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Xion Menboku [10th squad taichou]

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Xion Menboku [10th squad taichou]

Post by Xion on Thu May 31, 2012 1:25 am


B A S I C S //

Laying down the bricks //

Nickname/s | Helios
DOB | July 10th, AD
Age | 2023/ Appears to be in his early 30's
Sexuality | Bisexual
Ethnicity | Jamaican
Occupation 10th Squad Captain
Loyalty | Soul Society

Proof of who I am //


Zanpakutou Spirit | The spirit known as Ongakuouja is both sexy and secretive. When first eyed by the wielder she can be very creative in ways to appeal to the user. She chooses to appear as that of a young golden armor clad maiden in sleek golden armored pumps. Her hair is long and blonde and her eyes shine forth with a fiery golden glow. She stands at roughly 6' 0" tall and looks to weigh less then 140LBS.

Her personality can best be described as ravenous and rewarding. Originally she will request that the user pay homage to her often requesting at least one hour of their time daily so she may get to know the wielder and vice versa. After a short while she will then challenge the wielder often not allowing herself to be wielded by a weakling. Should the user win this contest of will and determination then she will gladly bestow upon them her name.

Once the wielder is ready to bring her to their realm she will require them first to show her a measure of their " faith" in her. She often will force them to fight a powerful adversary without the aid of their shikai but rather the aid of her sealed form alone. Should the user pass this test then she will come to the wielder's world to engage in the requirements for them to obtain her ultimate honor.

Once the Bankai has been mastered she will then see the wielder as an equal. No longer will she regard them as child or one who requires teaching. She will also allow the user free range of her truest strengths no allowed during any other point in their blade and wielder dynamic.

Inner World | The inner world of Ongakuouja is that of a light based bliss. When first arriving one appears outside of the large golden walls of a massive city. Until the blade's name is learned the massive golden gates to the city are locked and one is only capable of looking yet not being able to tread any further. The massive sits aloft massive cloud like objects which seem to keep the city stable and without movement. The world does have a sun however the gold that comprises the city itself shines so bright it can appear as if a second smaller sun can be seen from the horizon. The city itself is quite large and to the the naked eye can appear as if it extends for an eternity in all directions.

The inside of the city contains massive golden fixtures and buildings. It is perpetual sunlight at all times within the city and the sweet sounds of classic style music can be heard coming from the city center. Their can be seen no other people other then Ongakuouja herself and the wielder who has been invited into her domain. The buildings are stark and large and from all directions one is incapable of seeing over the large golden walls which not only give the city protection but also give the city a feeling of seclusion from the rest of the cloudy world around the city.

Even thought the city has no other apparent denezins over the course of the wielder's life the city itself has been known to change. The city originally was dark and black placed filled with perpetual night. This was until the wielder learned to cull his inner sadness and focus enough to reach out for the means to accomplish there goals. This in turn caused the city to shift from a rusting and dank state of delapedation to a state of inviting sunlight and stucco arch deco styling and fountains and surfaces of gold, ivory, and marble. In the city center can be seen a massive infinity pool with a large golden piano along the pools right bank side.

Originally the music being played was that of a depressing blend of funeral organ ensembles and silence. However, since the wielder psychological metamorphasis the sweet sounds of harps as well as classical style music can be heard. Xion has been known to appear within the city to witness Ongakuouja gracing her fingers upon the keys of that piano as Xion sits next to her to spend time with his peacekeeper.

Sealed state | The sealed form of Ongakuoujka is that of a longer then normal wakizashi. The guard itself is comprised of a simple round form placed neatly above the deep red threadings which line the hilt's core. The core of the hilt is comprised of a white pearl like material which allows for the wielder to have a sense of both grip and security when grasping it's length. The blade is long and the tsuba is deep and rich along the blade edge.

The sheath of this blade is long and smooth and feels as if it were made of a thicker grade balsa wood then normally used in most Japanese style housing fixtures such as soji screens. The sheath has a glossy red finish to it and has no defining details other then the words Ongaku in traditional hiragana along the underside of the blade two inches beneath the hand guard.

In this form the blade is normally stored at the wielder's side to ensure for easy access thereby allowing for the use of batoujutsu style swordplay. The sword's long red thread tails also allow for the blade to be strapped to the back of the wielder as to keep the sword's main form out of the site of those in stance before the wielder.

This form is also the form most seen at the side of Ongakuouja when visiting the world she inhabits. She has been seen having is astrewn her left hip along the tails of the sheath to waft in the wind or get swept up should she go swimming in the pool within the city center.

Overall Ability | In shikai, the blade allows the user the ability to fire off condensed sound wave pressure in the form of weapons. This pressure takes the form of many different bladed weapons such as swords, knives, daggers, and halbards. On average this ability is capable of allowing the user to fire off up to 10 weapons at a time. However, the user must dance in order for a weapon to be fired off.

This is accomplished by the blade taking the physical sound vibrations created by things around it as if it was be nature itself or a physical object or entity. The sound is collected within the massive ring of light surrounding the hand guard and then condensed within the runes comprising the light circumference.

Active Ability: (Myaku Mai, Pulse Dance) While only retaining one actual ability while in shikai this zanpakutou is quite useful and versatile, allowing the user to generate weapons that are useable for any situation they may be in. These weapons can then inturn be used in the hand of the user or be blasted for in the form of a concussion blast. The blades may also vary in size and shape with more complex weapons being comprised of more sound vibrations. The approximate time of sound condensing is that of 5 seconds ( half a post ) with the user being able to fire moments after collecting and condensing has been completed. The rate of fire is that of 10 smaller bladed weapons such as kunais,daggers and knives; 5 medium sized weapons such as kodachi's and wakizashis, and up to 3 large sized weapons such as Naginatas or Kodachis. There is a 1 post cool down period from at the point the weapons are released to when condensing can begin again.

Release phrase | Enbu "Waltz"

Shikai Appearance | Ongakuouja's release form is a site to be seen. When then blade's true name along with the proper command are said the blade springs to life. The guard of the blade extends outward into a visible circle of energy which encompasses the entire width of the guard. The blade itself become a glowing blade made of a strange red energy which is bright and will cast a colored shadow upon those near it. The inner threadings around the hilt transform to not only red as they were in the sealed from but now a black as well.

The runes comprising the light circumference around the sword guard are different and each one is capable of condensing sound waves. The sheath of the sword will no longer be present when the blade enters into it's shikai.

Overall Ability | (DO NOT USE)
Release phrase | (DO NOT USE)
Bankai Appearance | (DO NOT USE) [IMG*]image url (if there is an image)[/IMG]

Further than just the skin //

Height | 6' 3"
Weight | 217 LBS
Hair color & Style | Brown Dreadlocks
Eye color | Brown
Overall Appearance | The shinigami known as Menboku Xion can described as " Ruggedly dashing". With his broad chin and high cheek bones many women before his wife had crushes on him for his good looks. Not a massive man by any means standing at 6' 3" he is rather tall and weighing in at a decent 217 lbs he has managed to pack on quite a bit of mass upon his rather scraggly frame.

His brown eyes give root an earthy calming feel when gazed into and his long free flowing locks give off a sense of both masculine freedom as well as feminine contempt. These locks span all the way down to the small of his back and are always kept in the best condition often being twisted at least once a week to keep their form.

He is one of the strongest shinigami not only physically but reiatically as well. From a physical outlook he is not the person anyone should wish to have to contend with and he keeps his body in top physical form like a well maintained sword in order to keep it that way. He has very few weaknesses physically. One major weakness he does have thought lies in the fact that the stronger techniques of his zanpakutou often leave him slightly open to attacks. On top of that he is also rather tall which can sometimes cause him trouble when fighting significantly smaller opponents. He can often overcome this slight weakness by using his superior size to overpower his opponent as well as out move his opponent via his superior physical agility.

Understand the invisible //

Positive Traits |

  • Kind
  • Caring
  • Sensitive
  • Strong Willed
  • Courageous

Negative Traits |

  • Defensive
  • Stubborn
  • Depressed
  • Insecure
  • Begrudged

Habits |

  • Weeping nightly; Staying up all night crying about his lost wife and son. He for some reason is incapable of getting them out of his mind or his heart and weeps nightly over his loss.
  • Practicing his zanjutsu; Knowing that the key to ending this war will be in defeating the hollows once and for all he keeps his sword skills sharp for the day when he will kill the Lord of Hueco Mundo.
  • Smoking; Xion enjoys smoking with his best friend the current 11th squad captain.

Fears | Death of those around him, Pigeons, the dark, open closets while sleeping.
Goals | To be able to end this war, to finally get over the loss of his wife, to save the lives of as many Shinigami and humans as possible.
Overall Personality | A man so hurt that he chooses to not let anyone get close to him. The captain is a man who has only one passion. The only place his heart lies is with the shinigami as well as the hope that one day this war will come to an end. When around others he can often seem cheerful or even happy however deep inside of his heart he is truly depressed. He still has not truly gotten over the loss of his son or his wife and in so can be rather sensitive at times. However, he does not let this get in the way of his duties and always stands at the ready to dispense justice where it is due. Do not let the sensitivity fool you, he is not a man anyone would wish to cross and he intends to back up the hype surrounding his abilities. Passionate, caring, and strong willed.

even thought he is a slight pushover by nature, he has a will and determination found in few. He is willing to lay down his life at any moment without hesitation. He is also a master of technique as well as a strategic genius. With this in mind he is quite the formidable opponent mentally for even the strongest of opponents. Even though he has great courage and mental determination he is also very delicate. He is capable of taking constructive feedback to a point before he becomes upset. Also, because of the effects of the war on his emotional state he can be made depressed rather easily. He is also far to forgiving of things that others

He fights for many different reasons however, he fights mainly for the preservation of both shinigami and human life. He believes fighting is capable of teaching people lessons they could learn no other way. He also fights in the hopes that one day through his many advances to the shinigami as well as his leadership capabilities, he will be able to bring this conflict to a close allowing all sides time to heal.

Theme Songs:

Tell me a tale... //
Birthplace | Yaputu ( Jamaica)
Mother | Unknown
Father | Unknown
Siblings | None
Other Relations | Musashi
Companion |None
Overall history | Xion was born many years ago under a large palm tree in the center of his home village. Back then the people called it Yaputu but now the place is know as Kingston. Back then, the inhabitants of the island were a nomadic people and Xion can remember as clear as day the toll nomadic life took on his parents by the many wrinkles shown upon their faces. Xion was born into a time long before modernization had ever reached the island. Xion's people were apparently “Savages“, according to the "whities" who came to the island shortly after his birth. Dressed in a garb my people had never seen before the inhabitants at first thought they were their saviors but shortly after, they came to the harsh realization that they were merely wolves in sheep skin.

At the age of five, Xion's parents were forced into slavery. Day in and day out his father would work in the sugar cane fields while his mother would work in their new master's homes. His father picking the cane, which his mother would then crush into sugar to turn into rum which the "whities" would sell back home. Xion however, was at first oblivious to all of this. All the islands children were placed into schools with which they could learn how to read, write, and communicate in the language of the "whities". Back then he didn’t have any friends and he was more then happy to be alone.

Around the age of eight, Xion's parents as well as many of the other slaves decided to revolt. This however proved to be a fatal mistake. Both his mother and father were killed during the battle with Xion being murdered shortly after. It may not seem as if Xion is warm towards them however, he did not know them very well. All he can distinctly remember is the smell of his mother’s jerk sauce on her hands every time she would pick him up to hold him or anytime she would feed him. For those memories he is happy yet everything dies eventually and even at a young age he knew that to be a fact.

Xion awoke to the site of his own body beneath him. This strange chain hanging from the center of his chest, he pulled on it to find that the end of it was being eaten away slowly. At the time he didn’t understand it and crouched down weeping for several hours. This weeping was both a curse and a blessing. he wouldn’t be within the ranks of the shinigami if it wasn’t for the hollow his weeping attracted. It’s grotesque form encroaching upon his space. Just in time to avoid a quick swipe towards his pathetic skull he finally noticed its presence. He screamed and as he did he ran between its legs and out the back end. The fear was so intense that he could feel it in his stomach and up in threw his throat.

He would have surly been devoured if it hadn’t been for one of Soul Societies very own Shinigami who stepped in and purified it. Scared and shaken up, the Shinigami just smiled and reassuringly sent him on his way to Soul Society. Upon his arrival he was greeted by a small group of people who told him where he was and how the society worked in Rukongai. He was then assigned to Rukongai district 78 where he met his future guardian named “Musashi“. Musashi was a rather strange man. All district 78 seemed to know and respect him. Out of all the houses within District 78 it seemed as though his house was the most elaborate. With luxuries such as tapestries as well as the cleanest water and tastiest food money could buy, Xion indeed felt spoiled.

This spoiling went on for several years until Xion had been in Rukongai for over 30 years. He was a bit bigger then and had learned a lot about how Soul Society ran as well as what the point behind the shinigami was. Xion envied the Shinigami. They had the power to not only save people but also the power to protect them. Musashi would always tell Xion when he was ready he would do everything within his power to help him become a Shinigami. Luckily enough for Xion that time was not long off and his training was to start shortly.

Come to find out Musashi was actually apart of one of Soul Societies former noble families. Musashi was the only member from his family who chose to live among the common peoples of Rukongai. However, he would use his influence as well as family's wealth to help the people of Rukongai. Using this very influence he was able to hire a former shinigami who had retired to prepare Xion for the exams. Those years preparing for the exams were long and hard. Xion was trained in reiatsu strengthening techniques for four hours a day as well as swordplay for another five. Some days he trained so hard that his hands were so blistered and painful that he could barely pick up his chopsticks to feed himself.

After fifty years of intense training Xion was allowed to take the academy entrance exams. The reiatsu requirement for someone to be allowed entry into the academy was a score of at least a 20 on a scale of 100 on the reiatsu index. Xion scored an 85 which meant he was not only admitted but guaranteed a spot in the gotei 13 after completion of the academy. Sadly, the day of the exmas was also the last time he saw Musashi face to face.

Xion graduated from the academy head of the advanced class and was placed into the 8th squad. His first assignment upon commissioning was within the 8th squad’s archives. His job back then was to aid in the filing as well as upkeep of the archives themselves along side a capacity aiding the tenth squad in any historical needs they may have. The job was cushy and something Xion enjoyed. Due to the peace allotted to them by the tenth squad’s excellent defense force Xion had many hours of free time to spend learning more about the past of Soul Society.

During one of those many hours I stumbled upon a small report on his old guardian Musashi. It turned out that Musashi was indeed a captain at one time. However, he then stepped down around the decline of his noble family. Xion also learned that their old compound was now abandoned. Xion took that information and over four years turned that compound into his own secret training grounds. With Xion's duty at the time not allowing him to see combat he knew he had to figure out a way to get stronger, and those very compounds were it.

After the completion of the compound’s transformation, Xion had begun to cross reference his training along side some of the materials he had acquired while doing his daily duties. Over ten years he trained daily. Spending eight hours a day on the job then transitioning into three hours of physical conditioning and two hours of mental conditioning, it was not easy; however, it is what allowed Xion the capacity to get stronger thereby going up through the ranks quicker.

One can imagine that if someone where to begin to get stronger others would notice. That very thought came to fruition when the second squad captain at the time could feel Xion's increase in strength every time they spoke. A request was then put in to have Xion moved from the archives of squad 8 into the division head ranks of squad 2. Xion was brought in as the squads 3rd seat and 4th gundaichou police chief of the onmitskido. This was more because of the fact that Xion did not possess shikai at the time then an inability to fight.

Around this time the fighting had begun to heat up. The second squad captain was utilizing the demon corps more then ever. With each ensuing conflict Xion felt as thought he was going to die. Each battle was harder then the last and during those early years within the second squad Xion lost very many people who were close to him. It was also through close interaction with the other departments of the Demon Corps that Xion was able to befriend the then current Maggots nest commander Ptolemaios Roddo. Over the course of several years the two became close and eventually became best friends.

Xion knew if he wanted to be able to protect those close to him he was going to need to at least learn his blade’s name. Xion along with his friend Roddo returned back to the same compound he rebuilt and allowed history to repeat itself once further. Xion trained so hard some days his hands would be so blistered he would have to visit 4th squad to have them rehabilitated. Xion figured no one would ask questions especially with the severity of the missions the second squad was assigned.

After 2 long years of training Xion's blade finally blessed him with the knowledge of it's name. With the command and name “Enbu, Ongakuouja“, Xion's blade would spring to life. At first he didn’t understand the purpose behind the shikai’s ability, but after only one battle with it he was able to deduce the blade’s true capability. The squad captain was most pleased when they witnessed the blade at work and in turn promoted Xion to the second most prestigious position within a squad. With Xion's long time friend and comrade being fighting and slaying the former Kenpachi; Xion had finally become a vice captain and wore his arm band with pride as he fought across the battlefield.

Xion's life back then was good. He was in a prestigious position with the second squad and had a captain who was both caring and powerful. She was graceful and beautiful and his care for her well being grew into a deep rooted love and infatuation with her. At one point he was so intoxicated by her presence that he finally admitted to her that he loved her. She too recognized the bond between them, and then began the love affair between Xion and his captain. They loved each other deeply yet knew inter squad relationships were forbidden among a captain and their subordinates. They still chose to love one and other and refused to hide their love.

The next three years were the most peaceful years of my life. During those years the Soutaichou at the time had found out about their love. To Xion's surprise they decided to keep it under wraps instead of informing chamber 46. Xion was just told “A love as pure and innocent as the one you two share should not be divided by a simple code of conduct....just change squads so bias is left out of the commanding.” To this day anytime Xion prays he always says thank you to the spirit of that same Soutaichou. After a swift change to the vice captain position within squad 11 the two were able to be wed.

Those peaceful years suddenly came to an abrupt end when after five years of bliss Xion's wife the second squad captain as well as her vice captain were slain while on a peacekeeping mission in Karakura town. The loss of his wife crushed him deeply and his outlook on the shinigami as well as the war shifted drastically. He knew then that in order for shinigami as a people to heal the constant conflicts would need to come to an end.

Taking up only his sword at the approval of his captain Xion, took a hiatus from his vice captain duties. During his hiatus he trained for 10 years only focusing on what skills he would need to be strong enough to become a captain. He figured that captains were in a position to where they could possibly bring this war to an end through their influence and under intense training alongside his friend and captain Roddo; The means by which he knew a captain position could become within his reach. Day in and day out, week after week and month after month he trained tirelessly.

Finally after over 10 years of intensive training and mental focus he was granted the knowledge of Bankai by his blade. It was also during this training that Kenpachi Roddo bestowed the nickname Helios upon Xion. He took this new found skill back with him to the Gotei 13 and at the advisement of his friend applied for the open 10th squad captain position. After several days of deliberation Xion was found acceptable for the position and was immediately promoted to the rank of tenth squad captain.

Xion has seen many other captains come and go in the last 1059 years as captain. The pain of losing his wife still reigns heavily on his heart and mind and he still seeks tirelessly for a way to end this conflict.

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Re: Xion Menboku [10th squad taichou]

Post by Shikashi Yubi on Thu May 31, 2012 9:06 am

Xion I think I speak for all of us when I say HOMINA HOMINA HOMINA. This app is amazing.

HOWEVER, you have to put at least one technique for your Shikai.
Shikashi Yubi
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Re: Xion Menboku [10th squad taichou]

Post by Xion on Thu May 31, 2012 11:23 am


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Re: Xion Menboku [10th squad taichou]

Post by Ravilin on Sun Jun 03, 2012 1:53 am

Everything looks good except for the Technique that Yubi mistakenly asked you to provide. Scrap it.

Passing on to try-out.

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Re: Xion Menboku [10th squad taichou]

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