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The Infection- Demon

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The Infection- Demon

Post by The Infection on Sun Jun 03, 2012 2:54 am

Akuma Infection

B A S I C S //

Laying down the bricks //

Nickname/s | The Infection has gone by two nicknames over the millions of years it has lived. The first being The Infection, named after its parasitic nature. The second and less commonly known name it has been called by is the Shunkan Akuma, or second devil as the second Demon to exist in Hell.
DOB |Unknown
Age | The Infection has no visible age, being a parasitic Demon. Its form also is uncommon among other Demons, making it impossible to accurately tell the physical age of The Infection. Though, by actual age, The Infection is as old as Hell itself, being nearly a few billion years of age, maintaining itself by feeding on its host’s power.
Sexuality | It isn’t often that The Infection feels attracted to anyone, or anything for that matter. However, on a very rare occasion, the demon may become attracted to one female or another. It’s rare, but has happened before. The few times it has had feelings for anyone like that has solely been females. It has no interest in males. This further supports The Infection itself being a male entity, even though it isn’t obvious in its base parasitic form.
Ethnicity | Wrath parasite?
Occupation | Spreading chaos and dismay across the three realms.
Loyalty | Me, myself, and I.

Proof of who I am //

The Sin

Source of The Sin | The anger and hatred of thousands of the souls of the damned that composes The Infection's very being.
The Sin Appearance | It's actual body.
Call out phrase | Nothing, it is willed.
The Sin's Ability | Infection. Infection is the power of a parasite. The power to inhabit a body and drain the life from it, even utilizing the power to The Infection's will. This isn't just your every day parasitism, it binds to the soul itself, corrupting people and sending them down a path of self-destruction. Though, through this link, the blessings of Hell will be placed upon its subject. The manipulation of a parasite upon their host is nearly boundless, effecting one's perception and altering it to the will of another. It is this power that defines the name, Infection.

Further than just the skin //

Height | ..Well,..How to put this..I suppose as tall as the host? The vectors and tendrils levitate, so they were never measured for height. three inch tall tendrils and 14 inch tall vectors?
Weight | Being an entity if of pure sin, it has no weight in the inner-half of its body, although the solid outer-portion of the body weighs approximately forty lbs.
Hair color & Style | No Hair?
Eye color | No face?
Overall Appearance |

The Infection has no physical form of its own, as it is unable to survive without containing itself inside of a host. However, the four forms of The Infection will be depicted as follows.

The Cloak Of The Infection- The Cloak Of The Infection, as stated prior, is he first stage of The Infection’s surfacing upon the host’s body. Black energy will seep out of their body, surrounding them from the back to the chest and neck. This cloak of energy will actually destroy light around the host, making it appear darker than it actually is. The cloak is not one solid mass, rather a splitting and rampant aura that flows with a destructive flow around the host. It moves without any real pattern, the energy just swirling around as a embodiment of power

The Mutation of The Infection- The Infection will cause the host’s body to mutate when reaching its second stage. The skin will begin to change from its normal tone to a teal-blue shade that starts at the feet, hands, and head, and slowly proceeds to expand outward over the rest of the body. The host’s muscles will bulge, the blood veins turning black and becoming visible on the skin. The clothing is the next to change, no longer representing the normal attire, but instead morphing in to a skin-tight metal alloy of sorts. The metal is a blue-gray color, looking similar to Osmium. This does not actually have the properties of Osmium, but just the appearance and texture of it. Lastly, the vision of the host will begin to be changed, their body becoming much more adept to dark areas and their eyes more easily agitated by high concentrations of light,

The Influence- Upon the third stage of infection, the host’s body will mutate further. The cloak of energy around their body will become thicker and blacker, making the area around the host even more devoid of light. The blood veins on the body will shrink back down to normal size, though still remaining black. Crimson markings will start to phase on the host’s legs and arms, looking like massive gashes in shape, and even bleeding out the power of the infection through these markings. The eyes will change to a pitch-black shade and the iris will turn a darker-gold color. The hair becomes a bright shade of white, unlike the rest of the changes done by The Infection. The armor will become a slightly less dark shade of black, and finally the shoulder’s will mutate. Two green half-spheres of a glass-like substance form just around the shoulders, two additional half-spheres will appear on the top of the host’s back a tad under the neck.

The Infection is awake- The final stage and presumed form of The Infection itself appears in the final stage. The half-spheres forged earlier will shatter, massive amounts of demonic energy pouring form them and infusing with the cloak that encases the host’s body, obscuring them from view. The combined energy of the cloak and tainted essence will form the vectors in the same location as the half-spheres. One will come from each shoulder, and two from the back. These vectors appear as large snakes, their body covered in scales of a blackened blue hue. It appears this way across the entire vector’s body with the exception of the head and neck. At the neck, crimson glowing scales will appear parallel to each other. One on the left side and one on the right side of the neck with a strip of the osmium skin going down the middle. The vectors have two horns at the top of their skull, each one only about an inch high. The snake does not appear to have any eyes, nor a nose, each, or even a mouth at first glance. Though, the mouth is just hard to see in the mass amounts of tainted energy flowing around the host at this point. The mouth also is not that visible without the obscurity of energy. Though, once it opens, it can open to a size even larger than it’s own head. Rows upon rows of blade-like teeth cover the interior of the mouth, and a dark red energy will flow out of the mouth like how dioxide flows out of most people when they exhale. It seems to breathe in the tainted black energy and exhale the secondary form of energy. All four vectors are like this. Their body is also quite long, being able to extend out from the host thirty-feet. Though, the vectors entire body is not apparent to be visual until it extends, It can remain in place with some of its body still inside of the host. So they can appear smaller than they actually are. Each vector has four tendrils that accompany it from each location. These tendrils appear smooth, rather than rough like the osmium skin of the vectors. These tendrils are also pitch-black in color and have no defining characteristics other than the close resemblance to tentacles. These tendrils also can reach out thirty-feet, but often do not show their full length. The cloak of energy will return to normal once the vectors and tendrils have spawned. Upon their spawning, more changes will appear on the host. The armor will now stretch over their mouth, making it so they are unable to speak. The armor becomes thicker, and the blood in the body will become entirely black, turning the natural skin not covered by the teal armor to appear black as well. The remainder of the body is unchanged.

Understand the invisible //

Positive Traits |

    Survival- An instinctual attribute of The Infection, it has the will to survive. It wants to ensure it never dies. Since it has lived so long and has still maintained its power, it has been doing pretty good at that so far. Though, in a case where its life may be threatened or in danger, The Infection will resort to any methods needed to ensure it survives. Nearly anything, at times even things that would go against its prideful nature. The reason being that unless it survives, it won’t be able to come back even stronger and brutally destroy the object or person responsible for it being that situation.

    Observationist- The Infection observes things often, especially during the period where the host may be in combat without The Infection taking a larger role in the fight. It wants to know everything it can to eventually gain an all-knowing or omniscient. Though, it may abandon this trait when angered, which happens quite a lot.

    Sarcasm- The Infection does have some degree of humor, on occasions speaking sarcastically some time or another. Though, it is a trait less well-known of the demon, as more often than not it is busy planting the seeds of chaos throughout the world.

Negative Traits |

    Boredom- The Infection is an entity that is easily bored. It cannot stand going any extended period of time without disrupting the fabric of the universe with its corrupted power. It wants to constantly see turmoil and anguish, bloodshed and war, even rape and general chaos. That’s all it wants.. And when it lacks these things? It is stricken with a great plague of boredom, often causing it to fall asleep or purposely torture its host for no real legitimate reason.

    Sadistic Tendencies- The Infection is a very sadistic creature, what someone would expect from the second demon ever to exist and forged from the sins of anger and chaos. It gets an erotic pleasure from seeing others in pain, whether it be emotional pain or physical. To be specific, it loves to see people in the kind of pain that breaks them. The pain that breaks their will and sanity in to nothing but dust in the wind. This is especially true toward the host that The Infection inhabits. The more broken they are, the easier it is for it to control them. Their anguish feeds it and makes it grow stronger. It is for that reason that The Infection causes so much pain and suffering. The shear ecstasy of it all is an addiction to the monster.

    Hatred- The Infection has a great deal of hatred for every living thing in existence, including its own kind back in Hell. It sees them all between a cockroach and that white material that forms at the bottom of the lip when a person is extremely thirsty. Nothing more, sometimes even less. It is this hatred that brings all the more entertainment in crushing the weak insects that humanity has to offer. They all deserved to die. But out of every race, there is one unparticular that The Infection hates..Shinigami. Always bound by petty law and acting like they own everything. They think their organization is superior to all and even have the tenacity to dispatch any disturbance in the living world. It is for that reason that The Infection has had to kill thousands of them over the years.

    Masochistic- Though not nearly to the same degree as its sadistic tendencies, The Infection also takes a degree of enjoyment from feeling pain. It isn’t to the point of actually wanting to be tortured like some more hardcore masochists, but to the point where common injury in combat actually feels pleasant. Though. Not many individuals have actually damaged The Infection in the past, so it doesn’t really know the borderline for when it ceases to enjoy it.

    God-complex- The Infection sees itself as a god for quite a few reasons. First of all, The Infection was the second Demon ever to live, being the first Demon composed with the power of wrath, the most destructive of the seven sins. It has been around for millions of years, constantly gaining power through its time living inside one host, then devouring what is left and moving on to another. This has made The Infection powerful over the years, feeding this complex to great proportions,.

    Morality- The Infection has no sense of morality. Rape, murder, war? It is all common activity to the Demon. It has no issue lying to people, more often doing so than actually speaking truth. It will murder and torture without the slightest bit of regret, knowing that it didn’t matter what happened to others. The only thing that mattered was itself. It will do whatever it wants in order to get a job done, regardless of how inhumane it is considered by common society, It doesn’t give a damn if its fair or not. Your opinion has no value to the beast.

    Blatant- The Infection calls it like it is. It will bluntly insult anyone it detests, which is pretty much everything. It has no need to restrain these insults in most cases, often using those insults to incite violence, chaos, and even wars at times. Surprising how easily people are affected by things as simple as words. It’s pathetic, but entertaining to see their reactions.

    Hypocritical- Even if it is the same flaw or mistake The Infection has made, it will use traits of a negative nature against people. The thing it hates the most though out of negative traits is those with a god-complex, the same ailment that is imbedded in the mind of The Infection.

    Anger- The Infection does get angry easily and often. Minor things like a humorous joke can cause The Infection to become highly agitated. However, though frequent, and mist times long-lasting, this anger usually does not escalate beyond a level where The Infection can think clearly. Probably an effect from always letting off its rage instead of holding it back and unleashing it all at once like some people.

    Sexual Orientation- It isn’t often that The Infection feels attracted to anyone, or anything for that matter. However, on a very rare occasion, the demon may become attracted to one female or another. It’s rare, but has happened before. The few times it has had feelings for anyone like that has solely been females. It has no interest in males. This further supports The Infection itself being a male entity, even though it isn’t obvious in its base parasitic form.

    Pride- As per the mentality of its god-complex, The Infection is very prideful in its power and ability, considering it to be the best and strongest power ever to exist, even if it is not. It also will take pride in any choice it makes. Any son it may have in the future or past, and any host it may decide to inhabit. It sees things that it chooses above those that it does not choose or has no relation to the demon.

    Hunger- The Infection is hungry in both the literal term, and the metaphorical term. It loves to devour flesh and bone, organs and the remains of those it kills. It considers it an honor for an enemy to be devoured by the vectors that compose its form. It is only worthy opponents that it actually will feast upon once they have been defeated. Weaker trash is often just left to die, maybe with an organ devoured at most. The specific organ that The Infection loves to eat is the heart. It isn’t any symbolism, it just likes the taste of that specific organ The Infection is also hungry for something else. That thing being power. The Infection constantly wants to gain power, aiming to gain greater and greater strength over time to further solidify itself as the ultimate god. It will go to any lengths to gain power as long as those lengths don’t insult or harm its pride in its own strength.

    Defeat- Linking with the prideful and god-complex attributes of its personality, The Infection hates losing with a passion. It cannot stand being defeated, being one of the few things that may drive it over the edge of anger. Though, by defeat, this does not mean defeat in minor things, as those kinds of loss are considered under The Infection’s class. Anything the Infection considers without purpose has no value, thus there is no emotion to losing at it. Though, to be bested in something like combat will bring immense anger out of the Demon, often causing it to allow its primary instincts as a killer take over and unleashing barrage after barrage of lethal attacks.

Habits |

    Messing with a host through forms of Illusion.
    Corrupting the souls of the innocent.

Fears | Being a Demon, nothing much really scares The Infection. He lived in Hell, you pretty much see everything there. Though, the one thing he is a tad paranoid about is his own power. He fears that one day he may lose it, or have it taken from him like it was once before from his father. He also is quite perturbed by the chance of death. Though death is always possible, it is something he takes note of when looking at straight in the face. He has the animal instinct to survive under any means possible.
Goals | Aside from his life-long career of spreading the seeds of chaos and starting the apocalypse, the Infection has one primary goal. If his father is still alive in Hell, he aims to kill him and devour his soul for payment of the time he had been sealed away.
Overall Personality | The Infection is a being of heartless composition. Being literally forged from the hatred and wrath of the damned, it feeds upon the misery and negative emotions of others. It seeks to ensure chaos is ensued under any conditions and only wants two things in this world,. The death of his father, and the endless chaos he has aimed to cause for millions of years now. Fearing only the loss of its own power, the entity looks down upon most life. It sees itself as a god above all else. Though having a god-complex, it isn't the belief of a single god. It does bare in mind the concept of multiple gods. the only other person being viewed in the same status as himself being his father, the one he sought to kill, if he still lives. Through the anguish of morality and a dark sense of humor, the entity does experience a slim degree of humanity. Only through the joy it takes in other's misery and the fact it isn't an entirely emotionless husk. It is fueled by its anger and hatred, striving to become ever stronger and maintain its place as the strongest god.

Tell me a tale... //
NOTE: Must include human death, hollow life, and transformation into Arrancar.
Birthplace | The Seventh Circle Of Hell
Mother | No Mother
Father | The Devil, or the first Demon ever to be created during the start of existence.
Siblings | The other members of the original Seven Sins at the dawn of time.
Other Relations | None
Companion | None
Overall history |

The Infection has always been, yet always hidden. A being of identity that remains concealed in the souls of the damned. A monster ready to devour your head.

The Infection was originally created by the first Demon ever to exist, Satan. After the first few years of existence when the god of Demons decided to create an entire army of his own race, The Infection was the test subject. Using the unworldly powers of Hell, Satan pulled together the millions of souls of the damned, taking their tainted essence. He used this sin-embedded energy and forged the second demon in the image of destruction, anger, and chaos. The Infection was the first wrath-oriented Demon. The first of many.

Born at the earliest stages of time, things were quite primitive and still in development. The Infection worked directly with Satan as his second-in-command, seeing only the original lord of Hell above himself. He had even merged his power with the devil for a time during war with other Demon militaries that attempted to take Hell from them. These rebellions were quickly subdued, killing off the opposing demonic powers and bringing the beasts of hell under the rule of its king. Though the infection has been alive for well over a millennia, it had never really done much other than its purpose. It served directly under the devil, killing thousands under the name of Hell and devouring the putrid beasts that fell to its power.

The Infection was regarded as a demi-god during that time period, being a monster feared by the majority of Hell and the spiritual realms. Through means of possession, The infection was able to invade the worlds of life and death before the ability to open the gates of Hell was developed. It worked as a recon agent, finding information for the armies of Hell and causing mass mayhem wherever it spawned. Over time, it only got stronger and stronger from feeding upon the hosts its body inhabited. However…..

Satan had become uneasy with how much power The Infection was gaining through these means. Paranoid or not, he had suspected the chance of The Infection growing even stronger than himself. It was then that he prepared to ensure his rule remained for an eternity. The Infection had finished feasting upon its most recent victim, one of the first hollows to reach Adjuhas-class in power. This caused The Infection’s power to raise another tier. It was when The Infection returned to Hell inside the body of its replacement host, a spiritually powerful hollow he had found in The Menos Forest that Satan acted. Using the ungodly powers bestowed upon it, the Devil bound The Infection to the soul of the beast, trapping it in a dormant state inside of the creature. The hollow was quickly murdered by the other Demons afterwards.

Over countless Millennia, The Infection was ensnared in the soul of the beast. As the soul was recycled, moved to the Soul Society, then back to the living world, The Infection stayed inside of the creature. Each life the soul had was cursed by the demon, their power greatly augmented, but filled with the taint of pure chaos and destruction. Most subjects were insane due to this factor since a young age and often have hallucinations. All the while, The Infection continued to feed on the host’s power, slowly killing them over and over and taking hat power they obtained in to its body. Though, this all occurred naturally, as The Infection was forced in a coma-like state from the bind, Upon the year currently regarded as year zero, or 1 A.D, The Infection finally woke up. It was weak at first due to not being able to access the energy it had absorbed over the year, so it remained inside of the host for a few years longer Currently, the host had been a Captain in the gotei thirteen quart guard squads. The captain of squad six, to be exact. It was a man named Agilo Razuko, a specialist in kido arts and speed. Through its parasitic nature, The Infection looked in to the host’s memory, taking all information in to his mind and examining it as it saw fit. Once again, it began to drain the host of their power, slowly, but surely. The Darkness got stronger with each day, messing with the Taicho’s will to obey the orders of Hell. After a month of activity, the shinigami was sent in to a frenzy of rage, killing every soul, seated officer, and beast in its path as rage filled his visage. The Darkness continued to feed on this violence and destruction, the seal cracking from his constantly expanding power. As the shinigami was about to be killed by a collection fo four other captains, the seal finally snapped.

The Infection was free. Tainted demonic energy burst from the host, knocking back the four captaisn in an instant. Four monstrous vectors lunged out from the host’s body, tendrils quickly following. A cloak of pure dark energy surrounded the shinigami, and their power immensely increased. The Infection was back and ready to feast. It ripped apart the taicho before it, using its own power as well as that of the host to overpower all of them at once in a frenzy of bloodlust. It devoured their flesh and bone, organs and blood, even absorbing their spiritual power in to its body to further augment its power to new heights. Though, the host’s body was starting to die. Unlike before, this time, if it died, he would as well. The seal allowed The Infection to maintain itself after the host’s death by being bound to their soul, but that seal was lifted now. The Infection quickly performed the transference ritual, taking over the body of one of the seated officers nearby. As soon as the darkness left the host’s body, it collapsed to the floor and ceased breathing. Using the new vessel to his advantage, The Infection performed the basic senkaimon technique and escaped the Soul Society.

Once arriving in the world of the living, The Infection switched to a more native host of the area. A decently powerful quincy. He had never taken over a quincie’s body before, so this was new to the Demon. Though, it still managed to hold dominant control when it willed itself to quite easily. The shinigami was persecuted for being a traitor. The Infection remained in this host for an extended period of time, constantly gaining power from the quincie’s ability to manipulate and bend raw reishi to their will though lacking a supply of personal power; the quincy gave an endless supply of energy to feed on. Upon the Great War between Quincy, Hollow, and Shinigami, The Infection went on mass killing sprees on not just the side of the Shinigami, but even murdering the other quincy and devouring them. All as a quest to gain further power and cause as much havoc as needed. It wanted one other thing though….The Infection managed to keep its emotions in check, but it was utterly pissed at the original Dark Lord now. After that betrayal, it was pissed beyond mortal comprehension. It definitely held a grudge and wanted the demon to suffer. Though, it seemed that revenge would never come. Over its time sealed, the world had changed vastly, no longer like it was at the start of time. There was a new Satan and new demons. The old generation was gone.

The Darkness continued its role for the time upon finding this information. For the next two millennia, it worked alone as an agent of destruction in The World Of The Living, devouring host after host. Causing wars that ripped the earth asunder. All while the joy of bloodshed made the Demon content with its life as of the time. Though, the demon was running out of powerful hosts to devour. There were only so many left. It was at the time of two-thousand five that the Demon returned to hell with the power it had acquired through the multiple hosts and foes devoured. It was there that it waited to be assigned it’s rank and to be given subjects to infest. For the time, it simply used the body of a spiritually-advanced Human as a vessel. The spirit of the man was drained and nearing the point of death, giving The Infection almost full-control over the subject. ( Semi-short history. Especially for his age, but he didn’t do much. If I went in to detail about doing the same shit over and over, it would get dull. But thats all it did. Kill and devour.)

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Re: The Infection- Demon

Post by Ravilin Asura on Sun Jun 03, 2012 4:00 am

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