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Sora Hayashi - Fullbringer

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Sora Hayashi - Fullbringer

Post by Sora Hayashi on Sun Jun 03, 2012 9:35 pm


B A S I C S //

Laying down the bricks //

Nickname/s | Sky, Phoenix, Punk, Monster
DOB | August 21st.
Age | Twenty three
Sexuality | Homosexual
Ethnicity | Japanese
Occupation | Executive
Loyalty | Himself

Proof of who I am //

Fullbring Item | The necklace that hangs around Sora’s neck is the item that functions his fullbring. The necklace had a delicate chain that looks like it’s made of a light grade metal. The links are finely woven and always soft shining silver showing the care that is put into them. The main piece of the necklace is a silver phoenix with its wings spread. In each wing is a diamond. The tail of the phoenix is a golden colour which twines about the body making it look like a delicate mess of a tail.

Fullbring Ability | The fullbring allows Sora the access to being able to manipulate temperature and fire. It's more so the fact the phoenix is creature who rose up from the ashes. It allows him to heal or kill.

Fullbring Appearance | The blade that forms is rather elegant. It’s something that most people wouldn’t expect from the necklace he wears. It’s light weight appearing almost like a mix of a katana and gladius baby. The metal on the blade does not appear to be a solid metal but rather almost something next to glass but harder than most metals known to man. It’s silver with flecks of red through it. The blade has ridges on it which makes it easier for another blade to slide along as he blocks them from attacking. The pommel of the blade is one of the nicest seen. There is a large ruby in the center, with the silver arching over the hand in a protective manner. Most of the blade looks too decorative to be used for combat but it fights just as well as any other sword found out there. If not better.

Further than just the skin //

Height | 6'3"
Weight | 200 pounds.
Hair color & Style | Black, messy,
Eye color | Crimson
Overall Appearance | Sora stands at 6’3” and most of his frame is muscle. There is no fat content on his body to be seen. He weighs roughly 200 pounds at best. His hair is black, the same shade of pure coal. It’s cut in a short shaggy manner that looks rather stylish as if it’s drawing attention away from the face. In his hai is a feather piece that’s connected to his hair, much in the same manner that Indian shamans have in their own. His bangs sweep across his forehead and tend to cover his eyes from view. It’s kept in good shape mostly because he likes to make sure he’s clean. Sora can’t stand being overly dirty. He tries to shower once a day. His face has a very serious look to it, there’s usually a frown on it showing just how happy he is to be near people. On his right cheek is a very serious scar that spans along the length of it. A lot of people tend to notice the scar there though he does his best to cover it up. His eyes are a crimson colour that seems to surprise and frighten most people he is around. There are scars all over his chest that look like someone might’ve burned him in a fire or something of the likes. He tends to keep his chest covered so no one asks about the scars. It’s bad for business when people stare at them. He likes to wear clothing that covers his whole form. Sora has a thing for black clothing, it’s rare to find him in something that isn’t black. He likes to be dressed up at almost all times because of his position in the Organization he has to be. On his left shoulder there’s usually a holster that he puts his browning in. He can cover it up with a suit jacket and things of the likes.

Understand the invisible //
Overall Personality |
Sora is hard to pin when it comes to his emotions. There are some parts of his personality that are easier to read than others. He is a jumbled assortment of things that will confuse most people that come into contact. At one moment he seems like he could be a knight with his manners, the next minute he’s the biggest asshole who’s roaming the earth. The mood if flippant depending on who he is around. He will change between people. Especially people that he cares the most about, his persona will seem to change from what it is with strangers.
Sora has one hell of an attitude. He does not take kindly to people who try to boss him around assuming that they are the dominant in the situation. It’s like walking a thin line with him. He’ll only take so much bullshit from someone before laying them flat on their ass. Though it depends on who is pulling the attitude with him. If it’s someone he looks up to then he’ll try to curb the attitude that seems to roll off of him in thick waves. He has a soft spot for those he does care about letting them call him names and boss him around if it makes them happy. Though if he doesn’t know you and you try to throw attitude in his face, Sora has nothing about shooting it right back. Sure it lands him in some bad positions but nothing that couldn’t be cured with a little hard work. It’s hard to pin point where his aggression comes from in general but he holds disdain for anyone who thinks that they can curb it in the least. He’s known to use crude words if it gets them to leave him the hell alone. He doesn’t like to be bothered that much. In fact he prefers to work alone so that he doesn’t have to look over his shoulder all the time to make sure who ever he’s working with is safe. He’s a man who’s really rough around the edges when it comes to considering other people. Or considering the fact that people also have feelings even if he doesn’t care about them. Wouldn’t put it past Sora to find someone’s weak point and use it against them constantly. For example if they don’t like being called a name well they better start to like it because they’ll be hearing it a lot more.
Despite being a total ass hat Sora will go to great lengths to protect the people that he cares about and the people he works for. He doesn’t think that this will lead him to the end of the line mostly for the fact that he would do anything to keep his own hide and others alive. If someone so much as looked at someone he was holding under his protection wrong he would find them and eliminate the threat. Most people see it as a monster like trait that he can kill without losing a single wink of sleep; he just finds it efficient for the people around him who need the help the most. Sora is very much a protector who will do anything to protect the people he cares about. The man doesn’t care if his own ass is on the line. If the person he needs to protect is in danger then he will throw himself to the wolves because he figures he’d be able to hold up better than them. It doesn’t matter how little he may like you, if there’s a thread of loyalty between you or you’re innocent of something that people may want to kill for Sora will step up to the plate and take it. The man doesn’t care how much damage his own body takes as long as the people he promised to protect are safe. If he failed to protect them then the guilt of doing such a thing would probably eat at him. Sora isn’t good at failing things mostly because from the line of work he did when he was younger failing meant being punished somehow. If the person he was supposed to protect is killed then he will punish himself in their place.
It’s questionable if Sora feels compassion or love towards anyone. More people like to think he is a monster incapable of such things. Sora will show care towards select people. His caring would be accepting them, and throwing himself in dangers path to protect their ass no matter the outcomes of the event. It’s hard for him to hide the fact when he cares for someone though it might not come off as noticeable for them. He’ll do small things like pick up a treat of some sort if he knows that they enjoy it. Though in the most sense he only knows platonic love towards people. He’s never expressed love that might be anything more to anyone he knows. If you were to ask him what love is he’d answer with something along the lines of ‘the fear in the enemies eyes as you slowly destroy all the things they slowly put up to protect themselves. As you become the nightmare of their world.’ Sora is a bit disturbed in the head when it comes down to it in all honesty. There doesn’t seem to be anything that might suggest anything most humans would consider normal. He’s on the edge of being a sociopath who could care less about those around him. When the world burns he’ll be there not giving two shits as long as he’s paid for the work he’s doing. It almost seems like he’s more of a monster than a person. Though he does stand in the path for those who need protection. Even if he is a bit of a monster at times he’ll throw himself in the way to protect the plans of the organization he works for. Sora was picked for the job due to how his mind works. Why risk having someone alive when the threat can be destroyed at one time.

Tell me a tale... //
Birthplace | Japan
Mother | Yuuki Hayashi
Father | Hayato Hyashi
Siblings | None
Other Relations | CEO
Companion | Christopher
Overall history |
Open those peepers for me!

Sora was born to one of the lowest of low in society. His mother was the Japanese equivalent of an Escort woman. In layman’s terms his mother was an upscale prostitute who many men admired. She was the beauty of club she worked for. Though when they found out she was with child Yuuki ended up without work in the business. Something about it being bad for the staff if they had someone running around with the child, they didn’t want her to strain herself. A load of lies that was. During this time Yuuki ended up working at a small restaurant with one of her male customers she used to have. They became close to one another, leaning on one another for support. Though they didn’t see eye to eye on one thing. Yuuki wanted to keep the child; Hayato wanted it to be put up for adoption. During one of their larger fights Yuuki stormed off into the night bitter with the fact that he wanted to give up the one chance she had at being a parent no matter how unfit she might be. It was one of those nights that seemed to haunt your nightmares. Yuuki had been walking peacefully along the side walk wish there was something she could do, some way to protect her child.

It was during this time that a beast had formed through the night, slinking towards her like a snake in the garden. Screaming in terror the woman tried to run for it. Yuuki ended up being attacked by the hollow, making the baby in her womb tainted with the darkness. Being rushed to the hospital they didn’t know if she would survive in the future. Everyone was worried, Hayato was sick with guilt. He tried to make up to the woman he loved in the one way he knew to. He told her that he’d allow her to keep the baby if that was really her choice. Yuuki had snapped at Hayato telling him that if it wasn’t for his constant fighting with her she wouldn’t be locked in the hospital until she could walk once more. Her body seemed pretty much damaged. It’d be a wonder if she could ever walk again after what happened to her. Soon a few weeks later Yuuki found herself on the verge of having the child. She was scared of what might happen in the future, in fact she was frightened. It was hard to be having a child that she didn’t even know would be alright when it came out of her. Yuuki was sick with worry. She went into labour; the contractions were some of the worst pains she ever went through. Perhaps suffering was what brought life to the pinnacle which humans seemed to thrive on.

The child was born with little complication coming out. When they brought him out there were cries that he was too still and heart beat too faint to survive much longer. The child was put on the machines so that he wouldn’t die. Yuuki was torn, her child was dying and there was nothing she could do. The woman wanted more than nothing to offer her life to make her baby to survive. It wasn’t long until the machines got the small heart beating properly. With the proper amount of blood flow the child was able to regain colour so that it didn’t look like a bruised child. When Yuuki finally got to hold her baby in her arms she didn’t know what she wanted to name him. There were so many names and choices that could be presented. In the end the woman went with the name Sora. It was the name of her little brother who had been killed in a car accident. She kissed his forehead. The pair fell asleep while the room remained in a nice hushed silence. It seemed that everything was going fine. The only thing that seemed to surprise him was that the child never once opened its eyes. The mother was a bit worried that her baby was blind. After a few weeks he finally opened his eyes. Yuuki was frightened when she saw them considering her child more of a demon than the small babe it was. The eyes were a frightening crimson colour. The doctors released them both back home into Hayato’s care. It seemed that life with the family was just beginning; hopefully it would be a good one.

Hayato felt uncomfortable around the child saying it was a demon. He didn’t want to be around Sora if he didn’t have to. Often he’d leave the small babe in Yuuki’s care, and if Yuuki went out he’d leave it in the crib unattended. He could care less if the child ended up killing its self. It would be doing them all a favour as far as the man was concerned. Though he never mentioned it to Yuuki in fear that she would just up and leave with the baby. The woman was compassionate despite being a bit put off by the crimson eyes that stared her down whenever she was around the baby. Sora seemed to be like any small toddler, gurgling, shitting himself, the likes. It seemed like their fears were rather irrational. Yuuki would feel like a bad parent every time Sora smiled at her or offered a giggle in response to something that might be happening. Hayato on the other hand continued to try and convince Yuuki it wasn’t too late for the child to be put in a home so that they didn’t have to see him. Yuuki would ignore his rambling as best as she could. It seemed pointless to listen to him rant on and on about a baby being the bane of the world. They got into another argument one night, Hayato hit her hard across the face leaving brusing. This wouldn’t be the first, nor the last time that he hit Yuuki.

It’s just a boy…

Sora was six years old; he knew that his step-father hit his mother around. Hayato would make a scene of it and then say it was his fault that his mother was being punished like this. That this was the gods showing their hatred towards him for being a demon. Sora didn’t know how to react to this, he was only a small child. It seemed silly to be so scared of someone when you could easily over power them. Yuuki would take the beatings to protect her son from being hurt by Hayato. She loved the man despite what he did to her. It wasn’t a healthy relationship in the least. Though it didn’t seem to be what the woman was searching for, she just needed a crutch to protect herself from the world with. It was a cruel reality that bit at him every now and then. Sora would watch his mother be hit with nothing for him to do. He couldn’t take seeing such abuse done to the other person who seemed to like him. After all school was proving he was nothing but an outcast among the other children. It was hard to be a child with vivid red eyes that seemed to haunt most people. It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t like he asked to have such a fate but he did. Constantly he would listen to how he was no good and didn’t even deserve to eat the food that his mother made for him. His step-father out right hated him, though the man pretended to like the child whenever Yuuki was around to avoid starting a fight with her. After all he liked getting laid and fighting with her about her freak kid usually made Yuuki refuse to even be near him.

One day while Yuuki was working a late shift, Sora found Hayato drinking. There were bottles scattered all over the livingroom where the inebriated man sat talking to himself. When he spotted the child he motioned Sora over saying he had a treat for the boy. Sora went over curiously since his step father never like him before. He didn’t understand why the kindness would start now of all times. The suspicion was in the right place considering the cruelty which the man was known for. When Sora was in the man’s reach he ended up beating the child to a pulp. Hayato then dragged the small body of the child behind the house throwing him outside telling the boy to tell his mother that bullies did it or it wouldn’t be the last beating that he got. The child wasn’t crying, merely staring after the man with hatred burning in his eyes. If there was one thing he wanted it was revenge for being treated like he was a dog that no one wanted to care for. Sora laid there for hours in the hushed dark of the night, the blood dripping from him lying in small droplets. Soon enough the young boy decided he had enough time sitting in the dark. He moved around the house to the front steps where he sat down. Half of his face was badly bruised and swollen. The young boy didn’t know what to do. Yuuki came home a few hours later and saw the marks on her sons face. When she asked how he got them the small boy told her to forget about it so that she didn’t try to pick a fight with Hayato over it. He didn’t want his mom being hit around too.

After his mother went inside the small boy wandered from the house. They lived in the bad end of town so he often saw violence all around him. Sora never flinched when he saw things like mugging next to shooting people. These things didn’t seem to faze him in the least. While he was wandering around wondering if he’d find anything to take his mind off of the violence he experienced for the night. The boy found a park, if it could be called that. There was a rusted swing set, some sand scattered about. But for Sora it was the next best thing to a safe haven he had from all the dangerous people that lived in the area. During the time he spent at the park Sora found another kid his age. The other boy had spotted the marks on Sora’s face concern flicking across his eyes for his friend. Now and then the other boy would try to hug him and Sora usually flinched back like he expected to be hit. The other boy decided he’d try to stop doing that since it seemed to frighten Sora. They just sat in silence that night on the two rusted swings looking at the sky in their own thoughts. They were both nothing more than children who needed one another so that they didn’t grow up in the cruel world all alone.

Sora didn’t end up going home that night; he spent the whole night at the park. Yuuki never came to look for her son assuming he was fine. That was the problem with his mother. She always assumed that everything was alright. After the night in the park the young boy ended up going home in the afternoon. He didn’t speak to his step father. The boy decided he’d just use this as the motivation to get stronger. It was clear he couldn’t depend on anyone to protect him from being badly hurt. That was all people were, users. The thought was one that made the child unhappy but he never did anything about it. Sora just learned to live with the abuse around his house hold not knowing what else to say for himself beyond the fact that he loathed his family. His mother was an enabler and his father fed off of that since no one tried to stop him from how he treated everyone around him.

Run and don’t you dare look back!

Sora at this point was sixteen. Life never got easier with his mother and step-father. Hell most of the time Sora avoided going home because he swore he was going to kill the man. There was a part of the youth that had grown very vicious from the life he was living. It was a hard life that he was living. During his time of living on the streets Sora decided to join a gang. These children were much more his friends than anyone else. What surprised people was that the young thug would show up for school every day. He was a handsome young man that usually brought the attention of his female peers to him. Though that didn’t seem to matter since Sora only had eyes for his friend he made when he was a young boy. The other male knew this. Hell they were dating on and off. The off times usually happening when Sora was going through a lot of shit and couldn’t handle having other people around him. Despite loving the other guy, Sora was often an ass because he didn’t know how to handle things properly. The gang that he was in was like family to the young man. He would go to any length to protect that even if it meant stepping in the path of a gun to get them away in time. Being in a gang was hard on the young man mostly because it made a rep for him. He often had to hold up the rep or someone would think it was okay to be a mouthy prick to him. Sora was quick to put people back in their place he just didn’t feel like it most of the time because he didn’t want to get in more trouble than he already seemed to cause. Especially not when he was considering renting an apartment with his boyfriend.

The gang he was in was constantly in a fight with another gang for territory. It was a mess. It was during this time that Sora figured out he didn’t want to be a part of the gangs if it meant that he wasn’t going to ever have peace. Sure he enjoyed being around the people he considered family, it just didn’t make it seem safe though. What would he do if he ever lost any of them? The thought was one that seemed to haunt him none stop. One day his fear became true. The other gang planned one large hit on their base. It was something both sides had agreed against. You didn’t break into someone’s base, it was their home and that was just violating things. Sora was on the front lines with a gun able to help try and defend that didn’t mean he could take everyone who continued to try and break in. It seemed people from the other gang hadn’t liked the rules that had been set out. Sora fought them with grace and speed not wanting to deal with them any longer than he had to. During the fight Sora didn’t know that they took his boyfriend. He has been so absorbed in fighting. The news hit him that their leader was killed. Being the second in charge the young man knew he had a lot of responsibility to look after. Sora was determined to keep the young men safe. When he was taking a body count he realized his boyfriend was gone without a lead back to him at all. This frightened the hell out of him.

A note was sent out to Sora, saying if he wanted his love back in one piece then he best hand his life over to them and give them the rest of the gang members so they could rule both territories. Sora didn’t think twice about it. He refused to lose someone that he cared this much about. The young man was fully aware this was a trap but didn’t care. When he got to their base he was trapped, smashed behind the head with an iron rod. The force was enough to knock the man down but he didn’t seem to move. In fact he looked towards them, blood trailing down his face before grinning like a monster from hell. They obviously were stupid if they thought he was going to be rational. His only thought was to save his boyfriend, fuck the rest of the shit. Nothing else mattered. He needed to get his hands on the other boy. He fought his way inside and saw his boyfriend laying on the ground in a crumpled mess. His mouth was gagged and blood stained the cloth that was shoved in there. Seeing this something tightened in his chest before he found himself once more hit in the back of the head. This time he fell to the ground his vision gone for the moment. That was all it took for them to jump on him and bind him up. Sora got hung from chains that dangled through the warehouse.

Soon enough they had him bound and then spent hours torturing him, telling him everything could be so much better if he just gave up to them. It was during this time Sora found back. The morons had only bound his arms. Kicking outward he hit the leader in the jaw hard throwing him back. The other two guards were worried over their leader that it gave his boyfriend enough time to escape. Sora looked at him with a soft look and mouthed the word love to the other young man. He turned to run and the guards realized. Sora yelled at him to run and not stop no matter how far he got from them. The other man vanished from view. The sound of gunshots rang out clearly and Sora sagged against the chains in a defeated manner knowing what happened. Tears stained his face.

The Company
A few years later, Sora was in another city now. His once handsome face was scarred up from the torture done to his body. The young man never once complained about it. His marks were some of the best known in the high schools. During this time he also learned that he was a fullbring user. He used the necklace around his neck from his boyfriend using it with powers to protect himself. It was during this time that the company sought him out. They were interested in the talented man that they had. Working with the company he slowly gained more power and rose through their ranks willing to do anything to take someone out. After all it was for the best that he grew. He needed the power to protect. Sora refused to fail again.
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Re: Sora Hayashi - Fullbringer

Post by Joachim Armster on Mon Jun 04, 2012 3:41 pm

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