mind was clouded with both sorrow and anger, and so, her opponents actions she remained oblivious to. The male shakes his head, swings his blade over his right shoulder and raises his palm, opened forward, in her direction. He lets loose a large, green colored beam of energy. It grew to almost Ruby's height. It launched from his palm instantly and shot forth towards its target in quick tempo.

Rubianca strangely sensed the attack, but it didn't matter to her. Her body and mind were now possessed, oppressed by the darkness of her soul. Her very being pulses. As the beam nears, Ruby stands up straight, cocks her head back and screams. Just like all those times in the Capsule, a larger presence befalls her...but this time, of opposite effect. She now felt lighter, warmer...more powerful. The ground around her begins to shake, the trees around them rustle uncontrollably. Thousands of leaves fall from the sky and begin to litter the ground. The man's attack engulfs her and then it culminates into an explosion, razing her surroundings in a flurry of flame. The male scoffs. "What a wa-"

His eyes twitch as he feels a pressure exert on the back of his head. He stood there, unmoved, his blade still over his shoulder. Behind him now stood Rubianca, the smaller metallic device gripped in her right hand and pointed at the back of his head. How had she gotten there so fast? Her finger was half cocked, the trigger centimeters from activation. Her left arm and leg emanated smoke, and after closer inspection, one would be able to discern burns...severe ones. Her trouser, from knee down to boot, was completely missing. Her eyes now flowed with a strange energy, making them seem almost supernatural.

"H-Hey, wai-" but before he could finish, she interrupts him. "Check. Mate." Her voice was devoid of all emotion, as cold as ice. She completely cocks the trigger. A small, condensed bullet of energy hurls out of the barrel and through the man's head. A splash of blood shoots forth from his forehead as the round escapes his front. His lifeless body hurls face first onto the now leave-littered ground. She would not show mercy, no, not anymore. They had taken too much from her, too much of her pride.

She looks up at the establishment not far off. The bells of alarm had been rung. She'd silence the bells as soon as she silenced the living.

Speaking her words for all to hear, she exclaims as loud as her voice allowed. "BY MY HAND, YOU WILL BE CUT DOWN INCH BY INCH, THE WAY YOU HAVE CUT DOWN MY PRIDE!"

Big Game Hunters: Judgement Day

Several days had passed and still, they had not found her. Even after she had amassed quite a head count. Piles of dead soldiers now lay littered all over the compound...all taken down by a single, well-aimed head-shot. And as she had promised, the bells had been silenced. Now only the caws of crows punctured the eerie silence that had befallen this graveyard.

Without much effort, Ruby had learned of the compound's structure. She knew exactly where that despicable fuck hid, the headmaster, or so they called him. Lorenzo de Caprilles. Well, that's where she was at this very moment. She hid in the shadows, her presence completely masked from those around her. To her advantage, the room was poorly lit.

In the center of this secured and dimly lit bunker stood a large, ornate table. Only one man now sat at the far end of this steel structure. His elbows stood on the surface. His face was planted within his palms. What a pitiful little dog. He knew his fate. He could foresee his demise.

Before he could even react, Ruby rushes to his back. She grabs onto his head, left hand on top and right hand below the chin, and applies a bit of force, signaling to him her dominance. She speaks coldly. "Every breath you take is an assault to my honor." A brief moment later, she continues. "Game over." As she spoke those last two words, Ruby forcefully turns his head to the right. A crack resounds. She had ruptured his vertebral body. She had snapped his neck. As she lets go, the male's lifeless body falls face down onto the table.

She turns towards the door, her now dirtied hair swinging in unison. She still wore the same outfit, her dark tank-top, burnt trousers, worn gloves and dirtied boots. She'd heard from those she tortured of a device that would transport her somewhere called...Rukongai. She'd take the trip and leave this dreadful place behind, for now.

But she'd promised herself of vengeance. Promised herself to one day return and repay all this kindness.

From Darkness to Light.
Rubianca Oukami, Age: 130 years.

She had been pushed by her mentor, Giseppe Oshiro to join the Gotei 13. That old man, such a sucker for justice. Well, how could someone taught by Oshiro not feel the same? She was just like him, well, female and a lot younger. He had taken her in oh so long ago, back when she first escaped the clutches of Vartanon. He had taught her self-control, taught her how to bring peace and calm to one's soul.

Those teachings had served her well during her Academy Days. For the most part, though, Ruby had kept to her studies and had amassed very little interaction, particularly with her colleagues. It hadn't taken her very long to graduate, roughly a year and a half. Her first and only assignment post graduation was as the third seat of Squad 7. After innumerable successes and feats, she had been summoned by the Captain Commander himself. The single being who's tales of strength and honor were only rivaled by those of folklore.

She had arrived at his balcony, open-viewed office in the First Division, on time. She knew best to not be late. When she had been ushered into his domain, the doors closed behind her, her sight had been met with a sitting Captain Commander. He was sitting behind his large, stock-piled desk. Beside the elder, impenetrable man had stood his lieutenant. The Captain Commander's eyes were closed, while his subordinate's stared coldly into her soul. She had kept her sight unfocused, just between the two as she walked to the center, turned towards them, and then got down on her knees. She had given those two figures their due respect.

His eyes had remained closed as he spoke, the Captain Commander that is. "Oukami, Rubianca. Do you know why I have summoned you here?" Ruby's eyes had remained unfocused as she answered. "Yes, Captain Commander. You wish to bestow upon me a promotion." Her voice had been of strong support, but with a hint of unease. Her hands were shaking slightly.

And then, the God of Seireitei had opened his eyes. Her gaze, almost as if not of her own will, had been pulled to lock with his. Those eyes, they had spoken louder than any word he could have muttered. She closed her eyes and bowed her head. "Yes, I will uphold all that is just. I will place the world's safety before mine."

He had then closed his eyes, or so she had believed, for that overbearing presence from before had lifted.

And henceforth since that day, Rubianca Oukami had lead Squad 5 of the Gotei 13.

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Re: Rubianca "Ruby" Oukami

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Additional Information

Theme Song:
Me - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDTXj_cRzZU
My future self - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjnEezSfdKE
The Killer Instinct - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfNHhMEGbOw&feature=related
This is how I fight - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OYYAB6jDUA
Will of the Oukami - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbdBbmKEH3c

Additional Weaponry: Ruby carries two revolvers, one named Jago and the other Jin. These two firearms were built around parameters that govern the realms of the supernatural. Thus, instead of holstering inadequate human-made ammunition, these two weapons absorb the Reiryoku of its master and fill the six barrel chambers with condensed, bullet-sized reiatsu rounds. The speed at which these rounds travel is identical to the fastest Kido or Cero, nothing more nor less. Ruby is also able to fire and maintain consistent streams of energy from her weapons, but require additional Reiryoku. She may only sustain this consistent stream on either revolver for its specified six-chamber depletion duration outlined in each weapon's respective section below. In order to refill these chambers, Ruby must "un-load" and "re-load". To "un-load" is to release the cylinder of the weapon and then return said cylinder to its original place. The strength of these rounds are highly dependent on Ruby's state of Reiryoku at the time of reiatsu transfusion and the method of fire. If the hammer is cocked manually, the power of the round is increased. If an opponent were to be mightier than her, it would only make sense that they'd be able to deflect and/or shrug off her rounds with little consequence. However, since these two revolvers are both not a part of Ruby's soul and are constructed of raw material, they are much more easily destroyed than other weaponry, such as the Zanpakutō.

  • Jago - This revolver is of authentic architecture. Its total horizontal length is roughly 12" and its total vertical length is roughly 6". It is of single-action (SA) design. Since it is SA, Ruby must cock the hammer manually before firing. Jago's cylinder is of swing-out design, or simply, it swings out to the left, diagonally, when "re-loading". Ruby is typically able to fire a round every two seconds, and thus all six rounds in 12 seconds if fired in succession. Its grip is of black color and it is constructed of bamboo, making it quite durable. Adjacent to where the front of the grip turns to steel stands the metallic-silver trigger guard. Within this guard lies the black-colored trigger. Similarly, adjacent and above where the back of the grip turns to steel stands the black-colored hammer. Directly in front of the hammer lay the golden, rear sights. The remainder of the weapon, including the cylinder, up to the front sights is of metallic-silver color. However, the front sights are of golden color. The name Jago, in crimson, is inscribed alongside the barrel leading up to the front sights. She typically wields Jago in her right hand and thus it is typically holstered under her left arm-pit.

  • Jin - This revolver is of modern architecture. Its total horizontal length is roughly 10" and its total vertical length is roughly 5.5". It is of double-action (DA) design. Since it is DA, Ruby has the option to cock or not to cock the hammer manually before firing. Jin's cylinder is of top-break design, or simply, the front end of the weapon swings down to reveal the six round chamber. If using the DA functionality, Ruby is able to fire a round every second, and thus six rounds every 6 seconds if fired in succession. If not using the DA functionality, Ruby is typically able to fire a round every 2.5 seconds, and thus six rounds in 15 seconds if fired in succession. Its grip is of white color and it is constructed of steel, making it both durable and devastating. Adjacent to where the front of the grip meets the shaft, stands the metallic-black trigger guard. Within this guard lies the silver-colored trigger. Similarly, adjacent and above where the back of the grip meets the shaft, stands the silver-colored hammer. Directly in front of the hammer lay the crimson, rear sights. The remainder of the weapon, including the cylinder, up to the front sights is of metallic-black color. However, the front sights are of crimson color. The name Jin, in gold, is inscribed alongside the barrel leading up to the front sights. She typically wields Jin in her left hand and thus it is typically holstered under her right arm-pit.

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Re: Rubianca "Ruby" Oukami

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