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Try-Out: Nisha Eshe; Nisha Eshe

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Try-Out: Nisha Eshe; Nisha Eshe

Post by Ravilin on Tue Jun 05, 2012 12:01 pm

  • Try-out Role-Player: Nisha Eshe
  • Try-out Character's Name: Nisha Eshe
  • Try-out Character's Race: Arrancar


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Re: Try-Out: Nisha Eshe; Nisha Eshe

Post by Nisha Eshe on Thu Jun 07, 2012 11:18 pm

You want to fuck him, don't you? What a whore like sinner...

Nisha's hand rested on her small white palm, the crimson eyes locked on the large open floor before her. She was sitting with her bottom pressed against the hard tiles, the crimson locks hiding her visage from everyone in the room. Nisha was examining the smooth floor - it looked speckled with something metallic. The black sheen mixed with metallic made it look rather odd for her own tastes. She was sitting in a large chamber where cushions littered the floor. They were large colourful things meant for people to sit on. The one closest to her was an over zealous shade of red. Such a disgraceful thing. Slowly her gaze moved over the large red cushion. Elena had told her that it reminded her of Nisha and the brilliant crimson of her hair. When Elena got attached to something there was no way anyone could dissuade that child. Finally the large intelligent eyes flicked to the door. Elena was supposed to meet her in the meeting room so they could talk about the living arrangements of the Espada. Nisha licked at her lips slowly, they were dry. What a shame. Her mind returned to the strange colouring of the floor with a perplexed look. What was it even made of? Moving her fingers slowly over the stone Nisha frowned. Maybe she`d take a shard of it after to analyze.

Once more her mind drifted to the thought, the beautiful eyes looking almost amused. Fuck who? No one ever caught her attention like that. Yet the angry voice of her insanity curled through her mind pushing it down as if it could bully its way through being the ruling persona. These moments always exhilarated her. It seemed like some inner animal was pressing along the inside of her body trying to claw free. The sensation was akin to being ripped at the seams knowing you couldn’t stop the torrent of emotions from slipping out. One rational thought tore through the fighting feeling. There was no male in the room. Not one person of the gender. Delicately she sniffed at the air finding that she was indeed right. There was no male in the room. See~ Laughter spilled from the plump lips as Nisha sprawled out on the onyx floor. The laughter echoed through the cavernous room dancing about like something from a nightmare. The acoustics of the room were fabulous. They let each little noise she made echo and vibrate throughout it. Mmmm... What would it be like to take someone in here to torture them? Would their screams echo through the walls and her body? Slowly the laughter faded from her mouth the crimson eyes glowing with a new goal.

Pushing herself up slowly from the languid laying position on the floor the crimson hair came from the pool on the ground. Her whole lithe form was trembling from the potential violence that was going to be released from her. Taking a calming breath the woman made sure not to get too excited over the prospect. After all she needed to be able to reign in her beast. A thought occurred to her, what if she did surgery in here to one of the arrancar when they needed it? Then no one could point fingers to her. Then again why would she care? Slowly her gaze fixated on the large doors that lead to the hallway. They were made of the same strange black stone. Where did this stone come from? The pupils in her eyes were expanding as if threatening to cover the full iris. Slowly she felt the normal smile spreading across her face, the door pushing inward with a soft click.

"You're late." The comment sounded almost sensuous coming from her mouth.
Nisha Eshe

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Re: Try-Out: Nisha Eshe; Nisha Eshe

Post by Ravilin on Fri Jun 08, 2012 11:52 am

Try-out Profile Evaluation Section - Sub-Total: 28/36
  • General -Total: 11/12
  • Thoroughness - 3/4
  • Organization - 4/4
  • Cleanliness - 4/4

  • Character - Total: 9/12
  • Originality and creativity - 4/6
  • Character depth - 5/6

  • Zanpakuto - Total: 8/12
  • Originality and creativity - 5/6
  • Zanpakuto depth - 3/6

Try-out Post Evaluation Section - Sub-Total: 52/64
  • Creativity - Total: 14/18
  • Setting - 4/6
  • Action scene - 4/6
  • Character reaction - 6/6

  • Grammar and Sentence Structure - Total: 16/16
  • Punctuation - 4/4
  • Sentence structure - 4/4
  • Readability - 8/8

  • Storytelling Ability - Total: 3/4

  • Flow and Overall Structure - Total: 6/8
  • Post flow - 3/4
  • Post organization - 3/4

  • General Detail - Total: 13/18
  • Setting detail - 5/6
  • Character action detail - 4/6
  • Character interaction detail and integrity - 4/6

Total Score: 80

Awarded P: 10,000

Please continue the process for approval.


Posts : 190
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Age : 30

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Re: Try-Out: Nisha Eshe; Nisha Eshe

Post by Sponsored content

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