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Dellapero Grance- Arrancar WIP

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Dellapero Grance- Arrancar WIP Empty Dellapero Grance- Arrancar WIP

Post by Dellapero on Sun Jun 10, 2012 2:31 am


[center]B A S I C S //

Laying down the bricks //

Nickname/s | Dellapero Grance goes only by two names. His actual name, and his ranking as the Primera Espada. Though his original name was not the same as the one he adapted as a Hollow, he considers Dellapero as his real name, contrary to the name given upon birth, Ambrosius Agilo.
DOB | Dellapero Grance was born
Age | Dellapero appears to only be of age thirty-two, though his actual age is closer to that of 107, quite young for someone of his power and ranking.
Gender | Male
Sexual Orientation | Heterosexual
Ethnicity | German
Occupation |Primera Espada
Loyalty | Dellapero is loyal to the Espada in a sense, though in deeper consideration, he is loyal to his own beliefs.

Proof of who I am //


Sealed Zanpakutou Appearance |The zanpakto has two forms, unlike traditional Arrancar weapons. The first of the two represents a simple blade, nothing special about it.

Dellapero Grance- Arrancar WIP Dragon10 The weapon has a three-inch long and two inch wide guard. It is made of a mahogany material, making it a lighter red in color. The steel of the actual blade appears even more plain. It is a common gray, not even having edges that sharp. The blade measures thirty-two inches in length and three inches in width at the largest part of the blade at the base, , making it a fairly short blade as well. The sheath is pitch-black, matching the short blade in length. It is truly an uninteresting weapon devoid of unique quality. That is because this is a blade made to test the strength of an opponent, rather than actually deal with them. It is shaped to match a traditional japanese sword. As such, the left-side of the blade is flat, while the right-side of the weapon is curved, ending at a sharp point at the end of the blade.

Dellapero Grance- Arrancar WIP Weapon10 The guard becomes longer and thinner, now measuring eight inches in length, but one inch in width. Directly above the guard is a small mask, like what you would see a Vizard wear over their face normally. Only this is much smaller and connected to the blade itself. It is pitch black in color, as the rest of the blade. Two curved horns come from the skull, bending like a goat’s horns. Two empty eye-sockets lie in the center of the blade filled with nothing but shadows. Next is the mouth of the mask. Razor sharp teeth are aligned at the bottom of the skull, unmoving and still. Next is the blade itself. The former white blade is now replaced with a smooth, but highly sharp silver and black steel. At the center of the blade, traces of hollow fragments form a spine of sorts, ending at the final tip of the mixed blade. The end of the blade is a triple-pronged edge like you would see on a pitch fork or similar weapons. Around the entire blade, a form of teal spiritual energy flows calmly over the steel, showing the power of the blade.
Resurrección or Hollow's Instinct Appearance | Upon Ressurection, several rods will strike through Dellapero’s body. These rods are approximately sixteen inches in length and six inches in circumference. Each rod is made of a smooth metal, seemingly a blend of chrome and titanium. There are six of these in total, each striking in to Dellapero’s body. One is placed in the center of his chest, while another is located in the center of the stomach. One rod is also impaled through each of the four appendages in the position of the shoulders and knees. This does make him entirely immobile, but that is the point of this transformation. Next, the bandages wrapped around his left-arm will be torn asunder as blood rapidly pours outward from the injury. This amount of blood is inhuman, being greater than the amount the body could normally store. This is because the majority of this is not blood from the body, but spiritual energy mixed with the genetic material and replicated over and over. This copious amount of blood will then encase Dellapero in a sphere of the liquid. This sphere is very thick, being ten feet in length and height. It will be impossible to actually see Dellapero inside of this sphere. No other changes occur upon resurrection visually, However, internally, the energy that fills the Arrancar’s body will surge through the rods impaled through him. The point of this is to greatly amplify his powers over necromancy and conjuration.
Call out phrase | Symphony of Madness, Impale, Mikoyose Nai
Resurreccion or Hollow's Instinct Ability | Dellapero Grance has a unique set of abilities unlike that of most Arrancar. He has two key parts to his powers. The first being conjuration, the ability to summon his specific engineering minions to his side at any time, even augmenting their power with his own. This will only work with the subjects he has marked in his research facility in The Menos Forest. The second half of his powers revolves around the use of Necromancy, bringing back the dead. Of course there are limitations on this, but none that are of much issue to him. The mixture of two arts, combined with the technological marvels that he manufactures constructs his combat methods and lethality worthy of being The Primera Espada. A thousand tricks under a sleeve.

Further than just the skin //

Height | Listed in Appearance
Weight |As Above
Hair color & Style | As Above
Eye color |As Above
Overall Appearance | Dellapero Grance takes the physical form of a man in his early thirties. To start from the top, his hair is thin, but pitch-black. The strands of genetic material all piled together into spikes that trace along the top of his forehead and the back of his skull. Other than that, it is fairly smooth, being of an average length for what a male normally has. Maybe two inches above the head. Moving down to the facial feastures, Dellapero has no unusual aspects about his eye brows, nose, ears. They all would be a perfect example of normal. However, the one unsetting part of him was his eyes. They were an opaque crimson red color, the iris faded slightly into a lighter shade. Moving on, we reach the neck. Dellapero Grance has a slightly longer neck than an average person. Maybe half an inch longer, but nothing more. Other than that, it was, again, nothing special.

Dellapero's overall physical fitness is shown along his chest and limbs. He has a decent amount of muscle visible throughout those areas. His abs boasting an entire six pack. Though, he wasn't muscular to the point of being grotesquely strong, just more so than the average person. One of the oddest parts about his body was his left-arm. He keeps it covered in a blood-red cloth, but the cloth wasn't the reason it was red. Dellapero's arm was deformed due to the fire that burned him alive prior to his death. It is constantly bleeding, never ceasing, though the bleeding is very slow and thus is not an issue to his health over short periods of time. Though, he does need to inject more blood into his body every decade. The arm has red deformed skin that is cut open in several areas. The fingers are larger than normal and the elbow is covered in a strange green infection. That is why he keeps it covered up. Not only so the enemy is unaware of such a weakness, but for the sake of the weak-minded who would vomit from seeing such a deformity. Unfortunately, nothing under his ability could heal it, so he remains with it.

Moving on to his attire, Dellapero Grance wears a black leather jacket that reaches from his waist up to the base of the neck. It is a comfortable material that covers the entirety of his upper-body. He also wears black pants customary to what you could find on Earth during the nineteen sixties. His shoes are made of metal on the outside, but a fine panther-skin on the inside, giving them a comfortable appeal and a slight amount of augmentation to kicks. Dellapero Grance’s hollow mask covers the edges of his eyes. Around each is a circle of the white mask material, matching the eye’s size exactly. The mask is a smooth surface, appearing two inches in length and one-inch thick. His hollow hole is placed on the elbow of his left-arm. Though it is not visible due to the bandages that cover it. The hole is three inches in circumference and shows an infinite blackness that knows no end. Dellapero's number for his position as Primera is located on his zanpakto itself. It is a crimson-colored one that spans covers the center of the blade. It is two inches in length and one inch in width.

Understand the invisible //

Positive Traits |

    Loyal- Dellapero Grance is loyal to the Espada to a degree. He isn’t exactly a die-hard loyalist, but he will do asked and would not consider backstabbing the group for a bribe or anything. The only thing he really values above the orders he is given is his own beliefs, which often don’t conflict with said orders. This makes him a reliable asset to the organization.

    Honor- Seldom upon Arrancar, Dellapero does have a sense of honor. He believes in the use of single person-to-person combat, not being fond of out-numbering a target three to one. Though, that is only when counting entirely different entities. If the outnumbering effect was generated by a power directly linked to one of the two combatants in a one-on-one match, he views it as perfectly fine, such as clones. He also doesn’t like attacking those defenseless, however, even if they have the slightest bit of power to fight back with, this ceasefire is null and void. For example, someone entirely drained of their energy from a previous fight wouldn’t be someone he would target, however, if the target was weaker than himself, but was still able to fight with their energy supply, he could care less how swift an ending it would be, as long as the target has a chance, miniscule as it may be.

    Intellect- Being a scientist, Dellapero is fairly intelligent in the field of biology, weapon manufacturing, and especially genetic engineering. He is able to analyze things much quicker than most individuals and has an understanding for all, and even future-age technologies that have been forged in the spiritual realms and the living world. It is because of his occupation prior to death that he knew so much in those fields, putting him in the position he is in today.

Negative Traits |

    Prideful- Dellapero is very prideful of his work. He sees it above the projects and creations of other scientist. He expects these feats o be admired by others that gaze upon each of his creations. Only through biological engineering were such things possible, something not many in this world were capable of.

    Perfectionist- The arrancar is also a perfectionist. He wants to develop the perfect group of combatants under his control to dispatch any foe. He has already done a decent job of this so far, but there is still so much more room for improvement. He is obsessed with perfection, so much in fact that he is angered by his own lack of such a thing. Because of this, his final goal is to become the perfect life form through his genetic engineering. Not the strongest, not the best-looking, just perfect. Even being the strongest has flaws. There needs to be balance between these traits to create perfection.

    Vengeful- Dellapero is the kind of person that holds a grudge for quite a long time. If something bad were to happen to him or his creations, then he wants the same inflicted upon the one who did so three fold. He isn't obsessed about revenge to the point he would forsake everything else and track someone down, but given teh chance, he would make someone's life a living hell to compensate.

Habits |

    Testing His Subjects
    Occasional Drinking
    Experimenting on people and objects alike.

Aspect of Death | Madness
Fears | Dellapero Grance only fears one thing. A thing most people fear, for it is not uncommon. He doesn't want to die. Though already faced with death once, he does fear facing it again. His life's work would be for nothing.
Goals |His utmost goal is to alter his body in to a state of perfection. A being above all others. Not the strongest, not the best-looking, just perfect and devoid of flaws.
Overall Personality | Dellapero Grance is a man distinguished by two things. His unique set of beliefs compared to that of other Arrancar, and his power. He is a man of honor, firstly, believing in single combat above outnumbering an individual. He isn’t one to fight an opponent unable to defend themselves, nor is he one to disobey orders he is given. He also has a tendency to not actually kill off his opponents. You could say he was merciful, but really he keeps people alive for further observation, or for use of experimentation. Dellapero kill if need be, but would rather not, as that removes from his pool of possible subjects.

Dellapero Grance is a rather prideful individual, especially in his scientific work. This does make him easy to agitate by insulting his work, but he does prevent himself from becoming too enraged for the most part. Anger is simply a distraction that ensured one’s own defeat in combat. For this reason, the arrancar often taunts an opponent during combat. He isn’t one to be that open about his sexual life, as he finds romance and the such as a distraction that takes time away from his real work. His only love is science, and that is how he wants it to remain.

The arrancar is also a perfectionist. He wants to develop the perfect group of combatants under his control to dispatch any foe. He has already done a decent job of this so far, but there is still so much more room for improvement. He is obsessed with perfection, so much in fact that he is angered by his own lack of such a thing. Because of this, his final goal is to become the perfect life form through his genetic engineering. Not the strongest, not the best-looking, just perfect. Even being the strongest has flaws. There needs to be balance between these traits to create perfection.

Tell me a tale... //
NOTE: Must include human death, hollow life, and transformation into Arrancar.
Birthplace | Germany
Mother | Amelia
Father | Dellapero
Siblings | None
Other Relations | None
Companion | None
Overall history |

In the dusk of the early twentieth century, the conception of a being was placed in events that occurred in a night of heated passion. In the German city of Gladenbach, the heir to a world’s fortune and a veteran of the German military met for a third time, having one last night of sexual bliss before the man’s return to the military. This male was Ambrosius’s father, Dellapero Agilo. The feminine heir was known widely for her beauty throughout several major cities of Germany, and even more so for the vast amounts of wealth passed on in her family. Her name was Amelia Swinehart, though as per tradition, she gained the last name of Agilo after marriage with Dellapero. It was this night that it all started. Events set in motion that would aid in one of the most chaotic events in history. It was after this that Dellapero Agilo returned to the military.as a recently-promoted Major. Amelia returned to her home at Grebensetin, Kassel. It was there, two months later, that she discovered about the fact she had become pregnant from that night.

Amelia Agilo became bitter over the seven remaining months before Ambrosius was born. A string of unfortunate events took place, each worse than the last. The first of many tragedies and been the death of her father. He was suffering from tuberculosis for a long time now, but he had finally died on the date of 1905, December second. Next was the loss of her fortune. Due to being impregnated and lacking a husband while he was away in the German military, her deceased father had left the estate and fortune to Amelia’s sister, Elizabeth. She still had enough money to live off of, but it was only going to last for so long. It wasn’t enough to live off of and support a child with. The last event was the actual day of Ambrosius’s birth. 1906, June the sixth. It was not an issue with the surgery. The problem that day was the date it self. A date that only occurred once in a decade. 1906, June sixth. Though Ambrosius was born completely normal, being healthier than most children on the day of their birth, he was considered evil and satanic by nature. The date of June Sixth on the year 1906 formed together to forge the number “190666” As 666 was a symbol strictly associated with Hell and evil, so was the child. This only made further problems for Amelia. First the death of her father, then the loss of her fortune. Now she had a child cursed to be seen as some demonic spawn? She didn’t want to live there any more.


It was then that she fled her home town, moving toward a new location in Germany where she could live. A location near that of her Husband, Dellapero. The location of choice was the city of Berlin, a more populated area than most others.It was here that Ambrosius was initially raised as a child. Amelia took on a job as a prostitute to pay the rent for the abode she intended to live in. With his father in the military and his mother working such an occupation, he didn’t get to see either of them that often. He saw his father one time briefly. He was of age four at the time, still being considered a toddler and unaware of what really was going on with his life yet. Though, that brief meeting didn’t feel like he was meeting a father. Rather, it was like meeting a judge. Dellapero Agilo spent the short time he had there examining the child, noting intelligence, physical ability, and any flaws that he might have had. Dellapero already had been troubled by the shape Ambrosius was in.

Later that night, the young child could hear the screams of his mother coming from another room as he lay in his bed. Dellapero had just been informed about the loss of Amelia’s fortune, having been left in the dark about it since the claim was made. After hearing the news, the veteran Major tried to drink away his thoughts in disbelief, having a deep want for the riches in Amelia’s family. It was after getting substantially drunk that Dellapero proceeded to brutally beat and assault his wife. Due to being out-of-touch with reality due to the amount of alcohol he had consumed, the man never ceased to worry about whether or not he had killed his wife, or even if their son had woken up and saw the event. He just continued to mercilessly attack in a drunken rage, breaking Amelia’s left-arm and giving her severe levels of blood loss. Ambrosius just stayed quiet in his room, trying to ignore the event to the best of his abilities.

The next morning, Dellapero left without another word, leaving Amelia and Ambrosius. They never heard from hi, again at that point. Amelia returned to her occupation in prostitution, having not the money to pay for her arm to be repaired from the incident. It was that year that she became addicted to alcohol to a lethal extent, spending the majority of what little funds they had on the stuff to wash away her own sanity. It was during the start of this that Ambrosius was sent to attend primary school in Berlin.. Over the course of the first year, the boy had already been noted to be gifted in the field of intelligence, at least compared to the majority of others that attended the school. His grades were top mark and he had a letter of recommendation already written up by his second year for the Kaiserin Augusta Gymnasium.

Ambrosius Agilo passed the remaining years of his time in primary school fairly easily, being on quote, “ A Prodigy “. Though, there was still issues at home. Amelia had still barely made enough funds to support the both of them, and she was getting sicker of this occupation now, but lacking any other real skills. It was on the night of June twenty-fifth of 1914 that Amelia returned home early. Ambrosius had been taking note of the recent stat of the first world war, or grand war, as it was called back then. He took great fascination in such events, especially when they directly involved the growing power that was Germany. Though not being that fond of his father, he did wonder how it was being in the military in such warfare. It must have been quite entertaining. A loud crash could be heard from the front of the abode, Amelia returning home, half a bottle of vodka in her hand and a look of hatred filling her ruby-red eyes. She had trouble walking in at first, leaning against the wall to keep herself standing as he stepped inside. Slamming the door behind her, the loud bang of the door being so violently pushed caused Ambrosius to lose focus on his study over the newly forming war.

The nine-year old boy turned his head toward his mother, noticing that look in her eyes immediately. He knew that glance…That same feeling he had several years ago. It was creeping up his spine, as if warning him of what this was all leading up to. Taking in a deep breath, he tried to relax, seeing if just staying calm and leaving her alone would cease any needless confrontations. He knew how she could get when in such a state due to the times he had seen her like that before. It was bothersome to see her in such a way, but he couldn’t convince her to stop drinking like this. He silently backed away in to his room, closing the door behind him and walking over to his desk where his books on national geography were placed. He could hear her cursing outside, the sound of breaking glass and distorted speech filling the building. Ambrosius took a seat, opening his book on geography and overlooking the formation of Germany. He examined the cities and townships listed, his eyes meeting the location of Berlin.

Just then, the door was pushed open violently, the loud crash of the wooden frame gathering his attention again as his mother stood there. The vodka had been broken in two, the sharp edges of the glass bottle showing clearly. Her hand was covered in blood, damaged from breaking the bottle to begin with. Traces of glass could be seen imbedded in her skin, the pain reduced to nearly nothing by all of the alcohol in her body. She muttered something, walking closer with the glass in her hand. Ambrosius was concerned. Not for her, but for himself now. He understood what may have been about to occur, and he didn’t want to be killed here. His black eyes looked at her, his body standing up and taking a few steps back. His form could be seen shaking, an indication of fear from being faced with such a potential scenario. Amelia parted her lips, the smell of her drunken breath lingering in the room as she spoke, a hiccup coming between sentences. “Yo-you little bastard…..You’re t-the reason we-e’re stuck in fuc-king poverty” She continued to make that bothersome sound, her arm raised with the half-broken bottle in hand. “ Y-You should just fucking..d-die…You’re the reason….I lost my god damn f-f-fortune…And the reason he left…Little bastard!” Amelia released her grip on the bottle, throwing it toward Ambrosius’s head. Acting as anyone naturally would, the child jumped to the left, barely avoiding it. The glass shattered on the wall, shards of the broken bottle scattering on contact with the surface. The small pieces of glass struck against Ambrosius’s side, cutting him up with the glass. His chest and left-arm was sliced open by the material, leaving him injured. It wasn’t fatal, but it was painful. Blood flowed down his arm and soaked in to his shirt, the nine year old child wanting to weep, but being stricken by fear to the point where tears couldn’t surface.

Amelia didn’t let up. She aimed to grab the boy by the scruff of the neck, lifting him up and looking directly in to his black eyes. She instantly threw the boy toward the wall, causing Ambrosius to yelp in pain from the force of being slammed against the rock-like materials that constructed the walls. He fell down, laying on the ground without uttering a word. Amelia spoke again, her tone slightly calmed after venting such frustrations. “I hope you suffered. Little shit.” Ambrosius had to deal with the wounds on his own, using what he had at his disposal to remove most of the glass shards and patch up the bleeding. He went to school the next day with a home-made cast across his left-arm and bandages over his chest. He told off the story as falling down a steep hill and crashing against the side of a building. Without much skepticism, they believed him.

The Start of Genius

In 1916, July eighth, Ambrosius Agilo started to attend the Kaiserin Augusta Gymnasium. His letter of recommendation from primary school had been accepted and he was placed in some of the higher-rating classes at Kaiserin, quickly achieving top marks in science and mathematics. It was here that Ambrosisu first started to work with higher-grade technology and concepts. Such included the Hober process involving hydrogen and the use of typewriters and telephones. He attended Kaiserin Augusta for nine years, being noted as a supposed genius in the academic field. Ambrosius Agilo graduated shortly after, now having a recommendation to advanced further un education at a place very few had the chance to attend at this time period He was able to join the Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität. It was there that he took on a meriad of courses, mainly revolving around natural sciences, He spent the next ten years of his life there, studying the arts of Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. Nothing really eventful occurred during that time except his continued study over the Grand War until its end. He later was told during his fifth year at the university that his father had been killed during the war. Though, seeing a she never really knew his father, that wasn’t much of an issue to him. He stayed away from homef or the time, leaving Amelia alone at the house as she continued to age. Though, she still continued to work as a prosistute and still mainatined that dreaded alcoholic addiction. By the time Ambrosius gained his master’s degree in biology, he left to return home for the time.

It was now 1935, January fifth. Ambrosius had taken up a new interest. With the end of the first world war, a new event peaked his interest. The rise of the Third Reich. It seemed a new government had taken control of Germany, and things were coming forth to lead toward another Grand War. It was also clear that all jeiwsh individuals were being gathered for osmething. Though he didn’t know what at the time, he knew it didn’t involve himself, since he was more of an Atheist than anything. Not only that, but he also took up the work of genetoc engineering through the work he learned in Biology and Chemistry. He tested on small animals mainly. Usually mice, rodents, and birds. Though he lacked the technology to do much, he experimented on them to the most of his ability. In most cases they ended up just dying though. Since they were just animals, no one really cared. It was just an odd hobby he picked up.

Ambrosius, now being of age twenty-nine, hadn’t bothered to drink alcohol yet, even after being well over the age to indulge in such drinks. The main factor probably preventing him from doing so up to this point was an example of what had happened with his mother and father. Amelia nearly killed him while under the effect of the stuff. He didn’t want to do something he would later reget. Yet, he was curious as to the taste of the substence. He decided against his better judgment to have a drink at a local bar in Berlin where he had his first alcoholic beverage. He went with a bottle of vodka, a russian drink, one his mother was quite fnd of. Glancing at it for a moment, as if doubting himself, Ambrosius wondered if he really should go through with it. Maybe he was just being paranoid? It was just a drink. Nothing else. With a sigh, he poured the liquid in to his mouth, gulping it down and savoring the taste for a moment before setting the bottle down beside him. The taste was just intoxicating, as if a drink made from the gods themselves. He didn’t hesitate to drink the remainder of his purchase, swallowing it like a man who had been stranded in the desert for months would drink water. He spent the remainder of the night buying more and more alcoholic drinks. Ranging from more vodka to more equisete brews. Seems he may have obtained a liking to the stuff..Too strong of a liking.

That was when it all began. The start of corruption and the path of blood.

Joining The Third Reich

Ambrosius Agilo stumbled home that night, unable to even see straight with how drunk he was at the time. His vision continued to fade with ach steo he took. He could see the phasing view of his house near by, though, it didn’t last for long. Just as he entered his front yard, his vision went to black, the alcohol causing himt o fall unconscious. He landed in the grass, remaining there for several hours before he came back to reality. As he awoke, his vision was blurred, still suffering from last night. He slowly got up to his feet, getting back inside with a migrain straining against his head. God damn, it hurt like a bitch……

The following days, Ambrosius continued to look in to the current events going on in Germany. One event inparticular caught his interest. The second empire had fallen, the Third Reich rising in its place and the new generation starting. It seemed some fellow called Adolf Hitler was trying to evolve Germany in to the supreme overlord it deserved to be. He followed the updates om this advance, getting detailed reports from his cousin, Zane, who was a general in the new Third Reich;. This have him info on all of the more-recent events occuring within the reich. Now, Zane knew of Ambrosiu’s methods of genetic enginerring, more so than most, as Ambrosius kept most of his experiments secret and away from the public. It was through his cousin that he obtained an offer. The german military was seeking for a larger department of research and development, and his own skill in genetics, biology, and other arts would have made him fit for the job.

Ambrosius took the offer under serious consideration. Zane was a general, so he had the influence needed to bring about such a chance. Though, did he really want to join the army and end up like his father? Granted, his father, Dellapero, was a solider. He was going to be a scientists. He spent the next week pondering his decision, comparing the pros and cons of joining the Third Reich. He knew they used..Unorthodox methods in the new empire, but he didn’t really have an issue with that. He finally made his choice, sending the acceptance letter to his distant cousin. It was later on that month that a group of german soldiers had knocked on his doorframe, Zane commanding the group to collect their most recent member. The man went with the group, departing for the nearest German military base.

Upon arriving, Ambrosius was immediately set as a lower-class scientist in the camp. He had been given his orders. He was to try ane genetically alter children in order to make them perfect. They had to have blonde hair, blue eyes, and unmatched prowess. Though he had only tested with animals in the past, Ambrosius had no issues in using Human experiments. He didn’t even really mind if they died in the process. Why? He didn’t know. He wasn’t really a cruel man. He had a neutral view on most things and just strived to improve in his use of genetic engineering. You could say he was a chaotic neutral alinged individual. Though, in public he always seemed to act quite nice. A tad too nice….

Road To Insanity?

Ambrosius Agilo spent most of his time a the base alone in his quarters, using the technology he had been given to experiment with recently-deceased corpses. It was the amount of time he spent doing this that made people think he was a necophiliac. He really wasn’t. Though he did have certain sick fetishs, but he didn’t allow those to escape the confines of his mind. He stayed secluded, so far having successfully developed the method to change the eyes to the perfect shade of blue. In only a short time, he had already done what most in the sceintific field of the Third Reich could not. Though, he still could not alter hair or physical traits. He was promoted to a more high-class scientist by the head of the research department in the camp, working as the third-in-command over the division.The majority of living patients he had experimented on did not survive, though their deaths were normally painless….Normally. His genetic alterations caused most of the subjects die in a quick instant of cardiac arrest or the instant loss ofbodily functions. The body repelled the genetics,a ctinga gainst them and in term, dooming the majority of subjects. It was only one specific subject that died a tad differently.

As per orders, Ambrosius was experimenting on children in order to develop the perfect gene and convert them in to perfect soldiers.Though more often male than female subjects, today a averagepaged thirteen year old girl had been sent to him for the day’s work. He had set her up with the normal alteration of eyes first, the one part of the three changes that had been successful so far. Next was the change in hair. Taking a vile out of his trenchcoat, Ambrosius calmly injected her with the syringe, a sedative being sent in to her blood in order to keep her calm and collected for what was to occur next. Of course she was defiant at first, but after the sedative was in place, things became far easier. Ambrosius Agilo had set up another injection. The liquid contained in the syringe was of a dark-goldenrod shade, boiling with the heat that was mainatined in it. He had yet to test this specific formula yet, so this girl would have been the first to fall under its influenc.e Her former brown eyes were now light-blue and her crimson-red hair was soon to be changed to the ideal blonde. Injecting the syringe in to the female subject, Ambrosius sat back in wait, watching for the effects. He sat in his chair, relaxed and watching as events took place. The girl began to feel an odd sensation unlike what was common in Human feeling. It wasn’t pain, nor pleasure. Rather a form of discomfort that slowly creeped along the inside of her body. As this feeling entered the head and heart, the transformation began to take place. Seemingly painlessly, her crimson hair began to change color, gaining a more yellow color and slowly reaching that golden goal that haed been ordered of him. Once the hair was finally fully blonde in color, he wa susre the experiment had worked. The girl sighed in relief, thankful that she hadn’t been killed….Thankful a bit early, wasn’t she? That very next moment, her netire body became paralyzed, her eyes buldged open and she ceased moving completely. Her breathing stopped, and her heart stopped pumping, buts he wasn’t dead. ..No, not yet. Death would have been a blessing comapred to what was about to happen. The girl’s mouth instantly opened as an ear-shattering scream came from her body. Her screams of pain could be heard throughout the entire building, the silk blonde hair slowly turning gray and dry. Her skin began to fade black,, her muscles shrinking and bones cracking. Those screams just continued, echoing, one after another. At first, Ambrosius was rather annoyed by this, plugging his ears even. Though, after the first few minutes had passed, he actually started to like the screams of pain,. It was bringing a form of relaxation to him. Her eyes began to melt from her head, spilling over on to the floor. Her teeth fell out and her mouth began to bleed. The skin only got blacker and shrivled up. The screams got weaker, her body rapidly dying like a corpse in accelerated deterioration. With-in the next two minutes, her voice ceased netirely, her hair on the floor, drenched in blood. Her skinw as pitch-black, matching that of a corpse that had been left rotting in the desert sun for days. She no longer had eyes, and her organs had ceased to function. Her dead body fell to the ground, her life ended, and the day’s experiment over. It was after this spectacle that Ambrosius called in the grunts the germans had working on clean-up for these kinds of things. Though, he had never had an experiment end that badly..It sure looked painful, rotting from the outside in and living through all of it.

Ambrosius spent the next day quenching his thirst with a large consumption of alcoholic drinks yet again. He didn’t leave his abode in the camp, just drinking until he was knocked out on the floor. The stuff was getting addicting to him, which wasn’t a good sign. He tried to avoid it, but always ended up going back to it after getting a single taste. He continued his work at the camp, developing new genetic experiments and working his way further up in the ranks. He finally was promoted once more to the head scientist of a different camp. He left the next week, leaving the jews and even some of the german soldiers theer at ease with his leave. ..The camp he arrived at next had recently lost their head-scientist in a bombing incident, leaving the place without a suitable leader in that department before his arrival.

Ambrosius began his work again, this time having his own choice of subjects and decision of the camp’s oragnization. He tried to remain as a liked figure by the majority of the camp, appearing often as a kinder man in public that most didn’t have an issue with. Though, when people found out how he really was during experiments, things tended to change. He worked on improving the drug used on that female child from earlier. Several people died in the process, but he finally succeeded in turning the hair gold without killing the subject. Though, they still did have several painful drawbacks that were obvious at first glance.

Ambrosius moved on to a different front of science after the drug was fixed to a degree. He began to work on both guns, machinery, and even dabble in the recent studies over nuclear warfare. The potential power behind these nuclear weapons was truly enormous. He spent much time in study over the theories and development of the nuclear field. An entire year in fact. Though, over that year, he also made several secondary inventions. Some being guns, and even drugs to improve human ability beyond normal standards. The majority of these inventions failed, but were later improved to make more modern-esque weapons. He managed to maintain his cover on the camp, only the other officers really knowing how he really was. That was when he was transferred to another camp a second time. Nothing really eventful had happened before the transfer, and this transfer had been ordered by Adolf Hitler himself. He had been sentenced to work at a facility where some of the best german scientist worked on weaponry and genetic alteration. The work-in-progress nuclear bomb was also stationed there. Though not functional, not even near so, the chance to study such an object was a concept he didn’t think he would have the chance to get. The next morning he left on the next train, spending a week on rails to get to the next destination.

When Ambrosius arrived at the head governing camp of technological development, he was immediately greeted by the other S.S and german soldiers. He was shown his abode for the time, a relatively small, but comfortable place just near the nuclear testing facility. He began work the next day, showing a collections of drugs and weaponry he had developed over his time working for the third reich to other head scientists and generals. Today there was to be a meeting. Not just any normal meeting, but oen called by Adolf himself. Though he had never actually met Hitler, he had known a substantial amount of information about the man, taking study over the current war going on between the Red Army, The U.S and Germany. Though, it seemed Hitler was unable to appear personally. Instead, a recorded message had been played, telling of Germany’s rise in power and his plans for the future…The plans he wanted them to think at least. The meeting wasn’t as eventful as anticiparted. It was just that same rant for the majority and minor discussion over the advancements in nuclear technology.

After his first month at the camp, Ambrosius finallyw as allowed to enter the nuclear testing facility, getting a look over all of the work being done and even having a chance to help craft the weapon of mass-destuction. Though this wasn’t his field of expertise, he made due and quickly adapted, figuring out how these things were constructed and functioned in a short frame of time. He made several large advancements on the nuclear weapon,s uch as figuring out how to optimize its destructive capacity and boosting the explosive radius upon activation. However….

Welcome to Hell

Ambrosius Agilo was sent to manage one of the jewish concentration camps in their administrator’s absence. It was here that his life took yet another turn. The job was fairly easy at first, nothing new. He simply allowed production to commense and stayed contently in his own personal cabin, taking a break from the majroity of his work and finishing a few side-projects he had made in the earlier years to occupy his time.

Upon the second week inside the camp, the sirens began to sound, the red light casting over the white snow and buildings. Enemy bombers were attacking the camp from all directions. The bombshells lit the place in flames, light spreading over the night sky and the loud explosions blocking all other sounds. In confusion, Ambrosius bolted out of his cabin, taking a step outside just as a bomb shell descended near his abode. As the door opened, he was met with a storm of fire and kinetic force. He was badly burned over the front of his body. Several of his bones had broken on impact with the shockwave and he was knocked to the ground. His cabin as now in flames, burning around him. He called out for help as the fire continued to encase the area and draw closer toward him. The pain finally caused him to fall unconscious. It was that day that his spirit left his body and transcended to a new form.

New Life?

After his agonizing death in the fires of war, Ambrosius Agilo had succumbed to the lowly state of a soul. His body now transparent and unable to react with the world around it. Though, this state was shortly lived. Before the man had even awoken from his new state as a soul, the massive amounts of hollow energy surging through the area had begun to take its toll on him. With the thousands of deaths that occurred in the bombing, dozens upon dozens of hollows had surged through the area, devouring souls and feeding their lust for blood. Meanwhile, those not being mauled were transformed by the surge of reiatsu, the excess hollow energy causing the chain of fate to decay at a rapid pace and transform them in to more hollows. Though still unconscious, this effect had occurred to him as well. Before his eyes could even open, the mask forged and the transformation ensued. This was not all bad though. As a hollow, he would become even stronger, as well as the potential to gain power. Though, he didn’t know this at first.

Upon regaining his composure, Ambrosius came to the realization that he had changed. His body morphed in to something inhumane. With this form came a sense of power though, more so than he had as a leading scientist in the Nazi regime. After a moment’s examination, he took note of other creatures that looked oddly similar to himself. They were all leaving in a horde through some mass of blackness. A rift in space and time held open by the energy that forged it. For now, Ambrosius thought it was best to follow the pack and learn from them for a short time until he was ready to move on in this odd new world. With a new world came new data, and with new data, new technology. It was through his know-how in the fields of science that he intended to gain a position in this life after death.

After a brief silence, the newly-turned hollow entered the maw of Hueco Mundo and began his descent in to the Menos Forest. He followed the road of reishi generated by the other hollows, nearly at the end of their line.


Upon his arrival in the Menos Forest, Ambrosius Agilo ran in to some issues almost immediately after his arrival. The group he had come with was mainly composed of dead jews, and many others from other camps he had been in charge of were scattered throughout the land as well. That lead to the possibility of being attacked for the purpose of revenge by those that knew him. He didn’t need that now. After all, die once, he turns in to this monster, so what happens if he dies again? He didn’t want to find out. It was under these conditions that he had his old name forsaken, now going by the title, Dellapero Grance.

Dellapero Grance joined the group as an advisor, one that actually organized the horde as a proper battalion. Most hollows banded together simply to ensure survival. This group had the ambition to become a collection of gods and take down the Soul Society that ravaged them for millennia. The newly-made hollow made observations of the land he was now in, the endless sands and trees, the many variations of creatures that lived. Dellapero was actually quite feeble compared to the others, as he was a mind, not a brute. With the power of those that followed him and his mind at work, he had forged a functional army of hollows in the depths of The Menos Forest. It was shortly after this that he continued to work on genetic engineering, working on his new understandings of the spiritual world and unlocking his own powers; Though, they seemed feeble as well at first. Only through evolution, was the true strength reached.

Through his study, Dellapero found a way to instantly advance to the Adjuhas stage of a hollow’s power without needing the troublesome risk of melding with a million others to forge a Menos Grande. It required the extraction and fusion ith one real Adjuhas, however, One that needed to be willing to lose their mind to that of another. Fortunately,, one such subject existed under his battalion. This creature was a very humble and honor-focused individual. Through genetic alterations, Dellapero had managed to fuse the two spiritual embryos, taking control of the body himself. Though, a hint of the sacrifice’s personality remained. This was a side-effect of the experiment, but one he didn’t mind. It did not affect his methods, as the honor he obtained was twisted to his own logic. Some could say it wasn’t even honorable at all. ,

Over the next forty years of his life, Dellapero Grance spent time building his own facility in The Menos Forest. He had it rigged with top-grade technology he had forged himself out of the materials in Hueco Mundo, and those taken from the living world by his subjects. He altered their D.N.A and opowers to even greater levels and gave them the power they had always wanted. Along his travels, a shinigami had bene brought to him by a collection of the higher-ups in his group. This subject would be the first to flal pray to his necromancy and turned in to the undead by his powers over Necromancy. The man was given a new name in place of his old one.

Through study of the Arrancar, Dellapeor Grance developed a serum to genetically alter a hollow in to one instantly. He used his subjects as the pawns in this experiment.. It was those that this effected that made up his own personal guard. There were referred to as projects, each with a specific combat-oriented function to assist him in his work. Through the use of that serum, the Adjuhas transcended in to a full arrancar. He had no need or want to become a Vasto Lordes, as his power did not come from himself, but form his mind and those that he had made stronger to work for him.

Under the recreation of the Espada in the new generation, Dellapero Grance had been called to take up arms in this group for one single goal. The goal his own battalion has had for decades now. The goal to exterminate the Soul Society. Met under these ideals, the scientist joined the Espada, taking arms as the Primera for his power in the scientific field, as well as that of all of his men that work directly under him. Though he seemed weak, Dellapero had proven that his position in all of this made him superior to most, easily viable to hold the position of Primera. Though joining the organization is Los Nochas, he keeps his research and visits the Menos Forest frequently.


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