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Yamato Joji - Fullbringer WIP

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Yamato Joji - Fullbringer WIP Empty Yamato Joji - Fullbringer WIP

Post by Goatkin on Mon Jul 02, 2012 12:36 am


[center]B A S I C S //

Laying down the bricks //

Nickname/s | Abel, Yam, Potato, Tomato, other vegetable names
DOB | July 4th, 1986
Age | 26
Gender | M
Sexual Orientation | unsure (repressed)
Ethnicity | Japanese
Occupation | Farmer / Rancher
Loyalty | It That Binds

Proof of who I am //
[definitely WIP; wouldn’t mind suggestions for this]
Fullbring Item | Badge of Courage or Prized Rifle (with attached bayonet)
Fullbring Ability | has the ability to ‘cleanse’ status afflictions or burst out of movement restricting objects or spells (difficulty of success determined by opponent’s spiritual offense)
Fullbring Appearance |

Further than just the skin //

Height | 5’11
Weight | 164 lb
Hair color & Style | brown, un-styled, knife cut short
Eye color | light blue
Overall Appearance | Yamato’s tall, muscular stature as well as his sun tanned skin make it easy for someone to recognize him as a man of labor. He also has harsh, but strong facial features like his rigid, stubby haired jawline. His hands are bulky and heavily calloused, making them appear almost demon-like, and he always seems to have at least one fresh cut somewhere else. He commonly wears a denim shirt and dark blue jeans to favor his work and the climate, switching to a nice cotton shirt only when work is done. Sweat and blood stains cover his clothes, accumulated over the years from only basic hand washing by a stream.

Understand the invisible //

Positive Traits |

  • has an open mind when it comes to adapting to new situations.
  • has a natural curiosity which compels him.
  • has a soft spot for animals and, if approached carefully, for people as well.
  • values hard work
  • becomes less tense as others become more familiar to him (even if his suspicions about them remain the same)

Negative Traits |

  • He often distrusts acts of good will or offers of friendship towards him, seeing them as acts of manipulation. (at first)
  • Carries a heavy burden; is unable to let go of past mistakes or memories easily.
  • More likely to use violence if provoked or threatened; can succumb to bloodlust.
  • Naïve when it comes to the modern industrialized world and subtle social issues.
  • Can be careless when it comes to love, sometimes doing more harm than good; easily succumbs to temptation.

Habits |

  • has a tendency to pet, subjugate or play with animals at a whim, most commonly because he enjoys the sensation of touch. ex. the feeling of goat’s fur.
  • eats and drinks without reservation like an animal would
  • favors exploring than staying at one place for a prolonged period of time

Fears | It That Binds, becoming too attached to things because he believes they will die, being captured.
Goals | Exploring the world and becoming a stronger man.
Overall Personality | His savage heart, cultivated by his history, embodies most of his personality. His animalistic desire for true freedom motivates his actions and doesn’t have the reservations that other humans would have because of it. He berates himself whenever he allows love to take control of his senses, seeing it as a weakness rather than a strength, but feels helpless against its power. Memories of love make it hard for Yamato to move on sometimes, and the endless battle of exploration wears away at the otherwise free spirit.

Tell me a tale... //
(need to mull over a lot of details)
Birthplace |
Mother |
Father |
Siblings |
Other Relations |
Companion |
Overall history |

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