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A rare night [Open]

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A rare night [Open]

Post by Diaveras on Thu May 10, 2012 6:19 pm

(Friday, 5/11. 11:45PM)

The streets were surprisingly quiet at the moment. There were no people walking around and not even the sound of birds or cars could be heard from this area. Even the ticking was absent now as Nanea walked around a bit, she had already made her rounds but she had accomplished her goal far faster than she expected. The night still felt deep, which for Nanea meant it would still be a while before the sun would rise again and she would have to retreat to her acting shelter from the light. This unfortunately left her unsure of what to do with herself, if she were to return and sleep she would wake up in the day and she would lose her mind. She sighed as she tried to think of something, perhaps it was time to search for whatever she could use as a second shelter should something happen to the first or should she be tracked to it.

For now she decided it best to just walk around through the alleys and look around for such a place, something abandoned and hidden from sight would be ideal. She stopped when she found herself passing by a clothing store, she had an odd urge to go inside. Trying to deny this feeling caused her to grumble a bit to herself, what would she need in such a place? She turned away from it and took a few steps forward before coming to a stop and turning to look back at it over her shoulder. What am I doing? I don't need anything from there! It's not a place I can hide things! She looked away from it again but didn't take any steps, she stood there silently. Why wasn't the feeling fading? Damn it just die down already! Eventually it drove her mad and she walked back over to the store, finding a back door and fullbringing the lock to get inside.

Now that she was inside, feeling seemed to mostly die down. She looked around at all the various clothing and just wondered what the hell she was feeling the need to do in here. The feeling wasn't decreasing any further. This was getting annoying, she had something else she wanted to do! "UGGHH" She ran over and grabbed a white button up shirt to throw on, this seemed to satisfy her impulse and she was free to leave the place. Now to search for a second base to hide in, maybe even store things in if it seems secure enough. She accelerated in a random direction simply to get away from the store.

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