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Honor limited edition handbag Longchamp France Drama Theatre

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Honor limited edition handbag Longchamp France Drama Theatre

Post by Rogift on Tue Nov 06, 2012 12:45 am

French leather goods brand Longhcamp Tassen Kopen (Longchamp) hand in the French National Theatre - "French Drama Theatre first show for the Chinese audience. The cooperation began in 2008.
To celebrate this grand debut in China, longchamp tassen (Longchamp) and France Drama Theatre decided to the Cooperation original France Outstanding Drama Theatre actor Helene Perdriere world performances handbag reproduction. The Helene Perdriere French Drama Theatre actor 1928-1931, and in 1954 became one of the shareholders of the theater.
This particular handbag is an iconic role played the of Helene Perdriere in the drama "Le Dindon" innocent girl Clotilde handbag. Play by Feydeau guide, Jean Meyer featuring stage design, and costumes by Suzanne Lalique design.Still Mr.Kashigelan, (Jean Cassegrain) longchamp online (Longchamp) CEO said: "My sister Sophie Dina Fonteyn (Sophie Delafontaine) French Theater experts spent a lot of time and effort to study in Paris with local collections of costumes.
These costumes can be traced back to the period of Moliere (Molière), which a lot of handbags in the drama on stage Longchamp (Longchamp) to create its own unique process in which a handbags, I think, a real souvenir for this special event design is very important. "Chief of the French Drama Theatre Director Miao Lierre of Miss Ma Yete (Muriel Mayette): France Drama Theatre can empower people dream, longchamp le pliage (Longchamp) This is the important meaning of cooperation with the theater.
Creation with our theater drama Longchamp (Longchamp) accessories can bring the dream and joy of people have it. spirit of innovation is to facilitate cooperation between the two sides of the driving force behind the pleasure brought by the United States are no borders, this inspiration from our collections handbags also go beyond the limitations of time, it is both a memorial France Drama Theatre debut is a modern interpretation of the tradition and culture of France longchamp tassen prijzen.

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