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Koysilo Mitsunari's Character Info

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Koysilo Mitsunari's Character Info

Post by Koysilo on Wed Jun 06, 2012 10:29 am


Race: Arrancar.
Title: Espada
Current Available P: 0P out of 8000P

Reiryoku (Reishi): 735
  • During Release: 1029

Physical Offense: 350
  • With Zanjutsu Pre-Release: 560
  • With Zanjutsu Post-Release: 784
  • With Hakuda Pre-Release: 435
  • With Hakuda Post-Release: 637

Spiritual Offense: 180
  • With Seishin Pre-Release: 252
  • With Seishin Post-Release: 353

Defense: 100
  • With Bōei Pre-Release: 140
  • With Bōei Post-Release: 196

Agility: 100
  • With Hohō Pre-Release: 130
  • With Hohō Post-Release:182

Total Technique Slots: 3


Zanjutsu (Way of the Weapon): Master.
Hakuda (Way of the Fist): Proficient.
Seishin (Way of the Spirit): Renowned.
Bōei (Way of Defense): Renowned.
Hohō (Way of the Flash): Proficient.
Reiryoku (Raishi) Manipulation (Way of Energy): Renowned.
Zanpakutō Resurrecion (Arrancar): Renowned.

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