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Profile and Try-out Evaluation Information

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Profile and Try-out Evaluation Information Empty Profile and Try-out Evaluation Information

Post by Ravilin on Mon Apr 30, 2012 12:17 am

Profile and Try-out Evaluation

Here at BiS, we believe role-playing is serious business. Well, sort of. In reality, we just enjoy being surrounded by competent and interesting writers. Don't fret and give it your all, the worst that can happen is you get to role-play. :\'D

The process of these try-outs is as follows:
  1. Player creates their character's profile in the Profile Registration forum.
  2. An admin creates a try-out topic for the player in the Profile Try-out forum.
  3. Player responds to this topic with their try-out post.
  4. An admin evaluates the player's profile as a whole.
  5. The player's character is ranked and is allocated their total points.
  6. The admin runs a second screening of the profile for approval.

The total allocated points for your character is the tallied sum of both the Profile and Try-out Post evaluations. In this RP, the total number of points dictate the characters relative rank, not the other way around. Don't fret, for this is how potent your character begins and not how potent your character can become. Every character has the potential to earn more points and improve. The methods to earn these additional points will be outlined in another thread.

The try-out post is essentially a post you write, with your character, in any setting or situation you wish.

Each try-out is conducted with the utmost objectivity. We will be as fair as the fairest person to ever live. You may bring up any concerns, privately, with the administrator who is trialing you, but also be rational enough to accept your faults.

Before we move on to the actual template and point distribution, let's go over what each category encompasses.

Administrative Section
  • Try-out Role-Player - Who is the author of the character?
  • Try-out Character's Name - What is the character's name?
  • Try-out Character's Race - What is the character's race?

Try-out Profile Evaluation Section
General - General criteria.
  • Thoroughness - How thorough is your profile? This does not equate to length, but rather how much detail you have placed within each section of your profile.
  • Organization - How well structured is your profile? Have you used the appropriate template? Have you tampered with the template?
  • Cleanliness - How readable is your profile? Is it well spaced, structured and punctuated?

Character - Your character's criteria.
  • Originality and creativity - How original is your character, his/her appearance and theme? Does he/she seem similar to an existing character of canon Bleach? How believable is your character?
  • Character depth - How dynamic is your character? How fleshed out is the theme? Is he stale or does he/she seem to have character?

Zanpakuto - Your Zanpakuto's criteria.
  • Originality and creativity - How original is your Zanpakuto, its appearance and theme? Does it seem similar to an existing weapon of canon Bleach? How believable is your Zanpakuto? Does it agree with your chosen theme?
  • Zanpakuto depth - How dynamic is your Zanpakuto? How fleshed out is the theme and abilities? Is the spirit's personality stale or does it seem to posses character?

Try-out Post Evaluation Section
  • Setting - How interesting is the setting of your post?
  • Action scene - How interesting is the situation within the setting of your post?
  • Character reaction - How interesting and appropriate is your character's reaction to the situation? Do you maintain your character's integrity or do you play him/her out of character?

Grammar and Sentence Structure
  • Punctuation - Do you use proper and consistent punctuation? Periods, commas and the like.
  • Sentence structure - How well structured are your sentences? Do they flow and make sense? Does your character just jump from one idea to another with no rhyme or reason?
  • Readability - Can people read your posts clearly? Is it difficult to discern what you're trying to get across?

Storytelling Ability - How well can you tell your story? Do people understand the focal point of your post?

Flow and Overall Structure
  • Post flow - How well do your posts flow? Do you neglect interactions of previous posts within your seceding post?
  • Post organization - How well organized are your posts? Are they split into several paragraphs or just one huge block of text?

General Detail
  • Setting detail - How well do you describe the setting? Can others tell clearly where your character is and what surrounds him/her?
  • Character action detail - How well do you describe your character's actions? Do they interact with the surroundings? Do your actions affect the setting?
  • Character interaction detail and integrity - How well do you interact with other characters? Do you maintain your character's true personality or do you play out of character? Do you neglect what happens around you, or do you use what other character's provide, such as speech or action, within your post?


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