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Mizuko Ichikawa Shinigami RA

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Mizuko Ichikawa Shinigami  RA Empty Mizuko Ichikawa Shinigami RA

Post by Mizuko Ichikawa on Tue Jun 26, 2012 1:06 am

MizukoMIDDLE LAST Ichikawa

[center]B A S I C S //

Laying down the bricks //

Nickname/s | Mizu
DOB |November 18, 1750
Age | 261 (25)
Gender | Female
Sexual Orientation | She is female so she likes males
Ethnicity | White
Occupation Shinigami
Loyalty | Soul Society

Proof of who I am //


Zanpakutou Spirit | Selece Selece is a large, blue dragon. He stands about 10 feet tall and has a wing spand of about 20 feet. His underbelly is a cream color and he looks a bit intimidating at first. He has an alternate view he uses in which he appears to be a large, mechnical robot. He is, however, very much able to control himself The robot like Selece is about 6'5" tall. His armour is blue and silver in color and he mainly uses this verson of himself when he is training with Mizuko.
Inner World | Mizuko Ichikawa Shinigami  RA 296px-RayearthJap-8A-0-51-21
Sealed state | Looks like a normal sword like everyone carries. It's 24" in length.

Overall Ability |
Release phrase | Rain down from the heavens and crush our enimies, Selece.
Shikai Appearance | Mizuko's zanpakuto changes to a rapier that has a thin blade that looks to be made of water. Though it looks like water it is quite strong and can take a good hit. The sword itself can take quite a bit of damage but is not completely unbreakable. It would mostly depend on thier strengh as compaired to Mizuko's defence. The hilt of the sword is blue and fits her hand like it was made for her. The guard trails out on either side of the hilt and looks almost like the tails of a dragon. Also just above the hilt is a blue jewel that glows when she uses her water/ice attacks. It's almost as tall as she is, 4'7" tall, since she is smaller than most Shinigami

Overall Ability | (DO NOT USE)
Release phrase | (DO NOT USE)
Bankai Appearance | (DO NOT USE) [IMG*]image url (if there is an image)[/IMG]

Further than just the skin //

Height | 4'9" Tall
Weight | 115 pounts
Hair color & Style | She has short, blond hair that is cut just below the ears
Eye color | Blue
Overall Appearance | Mizuko stands about 4'9" tall with light blond hair tha falls to about her ears. She has blue eyes that seem water like when you look at them. When she is not in her shinigami uniform she is in a loose fitting pair of black jeans, a loose fitting white shirt that says "Dragons are awsome.", a pair of blue sneakers, and her shoulder bag.

Understand the invisible //

Positive Traits |

  • Once you get to know Mizuko she is very sweet and caring.
  • Mizuko will follow any command given to her unless she feels it may conflict with the rules of the Soul Society
  • She is somewhat shy around any female she meet, but is friendly. She tends to befriend females quicker than males.
  • Once you become her friend she is very loyal to you. This goes for both males and females.
  • Mizuko will stay and fight by your side if you are her friend, even if it is a loosing battle.

Negative Traits |

  • If you are a male and you are meeting her for the first time she may seem distant and uncaring.
  • If you betray her, no matter what sex, she will do her best to not associate with you at all.
  • Mizuko likes to think she knows next to no Kido and that she is bad at it. This is not true as she is very strong in Kido use.
  • Mizuko loves to whine then things don't go her way, no matter if in battle or not.
  • Mizuko tends to think that she is not always the best person she can be and puts herself down sometimes.

Habits |

  • Mizuko loves to eat any type of candy and can never be seen without her shoulder bag.
  • She is not much of a secret keeper and tends to blab one out if asked.
  • She does tend to disappear to high places to be alone so she can talk to Selece.

Fears | Mizuko is afraid that she will never meet her perfect match and that all men are out to harm her.
Goals | Mizuko would like to become a Captain someday.
Overall Personality | Mizuko is a friendly person once you get to know her. Depending on if your male or female she will treat you differently the first time you meet her. For males, if she feels that you may betray her or hurt her when she first meets you she may seem distant and uncaring. She may ignore or stay away from you unless she needs to follow what you say in order to do her job. If she feels you may be very friendly, she will warm up to you quickly and become a loyal friend. She will be somewhat shy to almost any male she meets till she gets to know them better. She is this way due to the number of times she has been hurt by different males she has meet in her past. If you are a female she will be friendly to you, though may be somewhat shy at first. Once she gets to know you she will become a loyal friend with you as well. She sticks up for any close friends she has and will fight by your side no matter what if you ask her to. Betray her and she will never speak with you again, no matter what. She does not take kindly to those who are out to harm her in any way and will distance herself from you if she feels you are out to harm her. She will, however, give you the benefit of the doubt at first and listen to what you have to say before making her choice.

Tell me a tale... //
IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Should include a triggering memory from human life, and some of the time in the academy (to portray their strengths and ect.) If shikai is obtained, then must explain on how the voice of the zanpakutou spirit was heard, and the meeting in the 'inner world'.
Birthplace | Tokyo, Japan
Mother | Tomiko Ryuuzaki
Father | Hideo Ryuuzaki
Siblings | None
Other Relations |
Companion |
Overall history |

Mizuko was born to a small family in Tokyo, Japan. She was an only child and grew up happily. She got most things that she wanted due to being an only child. Her father was a politician and traveled a lot. At times, during her breaks from school, she would travel with him. She got her love of fencing one day when she was with her father. They had been invided to attend a fencing match while in England. Mizuko enjoyed this much and her father noticed this. He hired a tutor and soon Mizuko became the best in Japan, winning multiple titles. She did travel to Europe and other areas on occasion to compete, but did not win to many awards.

It was during a match that Mizuko had lost her life. It was the final match to determine who was best in all of Japan. Mizuko, after a 3 year hiatus to have her children, had made a wondeful comeback and made it to the final match. The person she was facing had won during the 3 years that Mizuko had been gone. It was an epic match with the lead going back and forth between the two girls when the challenger accidentally missed placed her attack and knicked a major artery in her neck. They worked quickly to stop the bleeding and rushed her to the hospital. She died while at there due to her loosing too much blood.

She woke up a short time later. She looked around and wondered why everyone around her was sad and crying. She walked over to her husband and children and tried to talk to them or touch them and found they didn't respond and her hands went right through them. After a short time she saw the chain of fate hanging from her chest and realized she was dead. Once she realized she was dead she the felt the need to stay around her home and keep an eye on her friends and family. While doing this she found that her husband never liked her and had only married her due to her family's influence and the money her family had. Once she found that out she was happy that she set it up to where only her 3 children would get any money should she die an untimely death. Her ex-husband and her children left soon after he remarried since he found another job elsewhere. Due to the strain of emotions she felt from them leaving and him betraying her love she became on the verge of becomming a hollow. That was when a Shinigami performed a Knoso on her, sending her to the Soul Society. She does not know to this day who it was that performed the Konso.

Once in the Soul Society she found it hard survive. She found life there different than was she was used to and struggled to get by. During this time was when she meet Hikaru Shibata, a male Vizard in hiding. He was in Division 5 and was not a seated member at that time. He felt really bad when he saw her struggling. Though she was not the main reason he had been sent there, he took it upon himself and began to look after her like a brother would a sister. She started off by living in the Kusajishi area of the Rukongai. Hikaru taught her how to survive in that area and basic defence. Some time after that Hikaru was assigned to a different task. Mizuko then ended up joining a group of people who where younger. They kinda looked up to her like she was a sister to them. She taught them the same things that Hikaru had taught her and the group survived together.

To survive she stole food for her and the group. By doing this she became an adept theif. She was able to steal from even the most causious of merchants and not get caught. She was the best one in her group. She was, at one point, almost caught by a member of the Stealth Force. She was able to avoid this by paying for the item with some change she had found one day.

Eventually the group wondered over to another area where this one family lived. It was rumored that they had lots of valuable treasure inside of the house. The younger ones, one day had dared her to steal something from the house. She was not sure she wanted to as she normally only stole what she needed at the time. The younger ones kept begging her and so she did it to keep them quiet. When she first looked around the house she didn't realy find anything special. As she was getting ready to leave she passed by this sword. It didn't look special due to being old looking and a bit rusted. However, something inside her told her to grab it. Just then a member of the household spotted her. She made her way out the window as quick as she could. The family member just missed grabbing her as she left. She ran off and all the person saw was her back. The family, in an attempt to find Mizuko, asked around the area to see if anyone could put a name to the description they had. One of the members of the group knew Mizuko was whom they were asking about and gave them her name. To this day they still search for her, but mainly by name since they don't have much of a description.

Once she was away from the house and out of sight she took a moment to catch her breath and look at the sword. She watched as it changed from a rusted, ugly sword to the beautiful, shiny sword she now carries. It looked like a regular, 24" sword to her. As she looked over the sword she knew, somehow, that she must keep it hidden. A few days later she discovered she was able to control water. She found it mostly by mistake. One day she was super emotional and her eyes started to glow a sapphire blue. She then noticed that water was being drawn to her. She tested it out just making differnt items, such as animals, with the water. Once she had better control and a better understanding of her new power she began to make her living off this. She stopped, however, when some people began to take advantage of her and wanted to just use her and her power to make a quick buck. She didn't like that idea and eventually moved on to a differnt district. She decided to keep the ability to use water to herself so as to ensure the saftey of herself and the younger ones around her. Eventually the younger ones either died or moved on to other groups. Some even became Shinigami.

About a year after she took the sword she met one of the members of the family in a dark alley. They had asked her to return the sword back to them. She told them she would not hand over Selece and the person got mad. The person went to attack but she was able to get away quickly. She knew that they only knew her by her name name and not her face. Due to this she decided to use the name Umi Ryuuzki for a time to keep Selece safe. Due to her constant moving around she's never really had a place to call home. She has for the most part kept Selece hidden from the family and was able to start using Jinzen about 2 years before joining the Shinigami Academy. She joined the Academy in hopes to learn to control her sword and power better.

During her time in the Academy she found that normally Shinigami don't get the Zanpakuto's the way she did. She found out later that Selece had received a gift, the water ability Hatsuden, that allowed him to stay after his partner had passed and allowed him to form a bond with someone else. The family she stole it from was hoping that someone in that family would be the next wielder. Instead Selece called out to and formed a bond with Mizuko. It was shortly after finding this out that she went back to using her real name and stoped hiding. Her main reason was that Selece would not lend her his power properly as long as she continued to use her psudo name. She also hoped that someday a member of that family would find her so that she can tell them what happened and hoped that they, and her, can come to an agreement.

While in the Academy she had made a few friends. One, Atsushi Kujo, became very close to her. In fact, she fell in love with him. One day while visiting the real world with Sayuri Kameshima,Atsushi Kujo, and Nakahira Kujo, a powerful man came and grabbed Atsushi and took him to Hueco Mundo. She, and her other two friends, were able to go to Hueco Mundo with the help of a local shinigami merchant. He had made a garganta appear and they went thru. Once there she, and her friends, battled a few Arrancar on there way to find Atsushi. Mizuko, somehow, had been able to defeat the number 8 Espada, Chi-Han. This drained her terribly and she had to be helped out a bit by Nakahira Kujo. Once she was feeling better they continued on the search for Atsushi. Once they found him, however, he said he was not returning with them. Mizuko became upset and asked him the reason why. He said that he was part of the Kujo clan. The Kujo clan was once one of the noble familys. When he and his sister were younger the family mansion was raided. He and his sister watched the slaughter of all the members of thier family. He said that he and his sister struggled after that and that he was mad at the Gotei 13 since it was the members of the Gotei 13 that killed his family. He said that he was joining with the poweful man that took him to get stronger and be able to defeat everyone. Mizuko felt bad for him. She wanted to help him so bad she would do anything. It was then that she joined him and his uncle, saying she was following her heart. They walked thru a garganta and appeared in Karakura Town.
Once there she stood below where the powerful man and his two allies were standing. After the group was covered by the fire barrier made by the current Captain Commander, she was ordered to take out any lieutenants in the area. The first one she found was the current Lieutenant of Division 10. During their fight, the Lieutenant from Division 10 was joined by the current Lieutenant of Division 5. Mizuko fought and was able to badly injure the Division 10 Lieutenant. Just as she was about to take out the Divison 5 Lieutenant, Hikaru showed up. She was trying to get him to leave the area when one of her friends showed up as well. Sayuri Kameshima was a substiute Soul Reaper and was Mizukos best friend in the Academy besides Atsushi. Sayuri tried to talk some sense into her but Mizuko just kept getting more angry and upset. Eventually she went to attack her friend. Sayuri blocked and was able to easily knock Mizuko out. Once Mizuko came around Sayuri and a few others attempted to get her to come back to thier side. She thought about it at first and then called Atsushi over to see what his thoughts were. He only wanted to seek revenge against the Soul Society. Because she still wanted to help him out she once agian joined on Atsushi's side, ignoring her friends pleeding to stay with her.

She ended up near Atsushi's uncle at one point, Tetsuya Shimazu. The Lieutenant of Division 6 joined up with the two of them and challenged Tetsuya to a fight. Tetsuya didn't want to fight and had Mizuko fight him instead. Mizuko was running out of spirit energy by that time and the Divison 6 Lieutenant seemed to get the best of her at first. Once the fire around the powerful man began to disappear the Division 6 Lieutenant's attention turned away from Mizuko and to that man. Mizuko took this chance to rejoin Atsushi and his group. Once the Division 6 Lieutenant saw this, however, he used his Zanpakuto to grab her by wrapping it around her and bring her face to face with him. He berated her for her choice and made her feel bad. She was about to give in and give up. That was when Tetsuya was able to get her released from it by knocking out the Division 6 Lieutenant.

Sayuri soon called on her Bankai, something she had recently obtained. This allowed anyone inside of it, a grove of cherry trees, to see the darkness in thier hearts as a type of shadow around them. Mizuko, trying to attack the Division 6 Lieutenant, ended up inside and trapped by one of Sayuri's trees. Sayuri, outside of showing people the darkness in thier hearts, was able to control the trees within the dome of her Bankai. Traped by a tree Sayuri talked to her and showed her how dark her heart had become due to her actions. Not wanting to continue, she once again called Atsushi to her. She told him what she had learned and showed him the darkness in his own heart. He paid no mind to this but ended up getting captured by Sayuri as well. Once the fighting outside the dome began to get worse Sayuri eventually let them both go, saying that if they want to leave to do so now. She also said that if they both leave that she would then consider them enemies and would attack them both. Mizuko once again followed Atsushi over to a building about a 1/4 of a mile away. There they watched the rest of the fights from there till the group they were with reformed and they left the area.
Eventually, after all the fighting was done, the powerful man was caught. Tetusya took the group, along with Mizuko, to an undisclosed location. Not much is know about what happened in the three years Mizuko was gone from the Soul Society. The only amount of time Mizuko is aware of is the 3 months it took her to get back to the Soul Society. During the 3 year gap she was gone Mizuko did train and worked hard to be a productive member of the group. However, due to her not being at the same level as a captain Mizuko could not join the group that Atsushi and the others had joined. The group would only take in Captain class and above who were no longer members of the Soul Society. As a way to prevent Mizuko from getting hurt and to keep her from remembering about the group they erased her memory and left her only with the memory of seeing Atsushi leaving her behind. She was devistated to see this as he was her whole life at that point. It broke her heart to see him walk away. Since then she has not been able to get close to any other male person for fear the same thing will happen again. The only person she can get close to is Hikaru becasue she see's him more as a brother figure than someone she could spend the rest of her life with.

During the 3 months she was traveling she found herself in plenty of fights. During one fight she seemed to be out numbered. She was using her water ability as well as her Shikai to fight off the attackers. A young looking man came around and helped her to finish the fight. This person seemed to have similar powers to hers, but he wielded fire instead of Water. His name was Hotaka Aoki. Hotaka was the one who told Mizuko a little about her power, Hatsuden. They spent some time talking a little at an inn, mostly about what Hatsuden is and a little about what it can do. The next morning Mizuko wanted to see if Hotaka would help her develop her powers. She looked around and could not find him. Eventually she found out that he checked out in the middle of the night leaving Mizuko there to wonder more about her power, Hatsuden. It was also at this time she realized that she had a tattoo on the back of her right calf. She knew this had something to do with her Hatsuden ability, but nothing more than that.

Once she came back to the Soul Society she was brought before the current Captain Commander. She, as well as Nakahira Kujo, Atsushi's brother by marrage, pleeded with him to spare her life. He granted it but with one main condition. If Mizuko were to betray the Soul Society again that not only would Mizuko be executed but so would Nakahira. Mizuko and Nakahira agreeded and Mizuko was then assigned to be part of Divison 3 as part of her punishment once she graduated from the academy. She was also told she could not be a ranked member right away till they felt she would not be a traitor any further to the Soul Society.

As time passed, Mizuko still does not remember what happened during the 3 years she was away from the Soul Society. She has grown a bit mentally and phycially, but not in height. Mizuko eventually graduated from the Shinigami Academy and joined Divison 3 as she was told. She went thru many captains and worked hard to do as she wasl told. She worked hard doing most grunt work that many, even in Division 4, would not do. She did these things in fear that if she did not she'd be going against the Soul Society, something she did not want to do. She remained in Divison 3 through all the bumps in the road that have occured. She had inquired in the past if she could move to a different Divison and kept being told that she could not due to being part of her punishment. Eventally, as time went on, Sayuri, who was human, passed on and did not return to the Soul Society. Her other friend, Nakahira, never acknowledged her and died during a missiong protecting his wife from harm. Thier child grew up not knowing his parents for part of his life. He later died during a mission shortly after becomming a Shinigami.

As for Atsushi, Mizuko didn't see him much as she never left the Soul Society. He did visit at times due to the special unit he was in. She made an effort to talk to him whenever he did. Each time, however, he didn't give her much information and didn't really talk to her much. He more pushed her away from him and told her that he was only doing this to protect her and to ensure that she was safe. She would tell him she loved him and wanted him to come back to the Soul Society. He would never say he loved her back and would just stay that this was something he could no do. Deep down, however, he was still very much in love with her and knew that, if he allowed her to follow him or came back to the Soul Society, that she could get hurt and that was something he did not want to happen. After he said that he took off and made it so that Mizuko could not find him any further when he was there. Each time this happend Mizuko would spend days in her room crying and not wanting to be social.

A few years ago she found a letter in her room. It was a letter from a the group that Atsushi was a part of. It did not mention the name of the group but the letter did state that he had died during his last mission. This broke her heart even more than when she found that her original husband did not love her. She remained in her room for a very long time, many months to be specific. It took her current Captain to get her out of her room. It was around that time that she started to be assigned to the world of the living in hopes that she would snap out of her depression and begin to enjoy her life. Eventually she began to get over her depression and she began to enjoy her job more. She did spent time in both the living world and the Soul Society after that, alternating betten assignments. At times when she is in the Soul Society and alone in her room her mind did wander back to her friends, all of whom had passed on by the time she found out about Atsushi. To work out her feelings she wrote down in a book how she felt and what memories she had. To this day she has filled 3 books and is working on a fourth.

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Mizuko Ichikawa
Mizuko Ichikawa

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Mizuko Ichikawa Shinigami  RA Empty Re: Mizuko Ichikawa Shinigami RA

Post by Joachim Armster on Wed Jun 27, 2012 5:27 pm

Hello, and welcome to BTIS!

For your zanpakuto appearance, you seem to mention tiers. We do not use tiers here, only stats; please modify the descriptions that involve tiers accordingly.

Could you please fill out your negative traits and habits? Each dot needs to be filled. You may add more dots if you like. More is always better!

Your history does not specify where you were born, exactly. I can't tell whether it was europe or japan. Could you please be more specific?

Also, what is Jinzen?
Joachim Armster
Joachim Armster

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Mizuko Ichikawa Shinigami  RA Empty Re: Mizuko Ichikawa Shinigami RA

Post by Mizuko Ichikawa on Wed Jun 27, 2012 5:47 pm

I'll work on the traits shortly, but I've fixed all else. Forgot to remove the tier stuff when I copied it from a different site.

Jinzen: the method used by Shinigami to converse with their Zanpakutō in their inner world.

Jinzen (刃禅, Blade Zen or Sword Meditation): This method is the only way to carry on a proper conversation with one's Zanpakutō. One places their sword over their lap and takes a meditative pose and then forces their mind to become one with the Zanpakutō.

In this form, one can call out the true form of the powers of their Zanpakutō. This advanced form of training is far different from attaining abilities by force. In this form it is about entering a state of calm to enter the inner world of the Zanpakutō and engage them there. In this state a wielder will have to fight their Zanpakutō spirit in order to attain access to new abilities, the Zanpakutō spirit does not want to teach these moves and engage the wielder in a battle the likes of which has never taken place before. (as described on Bleach Wiki)

This one is basic for most Shinigami and is a way to talk to thier Zanpakuto when not in battle. Could lead to learning Shikai or other moves. Also, not everyone uses this method in the same way. Mizuko has her own unique way to communicate with Selece.
Mizuko Ichikawa
Mizuko Ichikawa

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Mizuko Ichikawa Shinigami  RA Empty Re: Mizuko Ichikawa Shinigami RA

Post by Joachim Armster on Fri Jun 29, 2012 11:52 am

Alright. Approved. Moving on to try-outs.
Joachim Armster
Joachim Armster

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Mizuko Ichikawa Shinigami  RA Empty Re: Mizuko Ichikawa Shinigami RA

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