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Kenji Yasutake (New and ready)

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Kenji Yasutake (New and ready)

Post by Kenji Yasutake on Thu May 31, 2012 12:44 am


B A S I C S //

Laying down the bricks //



Nickname/s | Ken
DOB | January 21, 1845
Age | 18-19 / 167
Sexuality | Straight
Ethnicity | Japanese
Occupation 6th Captain
Loyalty | Soul Society
Theme song | The Animal - By Disturbed

Proof of who I am //


Zanpakutou Spirit | The spirit that resides within this weapon appears as a humanoid in full Samurai armor, nothing can be seen of this figures skin so it’s impossible to tell if this spirit has scaled skin. The armor is decorated in gold dragon accents, such as the piece on the forehead of the armor’s helmet. It is a small gold dragon’s head with ruby eyes, and sapphire nostrils. The armor’s chest piece sports the profile of a Japanese serpent style dragon, twisting its way as it moved across the sky. The rest of the armor on the other hand is rather plane and unimportant. The face mask covering this mysterious figure’s face is etched to reflect that of a dragon’s face. With golden Amber eyes staring out the eye holes, a trait that is passed on to Kenji when they fight as one and working in perfect harmony. On his waist sits an identical set of swords that Kenji wears, worn in the traditional Daisho. A katana (long sword) and a Wakazashi (short sword), which match his armor.

The spirit is a noble one, often giving tactical advice to Kenji on the fly. Though he is an honorable, and noble spirit, his is as cold of not more than Kenji himself is. If Kenji loses his temper and goes to do something stupid he will try his best to calm Kenji down, and get him back into the right frame of mind. The voice of this spirit is not normal, it has a natural growling hiss to it, as one would expect or picture coming from the mouth of a dragon. It is safe to say, Tenryū is Kenji’s keeper in a way. He watches Kenji closely for signs that his temper is getting the best of him.


Inner World |Kenji’s inner world is that of a Japanese castle, surrounded by endless cherry blossoms. The castle it’s self is 6 stories tall with the main section raised upon a 60 to 70 foot base with several smaller buildings surrounding it. The courtyard is outfitted for training purposes to benefit Kenji when he visits the castle. The interior is a maze like Labyrinth of hallways which are always changing. So if he comes in once and takes a curtain path to reach the throne room, he will be unable to take that same route again. Each room is littered with loot, a figurative ‘dragon’s horde’ each room having more and more in them. The last room at the very top of the castle is the throne room, overlooking the vast sea of Cherry blossom trees and his realm. It is the one place his zanpakuto spirit keeps watch and awaits his partners return visits. The throne is made of dragon bone, the ends of the arm rests are small dragon skulls and the bones from the wings stream out from the back spanning a full 10 and a half feet in each direction.

Inner World:

Sealed state | Tenryū in its sealed form takes the shape of a normal Katana and Wakazashi set. They are held at his side in the traditional Japanese Daishou style. The sword is rather plane, sporting a White saya (scabbard) with a twisting white dragon design twisting its way up from the Kojiri (scabbard tip) to about half way up the saya. The Tsuba (guard), Fuchi (collar) and the Habaki (blade collar) are made of silver, and the Ito (braid) is made of black silk cloth for comfort in long fights. The Silver Tsuba is a squared circle shape with indent in each corner and sports two oval holes on each side of the blade. The Tsuba’s design depicts two dragons at battle ready stances stalking each other around the Tsuka.


Overall Ability | Kenji's Shikai ability allows him to Manipulate, control or change the air around him, Or by using his ability to displace the air around his sword and with a single cut it creates a void where there is no matter in that space as it's gaseous pressure if far less than the atmospheric pressure to which it creates the vacuum. So that it pulls anything in front of it forward. It is not powerful but it's able to break there center of balance and bring them forward. If they have the strength to resist it is would not really affect them. The only drawbacks are that it relies on extreme Sword and hand speed, as well as having to be quick on his feet. There for its physically demanding to maintain and use. And can be resisted by enemies stronger then Kenji himself.
Release phrase | “Guide them to the Heaven's. Tenryū”
Shikai Appearance | When Kenji speaks that release phrase his zanpakuto goes into shikai, which does not change the appearance of his zanpakuto. Other then etching a white dragon design down each end of the blade. These ‘Runic’ patters take the form of a wind dragon. It’s Majestic appearance glows faintly and helps channel and control his reiatsu with it comes to techniques. Another slight change to the zanpakutos’ is that the design on the guard also glows a light giving off a white light, giving it a rather mystical and Majestic look and feel to it.

Overall Ability | (DO NOT USE)
Release phrase | (DO NOT USE)
Bankai Appearance | (DO NOT USE) [IMG*]image url (if there is an image)[/IMG]

Further than just the skin //

Height | 5 foot 6 inches
Weight | 140 pounds
Hair color & Style | Crimson Red, styled in a simple pony tail tied by a small crimson strip of fabric.
Eye color | Onyx Black (Amber Gold when in sync with his zanpakuto)
Overall Appearance | Kenji is very thin, to the point he looks frail. So his cloths fit quite loose, his uniform is highly cusomized to fit his fighting style. There is very little covering the right side of his torso. A side from that the torso of his uniform is held up by straps and his skin wrapped in white bandages. Much like the outfit Ichigo wore when he fought captain Kutchki after stopping the exicution.

Understand the invisible //

Positive Traits |

  • Strong will; Kenji is strong willed, he will not falter vary easily. This makes him get up even if he shouldn’t be able to. It makes him a nuisance to his enemies, at the fact that he just won’t stay down. He’d rather die, rather then be useless in a fight. This could also be considered a Negative trait but it’s just how you look at it.
  • Kenji is very observant, half of his fighting style is to read the enemy’s attacks and act accordingly. This can be done in the head by speaking in thought and then acting. It’s something that he’s practiced over the years and almost perfected in a sense. Though this is not perfect by far his most dominate trait in combat.
  • Kenji vary relaxed though serious to a point, He does have a sense of humor though it can be very dry at times and knows how to laugh. He is never ridged, ready to react at a moment’s notice. This ties in to his style of fighting, allowing him better reaction time.
  • Kenji is very focused, almost to the point of Obsession. He will not give up on an assignment until it is finished. This is something that can be useful when doing a job that requires time and patients

Negative Traits |

  • Kenji is a quiet one, until he has something to say or with those he deems to be friends. Though that term is used loosely in his mind, some people just cannot be trusted. He will however play the part to get the information he wants. He’s not a gung ho smash your face kind of guy. He’s not a brute that loves to fight; he will however give it his all when it is unavoidable.
  • Kenji is easy to anger, most of the time being goaded into a fight that he shouldn’t fight. Most of all it’s when someone talks bad about those he truely cares about. This can lead to trouble if he can’t keep his temper in check.
  • Kenji can be over confident at times, often times taking his enemies too lightly. This is if he senses there reiatsu is lower than his own. It’s often times that he gets in trouble because this ties into his temper.

Habits |

  • Drinking; Kenji on more then one occasion can be found slumped over paper work, or relaxing under a tree with a bottle of Sake sitting close by.
  • Training; When Kenji is having trouble controlling his temper he trains. Taking out his anger in a controlled Environment to avoid collateral damage
  • Taking walks; Kenji has a habit if taking prolonged walks around the Seireitai, either to clear his head, find some time to himself, or just to enjoy the company of the few to considers friends.

Fears | Kenji's biggest fear is that he lets the wrong person in too close to his heart. To feel the betrayal of a loved one, which is why he closes himself off.
Goals | To one day live his after life in peace, a naive dream or goal for someone who was trained as a warrior.
Overall Personality | Kenji is closed off, vary few ever see his warm side. He's cold and crude to most people and will not bat an eyelash before tearing someone apart. Even then, he's a quiet one. Only speaking when he has something to add to a conversation he is a part of, but when he conciders someone a friend. He can hold a civil conversation, In his mind he see's it as a case of 'vary few can be trusted'. In spite of his personality he will aid others in training if it's a subject he specializes in.

Tell me a tale... //

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Should include a triggering memory from human life, and some of the time in the academy (to portray their strengths and ect.) If shikai is obtained, then must explain on how the voice of the zanpakutou spirit was heard, and the meeting in the 'inner world'.
Birthplace | Edo (Tokyo Japan)
Mother | Akemi Yasutake
Father | Keiji Yasutake
Siblings | None that he knows of.
Other Relations | None, that he knows of.
Companion | None
Overall history | Act one: The life of a warrior.
Kenji was born in a time of peace, and into a privilaged family. Son of a samurai, and close military advisor to the shogun he learned the art of combat. The art of using a sword, tactics and general schooling. It was in his blood, and Kenji was a natural. Though a time of peace there were still dangers, it was at the tail end of the shogun's rule. Many where talking of an uprising, but at that point in time they where only whispers. A few skirmash's took place but where quickly. This took place over the course of several years. Bandit raids and such kept things interesting. Though it would not be till the eve of Kenji's 16th birthday that he would have to put his teachings to the test in real combat. While traveling with his mother, father, and a few samurai with the shogun's protection detail the groupe came under attack. His mother was the first to fall, struck in the throat by an arrow. No one knew the attack had started till the thud of her lifeless body struck the road.

Then the cries of men off the road caught there attention. While learning the art of swordsmenship Kenji had developed a draw style and this is where it proved it's worth. When his attacker charged Kenji drew his sword intercepting the blow meant for him. Using his thin body, Manuverability and speed he dispatched his attackers with quick, and deadly procision. Once the dust settled the shogun, his father, and himself where left standing. though the Shogun didn't escape injury. They quickly rushed back to Edo for treatment and Kenji's assent into the life of a samurai. His proformance in the ambush showed that he was ready, but far from finished from a learning stand point. The many battles that would follow against poorly orginized bandits and rebels would earn him several scars. forsaking the armor, and using cloths only to keep his Manuverability,and speed. Including a cross shaped scar on his right cheek.

Act two: The end and the new beginning.
Kenji managed to win several battles, and duels. Upstarts who that because of his age they would be on equil footing skill wise. Or the veteran samurai who let there over confidence and pride lean them to there deaths. But it was one that did him in. In the early stages of the collapse of the Shogunate against the small group of rebles Kenji let his own pride get in the way of his duty. During the battle Kenji took his eye off an enemy for a split second to aid a fellow samurai and was run through from behind. As he lay there bleeding out he could hear the sounds of the battles, but it didn't take long for him to bleed to death. It wasn't until after the battle that Kenji realized he was dead. The Shogun's men combed through the bodies. A cry of pain as his father pulled his body from the pile. That was the moment he realized he was dead. Anchored to the battle field by a strange chain attached to his chest.

It didn't take long, a couple days after the battle Kenji was set upon by a stranger in black. And with a short explination of what was about the happen the stranger struck Kenji's forehead with the pommel of her sword and sent him to his new life. He came to in a decent place. Though it looked like the markets of Edo where he spent much of his free time. After some time, Kenji came to learn that not all spirits that come to the soul society have memories of there life. Which Kenji found weird, becuase he had all his. up to his death. He could still feel the cold steel in his chest. In time he fell in with a group of spirits aiming at becoming one of the very things that sent him there. It seemed a lot like what he did in life. So why not? These where not his friends, his time in battle hardened his heart and iced it over. To be a killer at such a younge age, he had to.

Act Three: To school and beyond.
It was when he learned to control his Reiatsu that he joined the shinigami academy. With his memories intact he was allowed into the advanced Zanjutsu class. To build on an already started skill. The one class he didn't do so well in was Kido, at first. The idea was still so different to him. but after awhile he started to understand it. Not as adapt in it as swordsmanship he did satisfactory. All though one person over the course of his time at the academy managed to chip enough of the ice away to get closer then anyone. Her name was Kasumi, and she was the only true friend he had really. That he chose to have, he had aquantinces and such. But of the course of his academy days, he'd managed to impress and could pick any squad he wanted. Naturally, his first choice was the 11th division, but in a place where combat was not really that common inside the seireitai he chose the 6th division instead. It was on the eve of his first post that in he was woken from sleep by a strange hissing voice in the darkness. When he asked who was there that's when it happened. Cherry blossom's falling inside his room. a few seconds later the walls, floors and ceiling faded into white stone. Sitting in front of him was a man, with yellow eyes, and white armor. Kenji went to grasp his zanpakuto but it was gone...in the hand of the stranger. After a very tense conversation the spirit explained everything to him. Including his name, Tenryu.

What does the future have a store? That's the fun part, finding out. (More will be added at a later date.)

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Re: Kenji Yasutake (New and ready)

Post by Shikashi Yubi on Thu May 31, 2012 12:09 pm

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Re: Kenji Yasutake (New and ready)

Post by Ravilin Asura on Sun Jun 03, 2012 9:19 pm

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Re: Kenji Yasutake (New and ready)

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