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Shikashi Kyuketsuki Yubi - 12th Division Taichou

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Shikashi Kyuketsuki Yubi - 12th Division Taichou

Post by Shikashi Yubi on Thu May 31, 2012 1:30 pm

Kyuketsuki Yubi

B A S I C S //
Laying down the bricks //

Nickname/s | Count of the Gotei 13, Braniac, Shika
DOB | 1st March 1473
Age | he appears to be little more than twenty-four , but in fact he has lived for five hundred and thirty-nine years
Sexuality | Pansexual (if it moves and at least looks vaguely human, he'll tap it)
Ethnicity | Caucasian
Occupation Twelfth Division Captain, head of the institute for Research and Development
Loyalty | Soul Society, Science, his old master (Noaruji Amai)

Proof of who I am //


Zanpakutou Spirit | Shikashi's Zanpakuto spirit is the god of chaos in ancient mythology. I am, of course, talking about the Dragonequus. It's head and neck are like that of a pony, except with razor sharp fangs. One of it's antlers is a moose's antler, the other is like that of a goat. It has two large wings, one like that of a pegasus and the other of a bat. It's torso is of a bear and the tail is of a snake. Each leg is also different, one being a lion's, another being a goat's, the third being an eagle's talon and the fourth being a lizard's clawed talon. It looks like a mix and match of every kind of animal. he has a very random personality, and as such Shiki is never quite sure what he's going to do next. One second it's cackling wildly and enjoying itself, the next it's drop-dead furious and demanding that someone's blood be spilled. But through all of his mood-swings, there is one thing it never stops being. Intelligent. It always manages to retain a degree of intelligence and sophistication, talking to him with the honorative "-oni", showing he feels a bond like brotherhood to Shiki. However, they seem to get on brilliantly, with Shiki treating it as his equal. They seem like brothers to the end, even with all their differences.

Inner World | Shiki's inner world is like a hedge-maze with Ōkami always waiting in the center. All along the way inside Ōkami teases Shiki, trying to lead him in the opposite direction. The sky above is pitch black, but it only rains if he's depressed. The lower the walls, the more at ease he feels. If he feels completely relaxed then the walls are only knee-high, giving him an easy view of Ōkami wherever he is. However, it's rare that he gets this relaxed. Dotted around the maze are little prizes from every fight that he's won. Replicas of swords of his fallen enemies, statues of hollows and arrancars that died by his sword, and Ōkami's throne is made out of a statue of the current Gotei 13. Their ranks have changed since he gained Ōkami and so the statues changed too.
Sealed state | When in sealed form, it appears to be a Kodachi, which is a katana but around half the size. It's 12' long, with a curved handle that looks like antler horn. It's small size makes it much easier to strike with quickly as there is very little wind resistance behind it. The blade itself is clean but a dark grey, matching Ōkami's head, the guard looks like an s coming from both sides. the handle has a murky white cloth wrapped around it, giving off the impression of medical bandages.

Overall Ability | Shikashi's Shikai is all about the control of other people's blood. It's main cause of attack are things like blood poisoning, such as slowing the opponent down by making their blood much thicker and thus harder to pump around their body. I could go into the science of it but it'd be highly complicated. Essentially though, it derives it's power from affecting or absorbing the other person's blood.
Release phrase | Cause a storm of chaos
Shikai Appearance |The blade seems to be covered in a black explosion, hiding his entire lower arm in it's explosion of darkness. It gets lighter and lighter as the blade reshapes into a gauntlet that goes from his elbow to his hand, putting blades on each of his fingers, like miniature scalpels on each finger.

There is no guard, and each finger blade is chained to the metallic belt that rests just below the elbow. it's made of a material that looks like platinum, but is much harder. The blades are able to pierce through a hollows mask with a single flick, and a single punch would rip through a hollow's stomach, killing it dead. Underneath the gauntlet it's clear that there's a black cloth that's wrapped from his wrist to the gauntlet, protecting it from getting damaged by having the chain rubbed against it.

Overall Ability | (DO NOT USE)
Release phrase | (DO NOT USE)
Bankai Appearance | (DO NOT USE) [IMG*]image url (if there is an image)[/IMG]

Further than just the skin //

Height | 6'1''
Weight | 75 Kg
Hair color & Style | short blue-black hair, uncombed
Eye color | Steel grey
Overall Appearance | Shikashi's appearance has changed a lot over the last few centuries, due to his use of hair dyes and biological augmentations. He originally had long grey hair, reaching down to his shoulders. His current look is much different. Due to his augmentation of two of his teeth to cause them to grow longer and sharper than the others, his smile now makes him look like a bloodthirsty vampire. However, he still manages to maintain his roguish good looks from his life, with only a few scars. The most noticeable would be a long cut along his back where he was originally stabbed. However, despite his other augmentations, he still remains lacking in a tattoo.

Understand the invisible //

Positive Traits |

  • Very intelligent: With an IQ of over 210, his mind is extremely powerful, allowing him to think of things that no-one else would. He uses this to his gain quite a bit as he knows he can outsmart an opponent.
  • Slow to anger: Although it might seem that he gets mad easily, it's actually just the way he likes to run his division. He rarely gets truly angry, unless someone poses a threat to themselves, someone who doesn't deserve it, or the Seireitei as a whole.
  • Passionate: Shika is well known, at least by his lovers, to be a very passionate man. He finds romance one of the final truths in this world and that to pollute such a thing would be a crime against nature itself.
  • Protective: After losing so much in his lifetime, Shika has become very protective of those who he cares about. That's not to say that he would stop them following their dreams, but he wouldn't let anyone hurt them without putting his life at risk first.
  • Loyal: To follow orders and not to go against those you trust without good reason; that's the kind of thing that Shika is proud to live his life by. After all, what's the point in trying to hurt those who try to help you?

Negative Traits |

  • Prankster: For the longest time, Shika has been a fan of doing small pranks to his fellow captains. True, he'd never do anything that would put them at risk or would end in someone getting seriously hurt, but he occasionally loves to see the look on other people's face when they're shocked
  • Unafraid to speak his mind: If he sees an order as wrong, or sees one of his subordinates being downright stupid or dangerous, he will never hesitate to say what he thinks. This sometimes collides with his sense of loyalty, but he refuses to follow an order that he knows is utter pointless stupidity
  • Sweet-toothed: there is little that Shika enjoys more in the world than chocolate or cake, as he sees it as the true brain food. He can be bribed to do minor jobs for his fellow captains by being given sweets. However, he manages to stay thin because, as he says, "you don't get fat if you use your mind properly. It's a muscle, and you can burn calories using any muscle, right?"
  • Sadistic: Linking in with loving to see the look of shock on his fellow captain's faces, he also loves to see the look of pain on an enemy's face, or to see their disgusted face as he drinks their blood. some would go so far as to say that he's extremely dominant and loves to see others realizing how much better than them he is. However, that's just exaggeration from those who've been on the wrong end of his habits.
  • too realistic: Having lived through a lot in his life time, he knows just how bad things can be compared to how good things can be. He has long since given up hope that everything will be sunshine and rainbows. He isn't afraid to drag people down from their cloud of happiness and expose to them the truth of reality.

Habits |

  • Drinking: Although he knows how to control it, Shika is partial to a bit of alcohol every now and again. This does sometimes end up with him going on absolute blinders with friends, but only when he knows, or at least thinks, that there will be nothing too serious coming up soon.
  • Chaotic: He can often be found laughing as he looks onto a battlefield, reveling at the chaos of war. This is likely why his soul became a dragonequus, due to his love of the instigation, and then solving, of chaos. However. his slightly chaotic or "insane" actions make a few people think he's lost his rocker. This is, of course, not true and is proven to them when he shows his motives later on.
  • Neophile: Shikashi is one of those rare types of people who must make as many new things as possible. Although a fan of certain old traditions like ball-room dancing, he just loves to make strange new tools and to have his hands on as advanced technology as possible.

Fears | He really isn't scared of very much. He is weathered through accusations of being a bount-sympathizer (due to his teeth and his blood-related powers) and through the danger of hurting the Seireitei with his creations, but he had been able to salvage his reputation every time. His main fear would have to be getting his friends hurt by his own mistakes. Oh, and chihuahuas, don't ask why.
Goals | His goals are very simple; further the Seireitei's current goals (whatever they may be, with very few limitations) and to go down in Soul Society history as one of the greatest scientific minds to be amongst the ranks of the Gotei 13.
Overall Personality | Shikashi is one of those people who fall under the title of "insanely brilliant" or "mad scientists". He loves to tinker and toy with any technology that he gets his hands on, including watches, and transport. When grounded on earth for a mission, he managed to reconstruct a motorbike in his garage using old scrap from a nearby dump. This doesn't affect his social life however, as he likes to make sure that he stays on good terms with as many other captains as possible, especially his captain from when he was the Lieutenant of Division twelve, Noaruji Amai. There is only one person in the entirety of the captains, and that is Kenpachi Roddo, captain of division 12. He sees him as rude and lacking respect, and secretly wishes to teach him a lesson.

His image amongst his subordinates is extremely varied. There are many girls and guys from the lower ranks of his division that would count themselves as his fans, often finding him extremely romantic and sexually attractive. On the other end of the scale, some of his subordinates are absolutely terrified of him, not just due to his appearance of insanity. He seems to be slightly creepy, what with his laughter at the sight of battle, and his desire to sink his teeth into someone and taste the sweet, sweet iron of the blood.

Tell me a tale... //
MEMORY OF A LIFETIME: The lights. They were dim, and the music was quick. Looking around the room, Shikashi could see a group of performers playing their music on a small perch at the front of the area. It must have been about late evening, because the sun was starting to set in the sky, leaving a pink mist over the area, making everything look romantic. As if affected by a cloud of romance, everywhere he looked he could see young couples, dancing and having a good time. He, however, couldn't find the girl that had asked him here. He was wondering whether he should be here at all, after all he was supposed to be hunting a bunch of hollows tonight, but then he saw her. Her long, black hair cascading around her back as she stood there in a long pink dress, that gave her the look of being a goddess. He felt taken immediately, and made his way across the crowd to see her.
"Shika!!" she smiled, those eyes of hers looking extremely innocent up at him. He gently took her hand in his and smiled
"I came as you wished, Cho." He was suprised that someone so beautiful would have wanted him to come as her partner, but who was he to complain. His hands wrapped around her waste as the next song came on. He laughed gently, shattering all doubts he had had a few moments ago. After all, who was a mere mortal like himself to complain when a goddess asked him a favor?


ACADEMY DAYS: Shikashi sighed with irritation. Another challenger? He was a student, not a damn icon. All he wanted was a peaceful life, the life of someone who could use his brain for something OTHER than seeing through an opponent's skills. But no, apparently, that wasn't going to happen anytime soon. Standing across the courtyard from his challenger, he bowed slightly, before throwing away his zanpakuto. It clinked on the ground as he dropped it, before rolling to the side.
"What's this?" his opponent called out "you're not even going to resist?" Shika forced a smile, before replying cockily
"No, I just figured that there'd be no point using my sword, seeing as this duel will be over sooner than you can blink an eye." This caused his challenger, a young boy with long, brown hair and the kind of face that you just wanted to punch called Takami, to charge with frustration. He was about to lay a blow on Shika's head with his sword, before Shika disappeared, causing takami to fall forwards. A voice behind him called out
"Uh, uh, uh, nobody said go yet Takami-kun." Shika stood there, smiling at him as if they were friends. This was NOT sitting well with Takami. Swinging around, he tried to slice Shika twice, this time so fast he shouldn't have time to side-step. Instead, Shika's leg came up and kicked the sword out of Takami's hand
"Oh dear, looks like it's my turn." he said, before slamming his fist into his opponent's forehead, sending him flying backwards and into a wall. the crowd went crazy, cheering for their winner
"Don't bother getting up." Shika said, starting to turn away.

The spiritual pressure shot up, and was almost at shika's back before he could turn around. Takami was severely pissed off now and it looked like he was going for the killing blow. As shika turned round, he launched his strongest punch against the side of the blade, shattering it into many pieces in Takami's hands.
"Go back to the Rukongai, you're not worthy of being a soul reaper." Shika said, disgust in his voice. The crowd had gone quiet, a shattered blade was not something any trained shinigami wanted, it was like spitting on their name and Shika had gotten away with it. That boy had something fierce in him, and nobody wanted to know what it was. A voice could be heard in his head as he went to pick up his sword
"Well done, Shikashi, look at their faces. The shock, the surprise. the complete and utter CHAOS!!"


SOUL-MATES, QUITE LITERALLY: After a few years of working as a fully fledged soul-reaper, he finally caved into his friends' requests and took some zanpakuto training. His first lesson was to communicate with his spirit. He was told to put his sword on his lap and to concentrate into becoming one with his sword. He didn't quite get what they meant. Become one with the sword? But it was a solid object, how would one become one with a sword without editing their atomic construction? He didn't know, but he tried to meditate as they showed. Suddenly, he could feel a cold gust of wind coming from around him. he opened his eyes and was inside a hedgemaze. The sky above him was dark, as if about to rain. It was chilly and he was seriously starting to wish he was wearing something thicker than his robe.

Before he could wonder where the hell he was, a deep voice came from behind him.
"So, you finally found me Shikashi. Took you long enough." He turned around and was instantly stopped in his tracks. Before him stood a gigantic monstrosity against nature, a creature that he recognized from his mythology as a dragonequus.
"So, you're my spirit, huh?" Shikashi asked, trying to get his mind around this thing. Before he could say anything however, the thing swung his tail out, slamming him in the stomach and sending him flying into a nearby hedge.
"The hell are you doing?"
"Seeing if you're worthy of carrying me." the dragonequus replied, roaring. Shikashi smiled as he said that, before dropping his sword.
"Bring it then, spirit." he said, and flash-stepped. The spirit couldn't see him for a second, but could then feel something holding onto his right antler. He felt around and got slammed by Shikashi's fist for his trouble. Before he could try and shake him off, Shika jumped up and slammed both of his feet into the dragonequus' head, crushing him into the floor.

Pinning him to the floor, under the strength of his hand, Shika looked at the thing before him. it looked weak, as if out of practice. Maybe it'd get stronger if he used it more often
"fine. FINE! Get the hell off of me." he followed the dragonequus' request and smiled
"you really are as good as they say, Shika.... However, you're damn gullible." He bit into Shikashi's hand, drawing huge amounts of blood.
"You're not too smart yourself, spirit." Shika replied, grabbing onto the massive fang and yanking the spirit's head close enough to headbutt in the eye, sending him flying backwards roaring in pain.
"fine, Fine! I yield.....Who the hell headbutts in the eye??" Shika felt his head, it was covered in fluids best not mentioned. He knew he needed a shower now, but he could finish this little argument before he went back to the real world and got cleaned up
" So, are you going to give me your name?"
"I'm Okami."
"well then, Okami...." He offered his hand out for a handshake, much to the surprise of Okami "I'm happy to work with you" After a second's hesitation, his hand was shaken by the talon
"Same, shikashi."

Birthplace | Unfortunately, all of his memories before the age of 16 are completely blurred, and since neither his mother or father survived long enough to tell him where he was born, he has absolutely no idea. However, because he was raised in an orphanage in Osaka he sees that as his hometown.
Mother | Unknown
Father | Unknown
Siblings | Unknown
Other Relations | Unknown
Companion | He has one permanent companion, and that is a young girl (who looks around 18) known as Massai Kagehama. They have been good friends ever since the academy, and although she still lacks in a seated position, they are extremely close friends. Unbeknownst to Shikashi, she has a slight crush on him, and tries to impress him by doing whatever he asks of her. This, unfortunately, is seen by him as her trying to shower him with sibling-like affection, as they used to act like brother and sister.
Overall history | If he was honest, Shiki would have to admit that he didn't' remember very much before he was 15 years old. All he remembered was that he was an orphan with a strange ability to see these hulking white things. They killed his parents, leaving him in an orphanage until he was 15. It wasn't too bad he supposed, the matron was certainly very nice, and they got on well. Even if the kids were broken, they all seemed more than friendly. Perhaps those who had hit the bottom of the pile didn't want to sink any lower. Still, none of this could make up for the loss of parents. It left a very distinct hole, and Shiki knew. He just knew that it was the hollows fault. He wanted to kill them all, but he wasn't strong enough. All he could hope for was that one day they'd leave him alone completely and he'd never have to worry about being hurt again. However, the longer he stayed in the orphanage, the more and more hollows attacked, killing almost all his friends. With the knowledge that it was his fault, he left on his own and swore never to endanger anyone else.

He trained and decided that, if he had to, he'd fight with his own hands to protect everyone in the world. They were his responsibility and he'd never shirk that kind of thing again. He became strong, learning sword fighting from a local dojo that willingly took him on as a retainer. Sure, they were no longer in the era of samurai and ninjas, but there would always be people who wanted to stay with the old ways. He took to the blade like a master, not because of brute strength but because of the intelligence that he showed on the field. When people with brute strength would try and attack him, he would move fast and make sure they didn't have time to get an attack in. When someone who was fast versed him, he used their own speed against them, forcing them to tire out quickly before dispatching them. If he had had any less honor, he could have gone into assassination. But he knew that wasn't the way, he would never kill people he had no reason to hate just because he had been told to.

For 5 years, he had managed to live and train, getting stronger than even the master of the dojo. With his new found strength, he set out to study the hollows, blade on his back. He knew that the best way to fight an enemy was to understand it, and all he knew was that these things were extremely powerful and a real threat to anyone they turned their attention to. He managed to kill quite a few of them, saving people from the threat and collecting more and more information as he killed more and more. They seemed to evaporate after he killed them, and there would usually be black robed Men and women arriving on the scene after he had finished. They always looked at him with wonder, surprised that a mere human who looked like nothing special would be able to do something like this. At the same time, it wasn't just hollows that he went up against. If he saw people trying to kill others who couldn't protect themselves, he would step in and act as their shield. It was clear that this wasn't popular with various underground organizations, and by the time he was 24 he was a marked man. But this didn't concern Shiki. As he grew older, he became more and more interested by ladies. He taught himself how to dance, and even attended a few dance evenings. He seemed to be a popular hit with the ladies, and was a very good dancer. Better than that, he loved it.

One night, it was dark and wet. The rain pounded over the wet countryside, as he rode through on his horse. In the near distance, he saw a man with a huge axe threatening what looked like a little girl. Riding in the way, Shiki swung his blade, cutting the axeman's arm clean off. He went to help the girl and looked into her eyes for the first time. They seemed older. much older. That was when he felt the pain in his chest. Looking down, he saw a knife sticking out of his chest and, as he staggered back, he fell to the floor and died within minutes.

Waking up, he saw the same black robed man that he'd raced to kill hollows with multiple times, and he was told that he was indeed dead, and that he was going to come to a place called the Soul Society. Shiki nodded and proceeded to get into a respectful kneeling position, thanking the soul reaper for all he had done. that was all he knew before he woke up in the rukon district. It amazed him, and he would often go off exploring new areas and meeting new people that he could analyze. It was there that he first had his taste of sweet food and fell in love instantly. It took around a year for the same Soul reaper who had given him the burial to arrive in the district and demand that he presented himself for the academy. Knowing that he owed this guy a favor for delivering him to the Soul Society, he consented and applied. That was where he met his Zanpakuto Spirit, Ōkami. When he finally passed through the academy, he did it much quicker than most. He had excelled in almost all areas. but his Hakudo, brains and speed blew the teachers away.
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Re: Shikashi Kyuketsuki Yubi - 12th Division Taichou

Post by Ravilin Asura on Thu May 31, 2012 6:59 pm

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