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Koysilo Mitsunari - Arrancar

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Koysilo Mitsunari - Arrancar Empty Koysilo Mitsunari - Arrancar

Post by Koysilo on Tue Jun 05, 2012 11:58 am


[center]B A S I C S //

Laying down the bricks //

Nickname/s | That bastard, Koy.
DOB | March 12th,1762.
Age | Appears to be in his late twenties, truly is 200 years of age.
Gender | Male.
Sexual Orientation | Heterosexual.
Ethnicity | Japanese.
Occupation | Espada.
Loyalty | Himself and his superiors.

Proof of who I am //


Sealed Zanpakutou Appearance | Koysilo’s sealed zanpakutou is an elegantly forged, high durability, and extremely sharp katana that has a blade length of at least 45-inches long. Because of the sheer length of the blade, drawing this blade presents a certain level of difficulty, one that requires a rather tricky set up. In addition, because of the blade length, Koysilo does not carry the sword sheathed and hanging around his waist. He holds the sheathe of the blade, instead, and keeps the threads tied to his left wrist. Counting the Tsuba (cross-guard) and the handle, all the way to the pommel, Koysilo’s zanpakutous entire length is exactly 60-inches long. It, however, has a slender appearance, like a nodachi. The blade itself is fully metallic silver ,very sharp and eye appealing. The hilt is wrapped in indigo suitra silk.
Koysilo Mitsunari - Arrancar K04391-GoldbergDavid009-final
Resurrección Appearance | While saying his release phrase, Koysilo slashes the air in front of him then after his transformation happens. It starts with multiple bolts of electricity which are colored one shade of the rainbow, the electricity shoots off his body, and his muscles bludge out showing his physical strength. Dark rings also now circle his pale eyes which are now more defined as his skin becomes darker. Koysilo’s mask fragment starts to repair itself, as his left arm and torso becomes encased with the white substance. The whole left side of his body up until his neck is now covered with the substance which gives off the appearance of armor. Off the back of the armor a wing made out of the mask’s substance sits. In the wing is in the shapes of a bat and is able to be moved to create powerful gusts of winds.
Koysilo Mitsunari - Arrancar De
Call out phrase | “Destruir su alma, Destripador!” | Tear their soul, Ripper!”
Resurreccion Ability | Upon saying his release phrase, Koysilo is able to manifest his reiatsu into multicoloured bolts of electricity. He is able to manipulate the electricity through his blade, meaning Koysilo can use it both offensively and defensively.

Further than just the skin //

Height | Five foot eight.
Weight | 190 pounds.
Hair color & Style | White, long.
Eye color | Pale grey.
Overall Appearance | Koysilo is an amazing person to look out, his overall appearance could be described as stunning and elegant. His long hair which reaches mid way down his back can be compared to the pure white snow, with each strand being fine and delicate just like expensive silk. His facial features could be described as feminine, as they soft and gentle; his pale grey eyes are possibly the most defining feature about his face, along with his dark eye lashes anyway. And although Koy does resemble a female in some aspects, his male qualities and traits are clearly more dominant. His body is toned and slender, you could call it athletic; with his hollow hole located on his left shoulder and his white mask remains on the top of his left hand, Koysilo apart from those monstrous parts looks perfectly human. In fact many low-rank shinigami have confused him for a wandering soul who has a strong aura about them.
reference, Isley from Claymore:
Koysilo Mitsunari - Arrancar Isleyfull730015

Understand the invisible //

Positive Traits |

  • Charming: You could say it’s his appearance or Koy’s personality, either way you will notice straight away that he is a rather charming man. The way in which Koysilo conducts himself is that of a noble man, he talks with respect and charisma to both friend and foe.
  • Determined: Whenever he is within a contest or a fight, Koysilo is determined to win no matter how much the odds are stacked against him. You could reputably kick the arrancar within the gut multiple times and yet he still would get up with that trade mark sinister grin of his. Even when it comes to girls, Koysilo will not give up until they are under his charm and in his control.
  • Intelligent: The man is one intelligent bastard, holding knowledge of the world around him and its history is nothing short than a positive trait. His brain is photographic and once Koysilo has witnessed an event he will never forget it. This helps when putting names and faces together and thus he is often noted on how he seems to be able to remember everyone he meets.
  • Positive: Koysilo is one of the few people left within the living and the dead who can see the bright side out of the negative. If he fails to do something he will see it as a new chance for something better to possibly happen or even reattempt it, giving up is not an option and with every negative comes or a positive or so he says.
  • Respectful: Friend or foe, shinigami, hollow or even human, Koysilo shows mutual respect to them all. He is a man who likes to show his respect by using the correct honorific’s and talking in a sincere and gentle tone that would make one think that Koysilo isn’t truly such a bad guy.

Negative Traits |

  • Arrogant: Even though Koysilo doesn’t openly refer to himself as the best, he thinks such things. Believing all those of other races are inferior to the Arrancar. Apart from that Koy likes to also think he is possibly the strongest Arrancar alive and often makes sly remarks as such referring to himself as the great and the strongest. Yet even though some self-confidence is a good thing, Koysilo has far too much of it and his arrogance stems from his pride as an Arrancar.
  • Blunt: Although Koysilo is quite a charming fellow he is not one to beat around the bush and tells all the facts straight. People who are on the end of his bluntness often see him as a rude bastard, in which he partially is. However he does not abuse the person while telling them the facts, no, instead Koysilo will still talk to them as if they were an equal however his disposition on said person can be altered,depending on the previous events that had unfolded.
  • Destructive: His aspect of death is destruction so it would make sense for Koysilo to crave it. It’s like a disease built into his DNA, the feeling of tearing humans and weaker hollows apart with their blood quenching his thirst. Although you wouldn’t think such a civil person such as Koysilo would have a problem like this.
  • Dishonest: Koysilo is a man who will lie to achieve his greater cause. During his human life, Koy has woven a web of lies in which even to this day he sits upon. Telling the truth to only a few, Koysilo doesn’t trust many besides the most loyal of his subordinates and those superiors who look after him—although there aren’t many who are superior to him.
  • Manipulative: Koysilo is a man who likes to be in control at all times, he likes having as many subordinates as possible who will freely do his bidding without question. Koy uses his good looks, charm and personality to get what he wants, you could say he has the power of easily seducing females and males alike, although he doesn’t like to use seduction as most of his subordinates volunteered to work for him.

Habits |

  • Drinking— Koysilo can often be found having a glass of hard liquor to ease his emotions, funnily enough however he doesn’t seem to be able to get drunk. He himself does not know if this is because he can’t or simply because he has a higher tolerance to liquor than normal.
  • Lying— He has a terrible habit of lying to people’s faces, and then making up more lies to cover the first. In the end he sits upon a web of lies he has constructed around himself for various reasons.
  • Experimenting— Koy is one to believe in science and detests there is such a thing called god. In his spare time if not talking to girls, feasting upon hollow or his participating in his favourite past time; destroying things, Koysilo can be found gather specimens and samples for various scientific projects he has started.

Aspect of Death | Destruction.
Fears | Even though Koysilo is one of the strongest there are those who are stronger, and those are the people who is afraid of.
Goals | His ultimate goal is to become king of all Arrancar and claim a position as a god for all to look up to.
Overall Personality | Koysilo has an overhaul of a personality from his earlier years as a noble samurai. At first, he was extremely brooding, and contemptuous, uncompromising and terribly hateful of the world. Very few people could actually stand his hateful behaviour, not the least of which is his swords master Muneakira. He was literally overbearing towards anyone, and everyone. At least, until he got the grips with himself; his personality change took a turn for the better thanks to him conquering his hatred. Since then, he became quite the casual person. He smiles a lot to people, even to his enemies. He wastes no moment of his life being positive more, and being negative less. He is never too emotional, but he is not insensitive to the feelings of people around him. In fact, he is a good friend to people who does not threaten the safety of his fraccion, or anyone he is affiliated to. He habitually goes out of his way to help his friends in times of needs and at the same time, still manages to protect those that are important.

Despite his martial nature, Koysilo is very casual in all manners of his life. He walks airily and smoothly, as if he is constantly levitating with every step. He talks very politely to others too, even towards his enemy. His voice, of course, carries quite a level of warmth usually, failing only when his opponent is forcing his hand. He never fails to be quite friendly to people especially to samurai. All throughout The land of Imperialists, the people he meets are greeted by his friendly smile, and a warm aura emanating from him. Even during heated fights, he is extremely cool, and very stable. Unlike his teacher, Muneakira, he is quite the cool-headed fighter. He is also extremely efficient in doing the things that are needed to be done. He does not waste any effort, or expend more energy than necessary simply because it’s the way he operates. He does not do anything more than what is required, and certainly follows his orders until such time he feels it necessary to deviate for the greater good. More or less, Koysilo is still very obedient of his superiors, especially Kojima, whom he views in a very high regard and respect.

Due to the nature of his own personality, Koysilo talks very casually to people, friend and foe, but treats them differently in the end. His casual talks are lined with a friendly tone that changes over the course of the conversation, depending on how the other person reacts to him. He does not like continuing conversations when the other person is bordering already to his dislike, and would terminate the conversation politely to avoid any more infatuation on his part, which he would not really like at all. Because of his peaceful nature, Koysilo is quite popular among people he meets. He exhumes such a warm and calming aura that he rarely makes enemies within the land of Las Noches, and even among his enemies. However, he is quite deadly when he turns serious in obliterating his opposition. Though that rarely happens, if it does, it is one of the most extremely rare cases that someone gets to see the man serious. His aura changes from warm to a very cold and demeaning one, often times his eyes burning with a ferocious desire to exterminate whatever the hell standing on his path to achieve his aspirations.

Tell me a tale... //

Birthplace | Japan.
Mother | Miko Uesugi.
Father | Takenaka Mitsunari.
Siblings | Unknown.
Other Relations | His swords master, Muneakira.
Companion | None.
Overall history |
Mercy, Have My Soul

Mitsunari Koysilo was born to Takenaka Mitsunari and Miko Uesugi a marriage between two ancient and noble families. The couple was fleeing from the Uesugi noble of the imperialists, who had put a bounty on Takenaka's head after his slaying of a Uesugi official who was mistreating the commoners. Miko died in childbirth, and Takenaka fled to Shogunate territory with his son. Takenaka found a new life under Shogunate rule, raising his son to be a warrior although left his father to return to the imperialists later at an early and at a later point of his adolescence to study under the man renowned as 'Yagyu Muneakira' later to return and about strategically thinking of samurai also learned about their etiquette. Koysilo had a particular aptitude for Strategic and Kenjutsu and martial arts, and as such, those were the talents Mitsunari Takenaka most heavily honed in his son. Koysilo was also a bit of a strategist when he was young, which sometimes led other samurai to protect him covetously for their own selfish goal or start a fight. One such fight occurred in his tenth year, when another boy insulted his father. In the aftermath of that fight using his wits and martial aptitude, Koysilo became a respected member of the community. Daisuke Daichi, the son of a provincial governor, had been terrorizing many of the area's denizens with Shiro and Kuro, and the community was glad to see them put in their place. Koysilo continued training, honing his skills, body, and mind excessively. Eventually, he even surpassed most foot soldier in physical, mental, and martial prowess. However, his abilities would soon be put to the test when a sword-wielding man attempted to kill his father which resulted in the death of his father, as he realized the importance of his father legacy that has been left for the good of the future, he is strive not to avenge his death but to realize the dream of completing the unity of the land, peace where people can live happily. Not under the situation of constant warfare raging the lands...

Koysilo grew up under the guidance of his swords master, Muneakira, who taught him everything he knew about the art of kenjutsu and proper etiquette throughout his entire child hood. It seemed to be that Muneakira was drumming into these methods so that in the future Koysilo would be a gentlemen to all, However after years of training, Koysilo noticed that it had finally paid off as for his sixteenth birthday, Koy was accepted into the Imperialists forces. At the time joining the Imperialists was the correct thing to do as they sought to unify the land and even though they did it through war, the Imperialists were passionate about their cause. Yet over the years of growing up, leadership changed for the worse…It was now impossible to leave the army without being branded a traitor to the country or being killed, the new shoguns that lead the Imperialists were only after power, they expanded their reach and started to invade other countries. Without a choice or so he thought, Koysilo continued to fight for his lost cause until he was the supple age of eighteen and realised something rather important; that he had the power to control his life, no one else did.

During his last battle, Koysilo betrayed the Imperialists, taking the head of one of the main generals, and a mist the confusion of the foot soldiers Koysilo performed the most honourable thing he could do during his time of betrayal…Seppuku, the disembowelment of oneself with their own blade. It was a fitting way to end his short lived life and if it wasn’t for the tyrants that controlled the power within Japan, Koy would of most likely still had been alive. Although that is hard to say considering he was a solider who risked his life possibly twice every few days.

Redemption, Keep My Corpse

Some time later….

Koysilo woke up and at first he thought he was alive however he distinctively remembered killing himself, in fact upon a close look on the floor Koysilo found his own body. He screamed in terror, not knowing what he currently was. He asked himself if this was hell when he heard hundreds upon thousands over other screams at once. Their voices filled the air like a squawk and attracted a demon of some sort. It was large and black, quite revolting however Koysilo for some reason was not afraid like the others. Not knowing what to do he saw a chain connected to his chest. The sound of agony was unbearable and along with the sound of bones grinding and crunching would cause anyone to go mad. He started to pull at the chain located on his chest, yanking it harder with each pull, screams escaped his lips as the pain felt more excruciating with each pull. He was going to let go of it and stop however on Koysilo’s last pull his chain disappeared, as if he had broken it and within seconds Koysilo fainted.

By the time he woke again, Koysilo was different. Both physically and mentally, he felt the need to eat and was quite large with tar black skin like the demon from before which was still in the distance eating the thousands of souls that fell during war. Koysilo was not himself, the urge of hunger took over. He spoke, his voice was loud and distorted. He asked for food and the other creature looked back at him in shock that the plus had turned into a hollow so quickly. The two creatures engaged in combat and they were both equal which was a surprise to Koysilo. Days went on and both creatures were exhausted yet their battle continued, it was until the other hollow admitted defeat, that Koysilo found out what he was. Yet by this time all these words such as shinigami and hollow were all nonsense. He wanted to eat and so he did. The remaining souls plus the other hollow were all devoured and yet it was not enough to subdue his hunger.

Over the years he travelled far and wide, trying to subdue his hunger and when Koysilo was close, he changed, he became stronger and thus needed to eat more. It was a never ending cycle, if hollows could cry Koysilo would have been bawling by this time. He wanted to end this hunger, as it was killing him from the inside out. There was only two things to control the pain, the first was obviously to eat and the second was to cause destruction, as for some reason Koysilo felt much better after ravishing through various towns. However the shinigami were not going to let this happen, since the stronger Koysilo got the more noticed he became.

It wasn’t long before low-ranking officers started to form groups and go out to find Koysilo who would wait for them eagerly. No meal tasted better than one he had ripped apart or so he thought, and over the years Koy had grown to eating shinigami as they filled his hunger better than other hollows and pluses. The battles with the shinigami were always a challenge and many of times Koy could of lost, yet he did not because he was the strongest, other hollows within the area knew not go anywhere near him or else they would become food and with the abandonment of all competition within the area, Koysilo had to set out and find new places.

As I No Longer Need Your Pitty

After making his way into Hueco Mundo, after years of searching and feeding Koysilo was now in a new area with no reputation. It pissed him off and day in and day out, Koy would go on rampages devouring and destroying whatever he could. The sands of Hueco Mundo spoke of his battles as the golden sand retained the spilt crimson liquid each time. Hollows were either eaten or kept as slaves or rather trophies. It wasn’t long before Koysilo had a mass of followers who were happy to serve him for their entire life as long as Koysilo promised not to eat him. Of course he accepted and with a sinister grin, yet what Koy knew that the other dozen hollows didn’t was that he was a brilliant liar and so Koy got ready to attempt to become something greater than a hollow….A Vasto Lorde.

Four nights since he made the promise and Koy was now finally ready. As his followers who were known as some of the strongest hollows around had made camp and rested, Koysilo struck. They couldn’t do nothing with a disadvantage like this, having no idea where he was Koysilo was too fast for their slow eyes. A slash here and a slice there and all in a matter of a few hours was the battle drawn to an end with the former trophies of Koysilo eaten. And the power was amazing, he could feel it after eating such strong hollows, it was amazing. He was now a Vasto Lorde, the most powerful race to be in existent or so he thought; since his last transformation Koysilo found out about the arrancar and strived to join something called the Espada.

Years later…

He continued feeding however it wasn’t the answer, it seemed that his powers were at a limit and with that Koysilo felt weak. It disgusted him and the only way to vent his anger was to remodel half of Huceo Mundo’s forest. Cero after cero and countless bystanders were killed, other hollows swarmed on their corpses like crows. The forest surrounding him had been cut down and was now a measly grass land, but this measly grass land is where it happened. That night as he was resting from continued excess fire of ceros and balas did the transformation from Vasto Lorde to Arrancar happen and still to this day, Koysilo can’t explain how it happened or what it felt like. He only knew that the next morning was the morning that he saw his skin for the first time in nearly two centuries, possibly longer….

For I’m The Greatest

So now, Koysilo sits in Las Noaches as one of the fabled Espada and amongst its ranks he is one of the few that have desires to become something greater. Yet everything needs careful planning and Koy knows he can’t do such things alone. So while he continues to feast on the weak and those who oppose him, Koysilo is planning the next stages within his life and those around him…

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Koysilo Mitsunari - Arrancar Empty Re: Koysilo Mitsunari - Arrancar

Post by Ravilin Asura on Tue Jun 05, 2012 2:50 pm

Passing through to try-out!
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