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Venting Thread

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Venting Thread

Post by Nisha Eshe on Fri Jun 08, 2012 12:45 am

Ever need to vent about something in your life? Well here you go. c:

So my parents have been fighting almost nightly. I'll listen to them and wonder why they're even fighting. My dad is also going 'we never do anything fun'. Well have you thought maybe because mom works while you sit on your ass? Or the fact she spends every day off she has with you. I might get five hours alone with her once a month on a good month. Most of the time he's too busy worrying about himself. Oh no, he's boooored. Poor fucking baby. Get off your ass and work. TADAH.

Second rant - My director is a cunt who I want to punch in the head. She talks to us like we're mentally handicapped and then when our play actually won awards she said it was all thanks to HER. She did nothing but sit on her ass. The teacher mentor did all the work and she didn't even get so much as a fucking thank you. Hell I almost got kicked out of the play because I had sunstroke and was puking. Its now been a week after the play and she's still talking down to us and thinking she deserves the award.

Thirdly - The dog across the street won't stop barking, ever.

Fourth - I'm graduating soon and piled with poop tons of work. D: I'm so stressed epp.

Fifth - A director of another show is coaxing me to join their company. @_@
Nisha Eshe

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Re: Venting Thread

Post by Diaveras on Fri Jun 08, 2012 2:14 am

Yay a venting thread my turn my turn!

First rant-So I won't say I am any better than him but my gawdamned brother could be a ittle more helpful. He is the one who stuffed the closet in the bathroom with so much shit we can't even get in there. Thank gawd mom has not looked in there to see she would flip her shit so hard she'd launch off her feet and hit the ceiling.

Second rant- My dog, Tara, will never learn to not bark. barknig at the poeple who walk by outside, at the skateboarders, at absolutely nothing I can detect with any of my five senses. She tears things up, she constantly gets jealous of my other dog, ryan, she can't ever sit still. And her bark is just high pitched and ear breaking

My third call-Gravitation! (this is a song reference. Also gravity, stop pulling on me!)

fourth rant-that ass hole won't stop flooring his motorcycle down the road.

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Re: Venting Thread

Post by Goatkin on Wed Jun 27, 2012 12:47 am

First Rant - Nothing matters. Not you, not your degree, not nothing. I wish someone would have told me that before I wasted money and time trying instead of being someone I wanted to become. University should be reserved for mensa level geniuses only. Professors only teach the smartest anyway; the hard workers gain nothing. Graduation was the most underwhelming event in my entire life. smd world.

Second Rant - If you leave a role play, notify me beforehand so I'm not waiting on you. Also, if you think I derped on a post, /tell me/! I find nothing more insulting than not being honest with me.

Third Rant - Too much of heaven can bring you underground. Someone could have warned me that love would only leave me in a miserable state.

Fourth Rant - Co-worker, I don't care about your 'girlfriend'. I don't care about your club life or about how you 'play the game'.

Every day I have to work with you. It doesn't matter if you're a nice person, you are insipid and boring. Your game is checkers. My game is chess. Don't act like you're on my level.

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Re: Venting Thread

Post by Sponsored content

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