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Kimmy Ze Wonderful

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Kimmy Ze Wonderful Empty Kimmy Ze Wonderful

Post by Kimmy on Sun Jun 03, 2012 3:23 am

Kimmy Ze Wonderful 8y6m45

B A S I C S //

Laying down the bricks //

Nickname/s | Kim, Rohit, Moro-chan
DOB | 09/27
Age | 16
Sexuality | Heterosexual
Ethnicity | Japanese
Occupation | N/A, High School Student
Loyalty | Her peers

Proof of who I am //

Fullbring Item | Kimmy uses her Bra for her Fullbring Item
Fullbring Ability
| Kimmy's Fullbring mimics a Shunko/Flash Cry. She is granted the ability to negate Energy based attacks with the lethality of Kido 20 and below and it both enhances and augments her power with either a Reiatsu Element or a Electricity element doing nothing outside of what their original properties are.

She is capable of throwing projectiles in the form of a torrent of reiatsu towards her opponent, these torrents can rival, in size, Level 33 Kido at it's average strength but has the power to rival a level 55 kido with the potential to absorb weaker types of electric based energy into it's wave. This can only be used once every 3 posts.

Fullbring Appearance | At full power it comes in the form of 2 violent waves of reiatsu on her back imitating wings of some sort, about the size of her body.

Further than just the skin //

Height | 5'6"
Weight | 161 lbs
Hair color & Style | Blonde, long and straight with one fringe on either side of her face
Eye color | Varies
Overall Appearance |
    Rebecca has a very innocent looking image. Her bright green expressive eyes
    come off as 'cute' to some. With a beautiful natural emerald eye color
    accompanied with a full youthful lashes. However there have been some
    times where that emerald hue has faded to a deep and rich crimson color,
    mainly after the appearance of Sangre. Her eyes are her most favored
    feature to her besides her hair, in which Rebecca will play up her eyes
    with natural toned eye-makeup that simply flatters her eyes. Her most
    favorite feature on herself is her long, beautiful hair, in a dirty
    blonde shade with added highlights and a caramel color dyed in
    lowlights, which flatter her hair greatly. Her hair gently flows down to
    just past the small of her back, She adores long hair but her hair
    isn't to long to the point its going past her butt. It's a perfect
    length in her eyes, with Bangs that fall just nicely past her brow bone.
    Her hair has a slight wave to it, but it remains rather strait and
    healthy, having a beautiful sheen to it, some would even say it glistens
    in the light. Rebecca's hair delicately frames her face which has a
    more rounder shape to it, giving it a more softer appeal with no sharply
    defined chin or cheek bones that stick out. It all blends in softly and
    beautifully with her cute button nose and full youthful lips with a
    natural rosiness to them. Rebecca has what some would call a 'perfect'
    smile. Having pearly white teeth that are nice and strait, accompanied
    by those rosy lips and a charming smile. Her complexion could be
    described as 'flawless' or 'doll-like' not a single blemish or signs of
    acne in sight. Her skin is an ivory color with some natural rosiness to
    it, healthy and glowing. It is, perfection, much like porcelain on a
    doll. During embarrassing, arousing or other certain emotions Rebecca's
    cheeks become stained with a cute strawberry colored blush. Rebecca
    tends to blush easily.

    Moving on Rebecca's overall look is very youthful and pretty. Her body is well toned, granting her flexibility and strength. Her legs are more shorter then others but are well defined
    and strong. This being because they are a key factor in the hobby Trick riding that she has mastered. Her bust is rather plump, holding a nice round shape to them, firm but soft, her most developed 'asset' which stands out compared to the other smaller sized women of japan, she's clearly a foreigner. Moving downwards her waist curves in nicely then out to her hips, giving her that desired hourglass figure. Her stomach flat and firm, her bottom round and toned. Her body is very fit and toned. With soft creamy skin. Rebecca Carries with her two Smith & Wesson .500 Magnum handguns for protection.

Understand the invisible //
    Rebecca can be called spontaneous simply because she tends to do things
    when she feels like it. Without much planning or thinking ahead.
    However when it comes to more serious situations, she will get down and
    think of a plan thoroughly and carefully. But while in more casual
    situations she will act upon her instincts or sudden impulses, natural
    unconstrained and unplanned. She can go into a place with one intention
    then have it suddenly shift to something else. Sometimes Rebecca can get
    distracted easily which can influence her change of plans. Even though
    she can be spontaneous Rebecca is mature enough to understand what
    situations need attention and planning. She knows better then to rush
    into something that may be dangerous. Sometimes when Rebecca is pissed
    off or irritated she will lash out in a rather comical manner, she is
    also not afraid to swear or curse. Sometimes she even shows her
    affection a bit...Roughly.

    Rebecca can be a loyal follower, she would carry out orders and duty
    with little or no questioning. However Rebecca's loyalty is something
    that isn't easy to gain. The first step to her loyalty is through
    friendship and gentle interaction. Trust plays a big role in gaining her
    loyalty. She will struggle against someone who would try to force her
    to submit to them, she would hesitate in following the orders of someone
    who hasn't gained her trust and would most likely question them. Those
    whom she follows and would become loyal to are those who have learned
    her full name, Rebecca Seitz. In some cases Rebecca may be forced to
    submit to someone through fear. If she can fear them enough she can
    become loyal to them to an extent if her life depended on it and on what
    the order or duty was.

    At first Rebecca will come off as kind and caring. Her sweet appearance
    influences this first impression. She feels no need to be foul to those
    whom she has just met and will tend to use proper manners and
    politeness.(unless she's in her dark state) If someone begins to annoy
    her she will try to push it to the back of her mind, she believes there
    is no need to lash out at someone like that. However is someone makes
    unwanted sexual or combative advances to her Rebecca may lean towards
    her more sadistic self, it mainly depends on the situation itself. But
    on the first conversation Rebecca would be open to for a casual talk.
    Rebecca tries to avoid fights and would never truly start one unless she
    is in a really bad mood to begin with.

    When Rebecca sets her eyes on something she will become determined to
    get it. Whether learning a new trick or technique or to simply gain
    something from someone such as trust. It would take some rather large
    emotional strain to kill her determination inside. This determination
    inside of her will push her forwards to stand up for herself or for
    another. Sometimes her action displayed while being determined are
    described as 'Bold'. Rebecca has learned that she can achieve great
    things through her determination. With that she still clings onto this
    determination to overcome obstacles and challenges.

    Rebecca will usually forgive people for some of their actions or words
    that are spoken. However if it is truly offensive or plain low Rebecca
    will have more trouble forgiving those people. Some people consider
    forgiveness a virtue. Now its sad to say but Rebecca tends to forgive
    men easier then woman. She knows that woman tend to play dirty games
    with emotions and mentality. She had been screwed over in the past by
    girls in such a manner thus that's why she is more strict with girls.
    However if they are truly sincere then of course Rebecca will forgive
    them. With men she keeps a close eye on them and looks at their body
    language to determine if they are lying or not

    Rebecca has a sense of humor and being perverted she tends to make a
    lot of dirt jokes or plays into them. She doesn't take any perverted
    comments harshly unless they are extremely vulgar. However you'll see
    her making perverted jokes a lot; whether its of herself or others, man
    or woman it doesn't matter. She is not a feminist to say the least. She
    tends to make fun of herself left right and center. She loves laughter
    and to make people chuckle with her.

    Rebecca is a girl, and girls tend to get jealous easily. When Rebecca
    gets jealous her bubbly mood can easily turn sour. Though she never gets
    jealous of physical beauty. After all she is quite the looker herself
    in which other woman get jealous of her. On top of that Rebecca is
    comfortable enough with her body that she could end up running around
    naked and not give a damn in the world. The thing that makes Rebecca
    jealous is when she doesn't receive attention from the one she wants.
    for example, if she likes a guy and he's off sweet talking to another
    woman that would make Rebecca jealous and turn her mood into a sour one.
    Most likely she would go and steal the attention back.

    Rebecca may be sweet and sincere but deep inside when no one's around
    she holds a secret sadistic nature. When the sent of blood lingers in
    her nose, while its still fresh and warm a tingle goes through her
    veins, an alluring sensation. There is just something about the sent of
    blood, someones or even her on just flicks the light switch on. This
    doesn't send her in a state of rage or desire to kill, it simply sends
    her into a sadistic state of enjoyment with that charming smile
    plastered on her face. She can chuckle at dismemberment and be un-phased
    by mutilation and other inhuman deeds. Who knew that such a dark
    enjoyment rested within her.

    Rebecca can find pleasure from pain. Even though she tries to hide it
    sometimes fights can seem pleasurable in a sense. She would have
    fantasies of Domination, whether being dominated or dominating someone
    else. She believes she is sick for thinking such things however she
    cannot ignore it. When ever she's enjoying combat or other situations
    her breathing will become raspy and heavy, her heart racing and her
    cheeks flushed. Her words can stutter as she speaks as well. If it comes
    to a time where Rebecca feels as if she should hide her shame and try
    to cover up her masochism she would most likely respond with foul
    language that she would barely use casually. this being because she
    thinks from pain should come anger, not pleasure. What better way to
    show your angry then throwing out some foul language?

    Rebecca can be risky. You can call this positive or negative depending
    on your beliefs. You could say Rebecca has big lady balls, (no big
    breast pun intended) Though with her aspect of death it briefly explains
    how come she is more risky. She dives into situations that some are to
    afraid to do or try things others wouldn't. That is because Rebecca
    doesn't want to look back and say 'I should of' or 'If only I' or things
    like that. However, there are limits. There are some things that
    Rebecca hesitates and thinks about before doing. However that depends on
    the situation itself. Some consider Rebecca fun because she isn't
    afraid to do, say, or think what she wants to. She is going o take
    advantage of her afterlife and live it to the fullest considering she
    was unable to do so while living in her human life.

    Rebecca has a lack of patience. IT can be seen as a negative trait in
    many aspects. But when it comes down to it Rebecca doesn't like to wait.
    Her lifestyle had changed to doing things immediately so she wouldn't
    regret it later so obviously she would come to develop impatience.

Aside from Rodeo eventing and Trick Riding there are a few other
hobbies of Rebecca. The first is art. Possessing artistic abilities
Rebecca has developed a happy within the arts, this includes painting on
various surfaces such as stones, canvas or even walls. She doesn't
spend that much time doing art, its a small hobby which she engages in
from time to time. Delicate hands twist and move to create such lovely
or detailed pictures. At other times she tends to sketch or use charcoal
in her works. It basically depends on her schedule for the day and what
she is thinking about on what she's going to draw if she's going to
draw. Rebecca has a fascination of technology and medical research. If
given the chance Rebecca would tinker or play around with a new form of
technology that she hasn't encountered before. She likes to know how
things work and come together. Along with medical research Rebecca finds
the art of Toxicology interesting. Due to being filled with toxic
substances Rebecca strides to know more about the toxins inside of her
and their deadly capabilities in hopes that the extra knowledge will
help her in combative situations. Rebecca also tends to drift form place
to place. She hasn't really found an area to 'settle' in aside from
many areas of Hueco Mundo. However certain towns and area's that
intrigue her end up drawing her back in for multiple visits. She's
mainly a traveler at this point. From time to time she will relax at a
nearby bar while her steed remains outside of town. She is debating on
moving into Las Noches.

Her amazing talent of Trick riding has granted her flexibility,
strength, endurance and balance. Key factors for being a successful
trick rider. She can bend, twist and stretch with ease. Other factors
she's developed are determination, agility, reflexes and concentration.
All which can also play a role in defending herself. Her flexibility and
endurance would boarder line 'extraordinary' or just simply not normal.
Being a trick rider she has learned how to be quick and precise on her
feet which aid her as well in combative situations. Her use of her
reflexes, flexibility and agility lean towards evasion rather then
attacking. Her other specialties involve tinkering with technology and
'taming', since she has cast aside her fear of animals all together she
takes a specialty in taming riled up, untamed animals. She has even made
some hollows bend to her will. Another skill she has involves a rope.
And no it's not for bondage reasons. Rebecca was an excellent roper and
could easily be a champion if she were to compete today. Aside from that
she is an excellent singer with a sweet, feminine voice and a great

Rodeo's, A long time favorite event that Rebecca loves to attend to.
Whether just sitting in the stands and watching or participating in the
adrenaline pumping events herself she is up for it, its a passion as one
might say. If she wonders into a nearby town that is hosting a rodeo
she would try to squeeze into the events, mainly bribing the hosts with
her trick riding routine that you rarely see at rodeo's anymore. All
events are favored by her: Chuck wagon races, chariot races, barrel
races, bucking bronc, bull riding, team penning, calf/team roping ect.
are all enjoyed. Now technology and medicine is her fascination. Trying
to figure out how all things work and tick. This leads her to tinkering
with many devices and technology. She even tends to get a special
sparkle in her eye when seeing some new form of technology. Some may
call her 'mini spazz attack' over wanting a new form of technology cute.
However hitting the medical books never bothered her as she was
interested in medicine and medical procedures. Her most favored category
is Toxicology. In which she would study poisons that may be coursing
through her veins that are used for her Resureccion ability. Rebecca has
a love for domination yes. This is her masochist part of her talking
here. She loves the idea of being dominated or dominating someone. Its
just a hidden fantasy of her's. A fantasy in which she scolds herself
over and thinks she's sick for having. However despite of her self
scolding Rebecca cant escape that hidden desire. However if she came
into a situation where domination might occur she would try to back away
and evade it from playing out. It's her little dark secret. Rebecca
likes to help others in need there's no doubt about it. Despite her
sadistic side that enjoys the blood around her, her caring side shines
over the sadistic nature and because of that Rebecca will jump in with
her knowledge of medicine to heal an ally. Rebecca likes to take away
the pain of others in belief that if she does it enough she could
possibly get over her sadistic and masochistic nature. Even though that
unlikely to happen. It can't hurt to try. Now Rebecca loves sweets, Who
doesn't love the sweet sweet taste of sugar upon their tongue? Sweets
are probably one of her most favored foods. In which she tends to
indulge on rather frequently. Its a wonder to why she doesn't weight a
ton! Maybe the fat goes to her boobs? Who knows, but aside from that
Rebecca just loves to savor delicious pastries and even make them

Rebecca dislikes judgmental people or those who can't take a joke. A
major thing that Rebecca loaths is someone who would look at a person
and go 'she's a slut' or someone who would just dislike another person
immediately just by looking at them. Being overly judgmental and so
forth. It just annoys Rebecca, she dislikes people like that greatly.
Why would you dislike someone just like that because of how they look
and not even give them a change to get to know them? She loves sweets,
doesn't mind sour or spicy, but when it comes to bitter foods Rebecca
will pass. She just doesn't care for the bitter taste on her tongue.
there isn't much to say about this except that Rebecca just plain
doesn't like the taste. Yes its true that Rebecca has no fear of
animals, but insects are a bit different, they just creep her out. those
little creepy crawlies with multiple legs just irk her. If a bug is
caught crawling on her Rebecca will squeak and fling it off, followed by
a brutal squishing. However if it was a giant bug Rebecca is more okay
with it. It's something about the small little bugs that Rebecca
dislikes. One thing that can ruin Rebecca's mood is falling snow. The
chill doesn't bother her, it never has; in fact she loves the cold.
However, Rebecca dislikes the snow because of how she died, and how the
snow fell on that night. It is a constant reminder to what happen, what
she risked and what she lost that night. The memory brought onto her by
the snow always brings tears to her eyes. With coldness being mentioned
Rebecca hates the heat and prefers colder whether.

Tell me a tale... //
Birthplace | Karakura Town,
Mother | Rohit Seitz
Father | Shuei Setsunna
Siblings | N/A
Other Relations | N/A
Companion | N/A

♱-| H I S T O R Y / B A C K G R O U N D |-♱
    A family that seemed normal. Yea, that what Rebecca wished she had. Well
    it all seemed normal. She just lived a easy childhood with slight family
    Drama. Rebecca was born on October 6th in a small village just a ways
    away from where her parents house was at about a half hour drive that
    is. She was a very quiet baby with a few odd habits such as throwing a
    baby bottle at people when she was done with it or biting on peoples
    fingers and refusing to let go. Rebecca grew up in a village. She wasn’t
    a only child. She had a older half brother who shared a different
    father then her.

    Now things started to turn into drama before Rebecca was even in school. It was a normal night and Rebecca and her brother were playing a board game *sort of* on the living room floor.
    Behind them were their parents. They were sitting on the couch talking
    to each other. However they started to argue about something but at the
    time Rebecca and her brother were to young to really understand what it
    was about. they just pretended like nothing was happening. however next
    thing you know their sent to their room and end up hearing a large
    argument, yelling, fighting ect.

    After that night they moved. Rebecca, her mom and her brother that is did. They moved to a town 20
    minutes from where they use to live. however Rebecca\s dad wanted to get
    custody of the two children but just couldn't. the mother was a bit of a
    drunk and ended up neglecting the children at times. On the year that
    the three moved was the year Rebecca entered Kindergarten. Later on in
    that year the house that Rebecca was currently living in caught on fire
    and burned to the ground, Rebecca got out with some 2nd degree burns. it
    wasn’t for her mothers current boyfriend, Rebecca would have died in
    the fire. So after everything settled...the next morning the
    three...well four if you include Rebecca's mother boyfriend, spent their
    life in an apartment until they got another house...that ironically was
    right beside their old burnt down house.

    Rebecca's mom was a...slight alcoholic that went through quite a bit of boyfriends. Her
    mother would tell her in her drunken state how she wished that she never
    let her father pick out Rebecca's name. She wanted to always name her
    Caylaya and said she would have liked Rebecca if her name was that. The
    rest of her life was spent moving around in many places. during this
    time Rebecca became more independent. tired of neglect ion and little
    contact with her father since he went and moved on, getting a new family
    and life. The only connection she had felt with her family was with her
    grandparents, who always picked her and her brother up on weekends,
    giving them a more loving place to stay until they had to go back.
    Rebecca was given a horse at the age of 5. She had a talent for riding,
    and she embraced it. Rebecca simply ran away and lived on the streets
    however, unable to take the neglect, this was the time she got her
    second horse, Beauty, a pure bread Morgan. She had good street credit
    that was for sure and she managed to always find a place to stay and
    fend for herself. However soon after she went to live with her
    grandparents once she was able to get there. She tried to help out with
    expenses, She had trained Beauty herself she she believed that this was
    her way of getting money. Especially with horse races and rodeo's being
    popular around there. Rebecca was getting more into the eventing
    business and would train and deliver horses for richer people whom used
    the horses for eventing. she had a natural talent for it and even began
    to compete herself. It was good time. Many were astonished that this 12
    year old girl could raise and train horses like she did. Her schooling
    was put on hold because of this. Not to mention that farming was getting
    worse and worse with each year. Poverty was beginning to strike the

    As she grew older Rebecca thought she was going crazy, why? well she
    started seeing things, spirits to be exact. Hollows as well. Shinigami
    arrancar, you name it. Rebecca was introduced to a whole new world after
    being exposed to reishi and spiritually empowered beings and near death
    experiences. There was a spiritual world that co-existed with the world
    she lived in. Her eyes opened up that was for sure, she never could go
    back to her so called normal ways again.Rebecca tried to tell others.
    they all thought she was crazy and needed help. they wanted to put her
    in a mental facility. They believed that a traumatic even caused her to
    see and hear things that were not there. Little did they know that she
    had a connection to the spirit world. She wasn't seeing things, they
    weren't illusions. It was all real. She could sence presences, she saw
    the spirits of the deceased, she could feel the entities around her, and
    eventually it would bring her to her death.

    After the opening her eyes to the spiritual that co-existed with them Rebecca was
    pressured to train more horses and get more money. Drought had set upon
    the land which caused the crops to decline and become brittle. They were
    going broke. Her grandfather worked himself to hard with the fields,
    and despite his old age he pushed himself trying to get some money to
    buy food. Rebecca wouldn't allow him to push himself anymore, he was
    getting to old for a job like that. Plus there was nothing much of the
    crops, it was dry, brittle, and bad quality.

    One son of a client of Rebecca's however stepped in on her moment of despair and offered her
    a deal. Being a rich man who's horses were popular and winners in local
    events gave her the option to come work for his father permanently and
    train all the horses that they throw her way. She would be given the
    necessities that she required to live, a roof to stay under and her pay
    would be shipped to her grandparents so they could survive. This was a
    deal for slavery basically. Knowing she had no other option Rebecca
    agreed. And so began her life as a trainer slave. She was allowed to
    bring one of her horses along and so she brought her mare Beauty. A Pure
    black Morgan Mare that she loved and was great for pulling
    chuck-wagons. The training began, Rebecca was still 12.

    Rebecca was worked to the bone to have horses ride able by a certain deadline.
    her body became bruised and sore from all the stable work and training.
    then something came into her life....Duby. After setting her mare into a
    pasture of other Morgan horses, along with a stallion, her horse became
    pregnant and gave birth to a sorrel colored colt which Rebecca named
    Duby. The foal was like a little lost puppy that followed Rebecca around
    the stables. The master became slightly agitated that there was another
    colt to feed. His main interests were in thoroughbreds which were used
    for racing. Morgan horses were chuck-wagon racing horses, which he had
    plenty of But Rebecca begged the master that the horse would help her
    out with her chores when he was strong enough to pull a wagon, where he
    would carry straw and hay to place in the stables and transport saddles
    and bridles

    The master complied with her and allowed it and didn't order to have the foal disposed of. Rebecca was so relieved. She had fell in love with the playful colt. when it came to the time that he
    was old enough Rebecca squeezed in time to train Duby aside from the
    other required horses. She even taught him stuff while on the job. His
    main job was to pull wagons and transport stuff from place to place. It
    did help Rebecca out as her stable work was two times easier now. She
    just loved this horse so much, and the master was even appreciating him

    Other stable workers that were more close to the master began to use Duby for their own needs. Rebecca sadly couldn't say or do anything about it. Everyday they worked him hard and made him pull heavier loads. Winter was now settling upon the land, making it even
    harder on Duby who was only 2 years old now, Rebecca was 14. Every night
    Rebecca apologized to Duby and prayed for him to hang in there for her.
    Then it happened.... the strain of the work by those men had gotten
    to the young stallion. The men turned him over to Rebecca after they had
    finished with him at around dusk. the air was so cold your breath could
    be seen in front of you. Rebecca noticed how thin Duby was getting and
    how heavy he breathed. She wanted to take the wagon off of him ASAP.
    However before they reached the yard he couldn't take it anymore. He
    collapsed on the ground the wagon falling aright after him. Rebecca
    screamed in horror. the two men came running up to them. Yelling at her
    and Duby on how useless they were becoming!

    "its your fault!" Rebecca squealed, her voice was shaking with trauma. "You worked him so
    hard that he cannot even walk! How could you!? H-his leg. It might be
    broken now thanks to you!" She cried, the tears chilled her cheeks as
    they slid down in abundance. "That horse should be put down then!" One
    of the men yelled at her. Rebecca shook her head furiously "NO! YOU
    CANT!" She protested. "Heh! Your lucky that's one of the masters
    favorite horses, its becoming a pain in the ass." He faught back
    "Please! You have to give him a change! You've been giving him to much
    work he just cant handle it, for Christ sakes its winter to!" Rebecca
    begged. "Just let him rest please!" The men fell silent hearing her
    pleads. then one man tilted his head up and simply said "There's nothing
    more we can do. there's not even enough feed around here, You cant even
    shovel it down a horse who cant even get it's work done...The master
    will understand."

    Rebecca cried as she managed to get Duby up and into the barn where he laid in rest. She remained by his side that night, stroking and patting him, but most of all apologizing to him. The
    barn doors crept open and the candles that lit the barn flickered. The
    men came in and looked at her. Handing her a pack with two pills inside.
    Rebecca's eyes shot open. "No! that will kill him!" She squeaked.
    "Thats the idea." Said one of the men. "Just mix it into his next meal." he
    ordered. Rebecca shook her hair and the man through the package down
    into the horses bed. "It would look better to the owner if one of his
    favorite horses died while being cold outside then from a broken leg on
    the job followed by a bullet in his head. Now i'm counting on you
    missy." he said before he and the other man walked out. Rebecca's legs
    were trembling. his leg could heal she was sure of it...But if she
    didn't give him those pills they would put him down themselves wouldn't
    they?! Rebecca broke down into tears. She loved Duby so much she didn't
    want him to be put down. She fell to her knees and thought of what to
    do.... Its not right....They work the poor thing so much that they
    break him...And then when he's finally broken, and to much of a burden,
    they just want to toss him out....

    Her beloved horse was injured, its leg broken and it could barely walk. Rebecca decided they
    would run away as those two men would surely come to put him down. While
    it was dark out Rebecca tied a lead rope to Duby's halter and tried to
    get him to come along with her. Rebecca looked up at the sky. Snow began
    to fall as soon as they left the barn. Why was there something
    saddening about the snow?...Slowly but surely they were getting further
    away from the ranch. Rebecca could hear some distant howls of something
    not....Normal. They were the wails of a hollow in pain, perhaps injured,
    hiding somewhere in the forest that Rebecca ventures in with Duby
    struggling to follow her. Rebecca tried to ignore the howls however she
    noticed something odd. Duby had heard them to. Could animals possess
    spiritual awareness like she did? Still in the forest after a rest They
    began moving again, daybreak soon settled upon them and they were making
    good progress. Duby suddenly stopped moving forwards. Rebecca tried to
    tug him ahead but he refused to move. Suddenly a gunshot was heard,
    echoing through the forest. Right then Rebecca jumped at the sound of
    that howl from the night before. Dangerously close, Rebecca thought she
    has seen a rather angelic figure, behind a tree but she was most likely
    hallucinating. BAM! another gunshot was heard, the sound of a shotgun.
    IT was close to. Duby neighed out, loosing his balance as he fell over
    onto his side, crashing into the snow, Rebecca toppled over as well as
    the weight of the horse sent snow flying into the air. Getting up as the
    snow settled back to the ground Rebecca saw it. Crimson blood dotted
    the snow all around Duby and continued to seep out. He was dieing....He
    was dieing from a shotgun wound. Rebecca screamed in horror as one of
    the men from before came closer to her, shotgun in hand

    "You disrespectful little bitch!" He shouted kicking her right in the chest
    and sending her back to the ground where he proceeded to kick her in the
    stomach. IT was obvious that he followed their footprints left in the
    snow. And they were to slow in the end. It was a violent time. The man
    even used the end of his gun to beat her. Duby was still alive, heaving
    and twitching in pain. his sad eyes watched the beating of the one who
    took care of him. "It doesn't matter if i kill you. It will all fall
    into place. A servant stole the horse and then she killed it. That's all
    I have to say, and i'm sure he'll agree with me that the appropriate
    punishment was dealt..." His voice trailed off as he pointed the gun to
    her and placed his finger on the trigger. Rebecca closed her eyes and
    bit her lip.

    B A M

    Rebecca blinked open her eyes. the gun was on the ground along with the man. In front of Rebecca stood a man with skin as pale as the snow, having a odd aura to him, She couldn't
    make out his face, his hair or other details about him however he looked
    very...Angelic. He held out his hand to her. "You are not going to
    survive with those wounds unless you get treated..." He spoke, his voice
    was rather deep and echoed. Was Rebecca imagining things due to the
    blood loss and the injuries? Something was off about this person, he
    staggered a bit and there was pain in his voice like he was loosing
    something, blood trickled down the side of his face as f he was in a
    fight with something. "C-can you help him?" She pleaded, He was silent for a bit "You truly desire another chance do you girl? Another chance at this cruel life?" Her spoke simply. Rebecca didn't know what he meant "Please S-sir, he can't die like this you have to help him."
    She begged, wanting the salvation of Duby. The man was silent "You have a
    kind spirit... I admire that, I will do what I can for both of you"

    His hand rested on Rebecca's shoulder as Rebecca stroked Duby's dieing
    head. Rebecca felt dizzy an overpowering light emitted from the
    stranger. Rebecca's body felt tingly. Then she passed out. Awaking in a
    new place, she was on the floor, a blanket covered her. She was laying
    on a futon. Blinking her eyes open she saw a man sitting on a chair not
    to far from her. She sat up, her body was covered in bandages. Looking
    at the man she almost screamed.However he spoke and told her that she's
    okay. He had long black hair and sitting beside him was two whips. He
    wore all black and his eyes were red. He told her his name was Amagi

    Rebecca cried out, asking where she was and where was Duby.
    "Your in Karakura town, japan. Your horse is with you." He replied. Confused
    she let him explain to her more about the spiritual world. He was a
    human, a spiritually powered human. He explained about Shinigami,
    Arrancar, Quincy etc. Rebecca was in awe about everything. She was
    confused about how she went from north America to Japan, and kept
    persisting on knowing where Duby was exactly. "I brought you here
    because of your entity. You have a unique one. You can see hollows, you
    heard the screaming of one beofre i found you in the forest and took out
    the man who was going to kill you no?" Rebecca nodded "Listen... I can
    weild souls. I can place them in inanimate objects and make them alive,
    Your horse was dieing... And your soul seemed... Broken, as if peices
    were missing from it. It was unique. I can't quite explain it... For a
    long time now I have been trying to fuse souls together to make them one
    entity, but they all have failed. However i tried again with yours and
    your horses and it was a success. Your souls have been combined together
    and your horse.... is now one with you. I dont know what is going to
    come from this...Or what will happen to you, but you begged for his
    salvation, and I did what I could." Sadness adn relief washed within
    her. Her prancy horse...was a part of her. But she didnt know what was
    going to happen, and how things were going to unfold. He kept her to
    study and effects that may happen to her. Amagi was a kind man, and
    somewhat wealthy, he even took Rebecca to her grandparents again, and
    asked permission to take care of her in japan, he offered them money.
    However they refused. Amagi then removed them from their farm, bringing
    them to a retirement home, a great one to. Rebecca felt happy that Amagi
    would do something like that.

    Amagi began to train her. Hollows would come after the two and Amagi felt it
    was best if he trained Rebecca. He was quite skilled, first he taught
    her hand to hand combat, then began teaching her defense. How to protect
    herself when enemies were after her. He used his abilities even, she
    admired him. Rebecca wished she had abilites like he did. But she never
    did. Amagi had to watch out as people were always trying to hunt him
    down, bounts, arrancar, shinigami and even quincy! It was never truely
    safe. One day Amagi came across a arrancar while with Rebecca. He
    protected her but sustained great injury. Rebecca had taken him back to
    the house they lived in, he was sick. the arrancar had poisoned him
    before he killed it. Rebecca didnt know what to do. She tried
    everything, the hospital couldnt even save him, they didnt know what
    this poison was, but it was slowly killing him. Amagi admired her
    efforts even though nothing could be done to save him. Amagi made her
    promise him to help others,and to protect her self. So She made a
    promise to be a Nurse or a doctor. amagi also made her promise to go to
    school. He home schooled her but now he wanted her to go to school. He
    told her to never loose confident or put her down. She was loosing

    "Amagi... You made Duby a part of me before he died... Right?" "Yes" "I want you to be a part of me." "...Becca..." "Please you can do it cant you!?" "...Yes" "Then please..You became a big part of
    my life, you cant just leave.."That night Amagi died, he had placed his soul within her own, filling in another broken peice in her soul like he once told her about. He would be a part of her forever.


Rebecca went to one school in Karakura, she was looked at odd for being a
foreigner. Others looked at her like a foreign princess. She was
beautiful. She turned 15, living alone where her and Amagi had lived.
She felt so lonely. Things within her were becoming unstable. Then it
happened. Waking up one day Rebecca was face to face with a man. He
looked like a albino. His hair was white, his skin was pale. His eyes
were red. He wore black pants and a white shirt and had a pure white
mark on his face, a stripe going down his forehead... Just like how Duby
did. The moment was awkward. This man laughed, he was like a kid, all
giggly and prancy, it remnded her of Duby. He was cheery. his appearance
though was sharp and mature, about her age even.

Hearing a grunt from behind her Rebecca turned her head. Seeing another man,
wearing pure black cothing, a jacket, shirt, pants, gloves and a collar.
His hair has a purple hue to it, being very dark it was almost black.
his hair was shorter then Amagi's but despite this he looked somewhat
like him. This man had bright green eyes that looked almost inhuman. His
personality was more silent and darker, much like Amagi.

The two beings freaked her out, why were they here and who were they? The
white haired man explained on how the two of them were fragments of
souls that were manifestible by Rebecca. She had an ability, much
different from Amagi, she developed the ability to manifest these souls
which were stiched into her own. Amagi was the reason this paticular
power developed. So these two boys were manifested for the first time
that night. Rebecca remembered she had a dream about Duby and Amagi
before she woke up. She asked the white haired man "W-who are you?!"
"Nevaeh! it's nice to be out here for once. Its amazing and I-" "Nevaeh?
What does that mean?" "It doesnt have a meaning...I dont think, but its
Heaven spelled backwards, because I'm heaven baby!" Rebecca facepalmed.
She then turned to the other man and asked who he was "Sangre" he
replied. Thus began the trio. The two boys were manifested with her, but
they were just no different then a human. The power usage came later.
Rebecca could activate their powers, their eye color swap and their
appearance change slightly. Nevaeh was a healer, and Sangre sometimes
refused to work with her, he was the offensive side with an affliction
ability. They attend School with Rebecca. Who just transfered to a new
school in Karakura. When Rebecca decides to make them disapear they
usualy annoy her by invading her mind. Now she must learn to gain
complete control of sangre since he's a pain in her ass. and graduate
from school. She also volenteers at the hospital, still keeping her
promise to Amagi on helping people, which is useful with her powers with
Nevaeh. Nevaeh and sangre usually fight and when it comes to combat.
Rebecca can only side with one at a time it seems. Good or Evil, The
Angel or the Demon? She then excelled in her classes. Graduating early
even, since Amagi home schooled her. Rebecca now however still stays at
the school, she is the nurse while Sangre and Nevaeh are her assistants
that is if she decides to manifest them. She is the youngest nurse to
ever be at the school. The hospital even appreciates her work there. She
is just starting her nursing job at another School in Karakura.


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