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Spirit of Vengeance - Erinya's Abode

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Spirit of Vengeance - Erinya's Abode

Post by Erinya on Sun May 06, 2012 11:34 am

For such a violent and bloody person, Erinya runs a pretty nice house.

Tucked away somewhere in the city of Kyoto, the apartment is a small, cozy place, obviously meant to be inhabited by one person and one person only. There were only two rooms, and neither of them is especially large, consisting of a bedroom which is almost filled by the small cot which is placed within it, always immaculately made regardless of what state Erinya was in when she wakes up, and a general purpose room with a kitchenette, a small living space with a couch and TV, and an area where she stores and services her weapons.

She doesn't have a bathroom of her own, that service requiring walking some ten feet down the main hallway to the bathroom for the floor, and even then it's likely that it's taken at the moment, meaning that if you have to go in the least, you probably want to get your ass down there now instead of waiting, just in case you have to wait.

Most things here are bare of adornment, the only thing close to being decorations being the weapons which perpetually hang above the workbench which dominates a full half of the space within the apartment's main room, festooned with a myriad of tools which Erinya uses to modify and maintain the weapons which she uses for her work.

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