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General Role Play Rules

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General Role Play Rules

Post by Ravilin on Thu May 31, 2012 11:19 pm

Here are the basic Role Play Rules. Don't disregard them or you will be penalized. This list will grow as I see fit.

  • Don't be an opinionated asshole. You know who you are. Keep it to yourself.
  • No power-gaming. Don't do it. If you require the definition for power-gaming, refer to Wikipedia.
  • No meta-gaming. Don't do it. If you require the definition for meta-gaming, refer to Wikipedia.
  • Everyone who wishes to receive a higher score than 15 must complete both the Profile and Try-Out processes. Those who wish to forgo the Try-Out process will be awarded a score of 15. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Everyone will follow the respective rules set forth for all individual processes.

  • Any single player may only posses one character of title. We refer to title as a Captain of the Gotei 13 or an Espada of The Espada.
  • In order to achieve any single title, you must outline your desire within your Profile. The requirements for such positions are confidential.
  • No, your character is not God. Don't act like he or she is.
  • Your character's Final Release (Bankai and the equivalent racial release) will remain confidential. No one aside from the Staff and you will be aware of it.
  • At this time, no character may posses a second release (Final GT, Segunda Etapa, Letz Stil). These may come at a later time.
  • Once your character's initial Character Information Topic is approved, you may not change the Stats nor the Skill-Sets. Allocate wisely.
  • Only Kidō spells and Release Techniques may posses multiplier values for the Spiritual Offense and Defense Stats. No exceptions.

  • I'll repeat, no, your character is not God. Don't play like he or she is.
  • Abide by the Ranking and Battle systems outlined within this very forum. Follow them to the T. Those who are found to not be complying will be penalized accordingly
  • You as the player retain all responsibility for your opponent during any battle. Stats and Skill-Sets for all characters is listed in the Character Information Section forum. It is your responsibility to monitor your opponent and ensure he is following the guidelines appropriately. You must notify an Administrator or Moderator of any offenses.

Release Abilities
  • I'll repeat, no, your character is not God. Don't build him or her like he or she is.
  • Your abilities cannot have instant kill properties.


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