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Kasumi Suzume - Shinigami

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Kasumi Suzume - Shinigami

Post by Kasumi Suzume on Tue Jun 05, 2012 12:27 am

Black Cat

[center]B A S I C S //

Laying down the bricks //

Nickname/s | Ducky, Raven, Death
DOB | May 23, 1866
Age | 160 ish, appears 17
Gender | Female
Sexual Orientation | Straight
Ethnicity | Japanese
Occupation Captain of the Gotei
Loyalty | Gotei

Proof of who I am //


Zanpakutou Spirit | The spirits form is a Kirin, a chimera like creature from Japanese mythology. It’s said to be the king over all mammals. It’s said to appear when a sage has come to the lands. The Kirin is a good omen that brings prosperity to all those that see it. Greatness is bestowed on the owner of the Kirin, but a great bloodshed must come before the Kirin will grant a wish. The creature which is supposed to be seen as a good omen is actually a blood thirsty creature. When its tastes are quenched it will aid its owner to prosperity.

The Kirin holds an almost demanding appearance to it. Its face resembles a mix of the eastern dragon and a horse; the whiskers are those of the eastern dragon. The creature’s eyes are golden like the sun’s rays which will gently light up the world, but underneath the gentle look, is pure hatred toward almost everything it sees. It has a horn upon its head, with a mane made of fire; the Kirin's body is covered in scales. It has hooves like a deer does, and the body built almost like a deer’s would have its own built.

The personality of the spirit is rather calm. It holds a noble air to it which remains slightly terrifying to those that witness the creatures approach. It’s very calm toward its owner and shows respect at all times, although it can take on a bad attitude. The creature is seen as rather prestigious and gentle toward all that encounter it. It will not harm another creature, but it’s very presence makes everyone aware that there will be a large bloodshed. It also does not like to talk to its owner very much often looking at her in a manner that may suggest she is a fool rather than a smart woman. He tends to look down on her, holding a very big pride.

Inner World | The domain of the spirit is described as pure raw, in all forms hell. A large gate shows in the world, it’s made from a dark iron metal. The metal poles link together, but are twisted so finely so that all whom touch it slice their hands up. The front of the gate rises roughly twenty feet into the air. On the front of it is the image of the Wiccan star, from the star blood drips. It trails down the length of the door slowly, while flames lick from under neath the gate. When the gate is opened, screams shatter the silence. A heat erupts around the area, making in hot. A feeling of having a hot poker pointed to your eyes and throat come when stepping inside.

Above it appears almost like you've entered an underground cave. Flames are seen from all angles that you look at, in front of you there's a rickety bridge. A howling moaning wind sways the bridge over a black void of nothing. The scent of death reeks when on the bridge. The scent is almost overwhelming seeming to drown the senses. When crossing the bridge darkness seems to invade your senses. You have to pass the bridge with all your senses gone. This seems almost like an impossible task.

Once the bridge is passed, the senses slowly to return. Decaying bodies are found strewn around, limbs ripped apart. The bodies are hard to tell the gender, they've been mutilated beyond repair. Making the way through this, is a dark mist where a small island is found. The island holds a sickly sweet scent coming off of it. There's a boat harboured to the side of the cave wall, gently bobbing in the waves of the black water. Once making way across the water, all sense of direction goes missing before the boat hits the shore of the island. Once at the island the sounds of hooves approach the ship.

Once hitting this island the senses are once more returned slowly. The first thing the eyes will be able to take in is the bright green plants that live there. The place is full of life, thriving with all sorts of life. The flowers are beautiful and it seems strange that such an island would survive in a hellish place such as that. But her Kirin often told her that when something ended something new started, and every time a soul was slain a beautiful flower bloomed to remember the person. The island is roughly ten kilometres in length, and has all sorts of flowers on it. Each flower has its own story behind it, and each is beautiful in their own way. A sandy path leads towards the center of the island where her spirit is usually found resting on a bed of bright green grass relaxing. Somehow, sunlight seems to dance brightly on this island, holding an inviting look like it will lure you in and keep you captive there. It’s also not uncommon to find her spirit on a cliff looking down on its island with a watchful gaze.

Sealed state | Unlike most sealed swords, hers is not a Katana but a wakizashi. It is often found hanging at her hip, fastened there with a gray sash. The sheath of the blade is made from a light bamboo. The bamboo has been smoothed to take out the ridges, but because of how well made the sheath is the blade remains sharp, not going dull. The bamboo had then been varnished over giving it a glossy look to make sure that it did not get scratched too easy. The ribbon tied around it is a pale pink, with green silk twining around it. A long ribbon trails from the sword which allows her to easily swing the sword over her head if she must. The blade of the sword is a light silver, but seems to hold a beautiful glow to it. Along the hilt of the blade, there is writing that says 'The Kirin bestows good fortune upon thee' in a scripted print in kanji along it the blade of the sword. Under the ribbon there was a detailed look to it but the ribbon is rarely moved from the blade.

Overall Ability | The ability is fire manipulation in the rawest form. Her blade forms some along it to ignite bigger fires which she can manipulate freely. The more reiatsu she puts into the fire the more dangerous it can grow. For the most part she can make vines and the likes to trap people while she lets the fires burn around them. It works effectively for the most part.

Release phrase | Yakedo ya zaisan ni kogasu. Kirin-sama (やけどや財産に焦がす。キリン様)

Shikai Appearance | The blade shifts from the wakizashi form, shifting into that of an elegant saber. The saber's blade is made from a light but strong metal, almost like a steel titanium alloy mix, which makes the blade slightly bendable but very hard to damage. The blade it's self is a light silver colour, looked almost white towards the tip of the blade because fire is generally burning along the length of the blade of the sword. The blade has etchings on it, with more sayings for the Kirin and the price that comes with it. This etching tends to glow a gentle golden colour when she is using her reiatsu. The pommel of the blade is elegant and has a golden guard that looks like thin vines curling up in a nice manner moving over where the hand should rest. There is black cloth generally tied around the pommel of the blade to protect it from wear. The sheath is made of metal also, and she is able to switch the hands she uses to fight, being able to use the sheath to defend herself against another swords slash.

Overall Ability | (DO NOT USE)
Release phrase | (DO NOT USE)
Bankai Appearance | (DO NOT USE) [IMG*]image url (if there is an image)[/IMG]

Further than just the skin //

Height | 5"
Weight | 100 Pounds
Hair color & Style | Raven, long.
Eye color | Crimson
Overall Appearance | Her eyes seem to have two colours. While in her inner world they area a gentle sky blue, but in reality around everyone else they're a shocking crimson showing to the hollow like nature that has touched her. Kasumi's hair is raven black, falling to her rump in a straight sheet, yet when her hair is wet it curls into locks and makes her look like a small glass doll. Her bangs sweep across her fore head but only seem to reach her eyes when it’s wet. She tends to keep it up in a ponytail or clipped to avoid it being caught in things. It is rather rare to see her have it down.

Kasumi is a beautiful young looking woman. Her face resembles that of a china doll made with the finest care. Her skin is pale which used to be a desired look when she was alive, but she finds it makes her look sickly at times due to the pallor she'll get from it. She is petite, and thin. The weight she does hold is the muscle that’s packed away on her legs and arms. Despite being such a small girl, Kasumi is nothing short of beautiful. There really isn't another like her in the world despite thinking so. Her beauty is like a hand crafted doll that can only be created once. Her lips are a pale pink colour, her teeth are white, and straight. Dedication is shown towards her daily grooming because the woman does not like to appear dirty.

Over her body are scars everywhere. Her back holding the worst of them marks from the lashings she took when she was a human. Kasumi generally tries to avoid letting anyone see her back due to this because it’s a part of her history she doesn't like to share. She doesn't like to tell people what happened in her past. It’s safer for them to believe that the rest of her is as lovely as her face. Spanning across her right shoulder dipping onto her scar covered back is a tattoo of a dragon. The beast is seen snarling into the air. She's never once mentioned where she's gotten this mark from nor does she really even acknowledge it. It starts near the nape of her neck and trails down.


Understand the invisible //

Likes |

  • Stuffies - Kasu has a thing for stuffed animals. They're so cute and fluffy! It isn't a surprise that she has a collection of them stuffed around her home. Her favorite are one's of mythical creatures like unicorns, phoenixes and other various brightly coloured things.

  • Sweets - Sugar? The small girl has a thing for anything sweet really. Be it a lollipop or a piece of chocolate you'll be winning her heart. Though she isn't fond of sour candies, mostly on the sweet ones. This works into personality for the fact she doesn't like bitterness so she'll share her sour candies with people she doesn't like. It's her own way of telling this without saying it out loud to get anyone hurt.

  • Dancing - Kasumi likes dancing because it keeps her in shape. It allows her full movement in her body just like training does. She's able to do most dances known to man because she's been studying them on and off when no one is looking. The fluid movements have been added into her fighting style then which tends to surprise most people since she's very delicate and light on her feet.

  • Weapons - She has a thing for weapons. When ever Kasumi sees a sword of some sort she'l be able to tell you the make and year. It just happens to be one of her strange quirks that someone wouldn't expect out of a child like herself.

Overall Personality |

Kasumi is notorious for her silence, not saying much to anyone around her. She doesn't want to utter a word because she does not what would upset someone. It wouldn't be uncommon to not hear a single word uttered from her mouth for days together. She enjoys the silence around her, listening to the noises of everything else. She is able to talk, but doesn't think that talking is needed to express one’s self. If anything she much rather listen to the sounds of the world. After all, when one is listening to the sounds around them they can become in tune with the world knowing when something would happen. Most sounds have familiar sounds which make her relax slightly when she hears them. Like if a bird is chirping, she'll be able to tell you the type of bird and where the noise is coming from


Kasumi loves making friends, which most of her traits seem to say she doesn't. She's just really she when it comes to people. But she is a gentle hearted girl, willing to stick her neck out for those that have treated her well. She might have been passive, but around her friends she's a real little pixie. A smile is always on her face, and it isn't rare to see her hugging her friends, and giving them affection of some sort. It’s not strange from her since she wants her friends to know she cares about them so she'll give them a healthy touch and make sure she interacts with them. The small girl is a doll, willing to put herself in a position that may be bad if it’s for one of her friends. She's never really had too many good friends so the idea of making friends is alien to her, and she tends to get jumpy about it.

If she had to talk to someone new, and meet their gaze right on she'd feel slightly scared. But she generally asks other people she knows about the person she has to confront. If one of her friends was hurt by another person, she would get aggressive rather fast about it. In her eyes, it’s alright for someone to treat her bad, but if they hurt her friends they're dead in her eyes. She doesn't like the fact that so many people finding fighting a normal part of their lives, which is why she's not much of a fan of the combat squad. After all, most of the people there are large, and fairly frightening, worst of all are made for fighting the one thing that she does not like they excel in. If she were to fight it'd be with the demon magic rather than brute strength.

She can be a bundle of laughs when just hanging out with friends. She enjoys comparing swords with another person, and squeaking over the make and the style of the blade. She has a field day with looking at swords. Most people find that odd since she's dislikes fighting. It seems a part of her is darker than the rest though. If one of her friends back stabbed her, she would not think twice about cutting ties with them. After all if someone is going to be a threat to someone they're close to then they're not worth the trouble. There are times though, when she is willing to fight with her friends getting into silly little tiffs. She just thinks they're a part of everyone's life and a healthy thing to experience.

Head strong fighter.

The Kirin had been a very prideful spirit around Kasumi, always picking at her when she did not fight well enough. He'd give up, and leave an angry Kasumi there. She hates when someone looks down on her, and thinks it’s not right. After all, the weakest of wolves still have their fangs and claws. If someone is stupid enough to drop their attention after being all high and mighty with her then she will not be afraid to strike for the kill. She is silent in her motions of being a fighter, not liking to give away the thoughts that are on her mind. Although if someone had angered her to the point where she was going to fight, she is an aggressive brute fighter, looking more to lash the sword in a dangerous manner to surprise the foe rather than parrying and dancing about.

She prefers direct attacks while fighting. There's nothing sneaky for her in battle. Its not uncommon to find Kasumi closing her eyes while fighting, just depending on her sense of sound. When the Kirin taught her how to use the blade he had stolen her senses on many cases. Which is why she tends to do this. After all she figures you don't need all your senses to give someone hell. If you can tell where they're coming from, and which angle the sound of the blade going through the air is coming from then you should be able to survive. A lot of people like to fight her because she seems like an easy target while fighting but she is a dangerous little spit fire, ready to tear someone’s throat out.

She goes through the transition of meek little girl, to dangerous woman within seconds. It’s not common to find hatred showing in her eyes. Although there's not a lot of things that could provoke her into such a state. There are only a few things she'll fight for, honour, friend's honour, and her job as a shinigami to the gotei 6. Although one of the things that'll make her annoyed is when in a fight a foe will mock her. That is something that plays the strings of her heart into a fiery state. She was so used to the Kirin mocking her while she stumbled along that she is ready to attack anyone that proves themselves a threat to her.

Loyal Dog

The gotei has her full loyalty. She will never think of betraying the souls that have been placed in the place. She will remind people of their place if they think of even trying to leave. They have a duty to uphold and people to protect. It is not something that they should just throw away at the first sign of trouble. She knows that she'll die on duty one day because she follows every order without asking second about it. The others around themselves refer to themselves as dog, which in her eyes makes it seem like they're a pack of German Sheppard police dogs. They're used to protect and defend the people around them. But if one of them goes mad in the brain then they need to be put down like the menace they are. She does not like wild cards, and will not shed a tear over a lost member.

Her squad will always mean the most to her though. She wants them to be safe, and because of that tends to have a pack mentality. She does not want one of her squad members to hurt another of the squad members because they're like a family. They eat together, live together, sleep, laugh, cry, and fight together. If one person cannot protect themselves then the other pick up the slack and make sure the one that can't is protected. She doesn't want someone that's in their close knit pack to wind up dead because one of the squad members was lazy and did not do their job like they were supposed to do. Although she knows it’s a very real reality and can happen because someone was not trying hard enough to keep those close to them safe.


Family, the wonders of another close knit bond, related by love, and blood. She will do anything for family; she doesn't care the lengths she has to go to. If she has to over look her duty she will, because she wants to keep those that mean the most to her safe from harm. She needs her family to feel safe or she will not be happy. She wants to have her family one day although she's not foolish enough to be a hopeless romantic. Duty will always need to come before her own heart, she knows this. Honour and duty rule with an iron fist. Although this does not mean she does not believe in love. She really does want to find it one day, and she always wants to find out if those she knew in her human days have become something more than just spirits, or hollows.

Tell me a tale... //

Birthplace | Edo, Japan
Mother | Reiko
Father | Kaito
Siblings | Many.
Other Relations | N/A
Companion | N/A
Overall history |
Where the dice fell!

Rain was pouring, at a steady pace with a rhythmic tap noise. It seemed to be going on steady without any chance of it stopping soon. It was as if the gods had opened the sky and decided to drop a lake on the people below. The roads had been flooding because of the torrents of water that fell from the heavens above. At first they had been in the middle of a bad drought, the crops dying, and then their prayers had been answered with rain. Although a little too much for most people's liking as it was now drowning the crops making them no good? It was becoming more and more of a pain it seemed. The gods seemed to be playing cruel tricks on them, by not giving them enough what they need but going to the extreme in both cases. The people thus were weary to pray for another thing in fear of being granted another extreme case of desire.

But one mother made a wish; her wish was rather simple though. Nothing too extreme, hell most mothers hoped for the same thing. That her child would be a healthy little girl. The man that had taken her was a well known Samurai who had only married her because her father had wished it. What her father wished happened; one did not ask questions against it. So she became a member of the Suzumei harem, living with six other wives that were all vying for their husbands love and affection. But Akira did not want his affection, in all honesty when she thought of her husband she was repulsed that she had to marry such a thing. Especially when the man only boasted of the beauty of his wives, and daughters. One wife he likes to go on and on about was Reina, the blond beauty. That man would go on for hours about her. It made all the wives envious and green eyed monsters. All expect Akira; she disliked the man and saw him as a narcissist, which was not far from the truth.

Making sure that she did not have much interaction with the man, Akira remained by herself usually in the gardens. She was seen with a sword almost all the time. Her father had been a famous Samurai, one that held great political power and was often consoled in when the Emperor had needed someone to talk to. So she was in the gardens, with her sword, swinging. She was at practice with the blades for hours on end making sure that her skills were still keen. She may of been a woman, but she refused to be a gentle geisha like the man’s other wives. No, she'd be the fire cracker of the group. She knew she was with babe, the child would be safe, and this was just exercising nothing too serious. She wanted to be a loving mother to the child and would do her best to provide for the child. She'd do anything to have a healthy screaming baby in the end of all the pain.

So she continued her ways of being the wife who knew combat. She was often found with her swords, and knew she'd train her first child to use the blades she cherished. This babe would have anything and everything it could want. But, no she wouldn't let the babe seem like it was spoiled. Although she would do her best so that the babe was in a well loved home. Her husband although had become a slight gambler and the wife soon found out that her child had been a bet in one of her husband’s gambling bets. She was horrified when she found out, her husband told her the child's fate would now depend if it was a male or female. If it was a female then it would be placed in geisha training, but if it was a boy it would be given away. She was outraged that her husband would do such a thing, and words were thrown between the two.

Angry his wife had left to stay with her father till the child was due. Her stomach was large and the journey had been hard, but worth it to get away from her moronic husband. She had made it to the village where her father was, and then a few days later her water broke. The babe was coming. Pain washed over the woman and the town's mid-wife aided Aikra to give birth to her little babe. Relief swept over Akira when she found out it was a girl. She could at least keep her to herself then and raise her how she wanted to. The babe was tiny, but the local doctor said that her child was a healthy young baby. She earned the name Kasumi because the rains had finally ended but left a thick mist. So she was named after the thick mists she was born into.

Staying with her fathers, news had soon went to her husband that the child was a girl. The man had soon come to Akira's father meeting her there. He seemed ecstatic to have a beautiful babe. She did not cry at all which worried her mother. After all, didn't babes need to cry? Her own mother suggested that maybe there was something wrong with the babe thus it could not cry. But one look into Kasumi's bright lively eyes she knew that it her little angel was perfectly fine, there was not a flaw with the tiny babe. Akira was content, even if her bore of a husband was around her all the time making sure she did not run off with the child. Although that in its self seemed tempting all in its self.

The town's priestess had been surprised when they brought the child to make sure it had all its blessings. Seeing the small babe, she had let out a prayer. The eyes were strange, looking more like that of adults than a newly born babe. It was interesting to say the least. So when doing a prayer she had been frightened. She heard the strong voice of the Kirin, the god of that mountain. He had spoken saying the child was his, and had its blessing. The child was either very or lucky or doomed since the Kirin was known for the large prices that had to be paid to him before he was of any use to anyone. Telling the parents that they had the god of the mountains blessing both of them seemed rather happy with the whole affair.

The Childhood Years.

Being a child was a lonely thing, what did she have to look forward to. Her father had been set on making her a Geisha. She did not have a choice of her own in this matter. At the age of four years old, she had grown some, still remaining a small little spit fire. Her mother was caring for her none the less though and tried her best to keep her daughter content. Kaito had started to leave Akira alone with more lee way in raising their daughter, since his other wide Reina had her own girl, the white haired child. Akira was glad to have the heat off her darling daughter, and went into teaching Kasumi how to speak. But Kasumi refused to utter a word, although she proved intelligent when it came to writing.

When asking the doctor if something was wrong with her daughter, Akira seemed certain there was. It must of been the price the Kirin had taken from her. Her beautiful young daughter, the mute. But, the doctor checked her, and got Kasumi to make noises. He said he was uncertain if she was mute or not because she refused to cooperate. They were not sure, so they could not make accurate judgment. Although her tutors all said she was brilliant and graceful when it came to her grades, and art. It was just that she refused to talk or say anything. So for the next few years Kasumi remained in her silence watching everything with sullen eyes wondering if she could just be forgotten from the adults hopes for her.

So she grew up with each passing year being a beautiful young girl. She was a quick learner, and was not stupid in the least. Although one thing that had her interest was her sister, Riko. Her sister was only two years younger than her but a sickly little thing. Her father had her locked up all the time so she couldn't leave and explore outside, because she could of just made herself sicker. Not something Kasumi liked after all, she disliked when she was kept inside but her little sister was already kept inside and gawked at like an animal. One day when their father had left, Kasumi snuck into Riko's room to see her sickly sister dancing her small little heart out even though she was so sick.

The sight was saddening to be honest. She never knew her sister had such spirit even though they had her locked away. Watching Kasumi was interested, after her sisters dancing had finished she introduced herself to the girl. Surprise had shown on her sisters face, which made Kasumi happy. That was one of the few times Kasumi had ever talked, it was to tell her sister who she was. Riko and Kasumi spent the rest of the afternoon together. Kasumi giving Riko pointers in her drawing, and Riko giving Kasumi pointers in her dancing. The pair of them had a good time together, but that fun would not last for long. Kaito had returned a few days later and they went back to their normal lives away from each other not saying a word to one another.

Kasumi took to sitting in the garden with her mother marveling over blades of swords. She soon got one of her own when she reached the age of nine. Her mother gave her a short sword which she cherished even though it was a small ineffective weapon for those she wanted to fight. But, none the less it let her train. So for hours upon hours she practiced just a fluid swing hoping that she'd be able to train herself. Her father disapproved of such actions but he never did anything to stop her. After all, he saw her when she trained. It was like when he used to train soldiers, but none of them appeared so fluid. To be able to move a blade like that and at a such age awed Kaito, and he got one of his friends to watch to see how it looked to him. Both of them watched in silence as she went through her practice.

Kaito let his daughter continue not bothering her at all. So for the next few years she practiced and then started challenging some of her elder brothers in duels. They fought to humor themselves but soon found themselves in tricky positions. Kasumi was well known in the area as the warrior Geisha. Many men came to see what she looked like, at the age of fourteen she was beautiful. Her finger was toned, and she was at the ideal age to be married off, or so her father thought. She just continued her fighting, since it gave her something to do. It was not the best fun there was but it kept her from thinking about her sister who was locked up all the time.

One bid too high.

Her father was addicted to gambling. He would often lose a handful of gold here and there because he couldn't help his habit. Although sometimes the demand was a little too big so he had to back out of a game. He enjoyed watching people play such strange games, and get money so he would often play too. But, he generally put his lot in with the wrong people. It wasn't something hat surprised anyone to be honest though. A lot of the noble families knew that the current head of the family was a little loose with his money. It drew a lot of attention, specially from people traveling from other nations. One night Kaito requested that Kasumi serve tea at one of his games with some rich Russian nobles. She did as her father asked her, watching the cups of tea to make sure that they were always filled.

Her father was losing the game, and Kasumi left at that point to return to the garden to practice with her blade. She peered around for a moment in the dark, finding her blade. She was once more off training the motions that her body followed for certain movements. She had to get used to the movements if she wanted to be of any use to those around her. Her mother watched her, one of the Russian men were talking with her mother while watching Kasumi. The small girl did not look up. She had a bad feeling about that day so she continued to push herself in her training to get over the feeling, she wanted this night to be over. After a few hours of training herself she was exhausted and wandered to her room to take a rest for the the night.

That was when she found her father waiting for her, flanked by two of the large Russian men. The look on her father's face was of shame. She stopped in her tracks in the hallway, staring at the men while her father explained he had lost in the game, and they didn't want the gold but her. Her father seemed sad about the whole deal, since it was his gambling that had got him into such trouble. His wife was furious and yelled obscenities at her husband while crying, looking upset for her child. Kasumi felt cold at that moment. Never before had she hated her father but at that moment she did. Her younger sister was roused by the noise and Kasumi looked unhappy. Riko had went to her sisters side, looking at her father with those wide eyes of hers.

Kasumi just sighed, and spoke a few words. It was a good bye to Riko. Her parents both appeared surprised because they did not know that Kasumi could talk. They all assumed that she was mute, thus had not bothered talking to her. She gave her sister one last hug, knowing that'd be the last time she'd ever see the face of her younger sister. Then she accepted her fate that her father had bestowed upon her because of his bad habit. She wanted to refuse not to go but that'd disgrace her family more. She had been sold to the Russian's with out a second thought it seemed and that did not make the least bit happy. She was rather hurt by what her father had done since it separated her from the family she loved so much.

She was lead away by the group of the Russian's not understanding anything they said. So she remained silent, just watching and listening. She tried her best not to get on their nerves although she knew it was bound to happen. If the Kirin was watching over her, then it must of been laughing it's damn head off with this one. She seemed to have gotten herself into a bad position with out knowing what she had done. After a few weeks of traveling around Japan with the Russian's they once more set off toward their homeland. The cold lands. One of the Russian's the youngest, seemed to hold the most interest in Kasumi, often trying to strike conversations up with her while she stared at him silently as if she did not understand what he meant.

She hoped her sister was doing better than she was. This was going to be a long trip. They tried to feed her well, but Kasumi only ate the bare minimum, taking nothing more from the Russian's. She did not trust them all too much but that was okay since that seemed to go both ways. She had become not much more than a slave to the rich Russian nobles. Soon enough they would reach their lands once more, although she was not looking forward to that. Daily she cursed her father for being the moron he had been. If it weren't for him she would of had met the match maker and had a family. But instead she was traveling with a group of brutes who did things in a strange way and talked strange... This was going to be a long trip...

Shinigami years.

Needless to say, Kasumi died in Russia at the age of Seventeen. There were rumors spilling around about the elusive sword man, (woman this case) who worked around for the mafia. She was a bit of a legend in that area, being hired as a killer. It was said she had went mad, ranting and raving about monsters named hollows. Needless to say, her 'mentors' as they deemed themselves killed Kasumi. They left her body to freeze in the cold depths of the winter, and she was never seen again. Although, she did roam around for awhile. As a soul looking for solace, although it wasn't coming to her. She seemed confused until a man garbed in black helped her pass on into the other world.

Once passed on she wound up in the Rukon. She didn't mind this way of life, remaining by herself for good hours on end. She traveled about exploring, but never once said anything. She had to say she disliked this way of life, and she watched the human world silently, and then found out her baby sister had died. The one she had been so close to. Suddenly the world didn't seem so happy, and the hunger the gnawed at her gut was also irritating. What the hell was she supposed to do? Then another one of the strange people found her, and explained to her that the spiritual energy she was releasing meant she was like them. She accepted this and was soon enrolled in school.

She meet her spirit of the sword she had there, its name was Kirin. Together they vowed to work together to make everything better. Although she secretly knew that things would get better any time soon. She worked hard through the academy with the sword, ignoring everyone else around her. It was said that she was good at zajutsu and kido, but useless with hoho and hand to hand combat. But needless to say she passed the academy and got along with her spirit.
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Re: Kasumi Suzume - Shinigami

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