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Strange Encounters with Stranger People - Erinya Goes for a Walk [Open]

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Strange Encounters with Stranger People - Erinya Goes for a Walk [Open]

Post by Erinya on Sun May 06, 2012 11:40 am

The Spirit of Vengeance wasn't out killing someone today.

This is an unusual situation, and she doesn't truly know what to do with herself on days like this where murder is not a required activity and where she can do whatever she wants without worrying about a schedule and whether she'd make it in time to kill the person she needed to kill if she stopped to get takoyaki on the way there.

The flame-eyed girl approaches a street vendor, engaging him in a quick and to the point conversation and walking away with a pastry in hand, quietly nibbling on it as she decides to go for a walk, to explore the city as she had done back so long ago... she'd probably run into people on the way, and they might even be interesting, much as she has a sneaking suspicion that they would be more annoying than they're worth.

So she begins, turning into a back alley and just walking, exploring the warren of byways and side streets that are nestled throughout any city, seeking out whatever would come to her.

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