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Change of View (Brief solo topic)

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Change of View (Brief solo topic)

Post by The Infection on Tue May 15, 2012 9:57 pm

As the sun was dragged down to the depths of the shadows, night cast over the world in a seldom silence, a time of both rest and chaos washing upon the time of the next subject. With only the howls of the nocturnal filling the air, all seemed peaceful. A man going by the name Zane Hataro was on his venture home from the tiresome day at his organization, His work was done and now was his time to relax and enjoy what remained of the night. The man was decently tall, standing at six feet and four inches above the ground, substantially more than the average male. His hair was of a black hue, arranged in the style of several spikes that cover the skull and forehead, composed of several strands of hair all brought together by some type of transparent kinetic force. His eyes were filled with a sense of boredom, painted crimson with a sense of apathy shining from them. His nose was a tad larger than normal, but not to any large degree, or even noticeably. It was something that you would only really notice if you wanted to notice it or had a keen sense of detail. His teeth were lightly biting in to the flesh of his bottom-lip, trying to cease the plague of boredom with slim traces of pain. Zane wore a uncommon attire, especially for an executive officer of a cooperation like the one he was in. Over his shoulders and down to his waist hung a black leather jacket, being fairly thick and covering the entirety of his upper-body. The hands slipped out of the jacket, not being covered by it. A small portion of his chest was also visible since the jacket wasn’t entirely tied together. There was a V-neck at the top of the jacket, getting its name from the V-like shape that remained uncovered. Moving on to the lower-body, Zane also had black leather pants, the same material as the jacket. Along this leather were traces of silver and gold, primarily imbedded in waist-line. This was a design he had specifically designed to flaunt the wealth he had obtained through the company he worked for. His shoes were made entirely of metal with the exception of a small layer of panther hide on the inside of them to comfort the feet. This made each step he made heavy, making a stomping noise with ach step he took. Though, lifting them was quite easy for him. No one knew why, but he could casually wear them without the slightest hindrance.

As the man continued to walk forward, he noticed the silhouette of a figure unlike any he had seen before. Something was off about it. From a seemingly empty alley-way, the form of a man that no longer seemed Human phased in to view. He appeared only as an image of blackness, a silhouette that seemed no different than a normal person. Though, upon closer examination, this man was all things except normal. Firstly, his hair was bleach-white, being fully devoid of any color what-so-ever, each strand of hair was straightened out, hanging over the back of his head and covering the back of the man’s neck and upper-back. It was substantially longer than most male’s hair style, but it was never really the eye-drawing point of his form. The next noted feature of the man’s appearance was his eyes. They were drained of emotion, showing a slight sense of anguish in the pitch-black pupils that filled a bloodshot iris. They did not look at people. Rather, they gave the sense of someone looking through another, as if the second person was not even in existence. Both were also dry, having no form of moisture around them like normal. As the man continued to slowly pace forward, more features of his grotesque physical shape were shown. His nose was bruised, showing markings across it that ran down the bridge. These markings were small incision-like marks, being separated by a one eighth inch space between each one fourth inch mark. Next was the mouth. Though normally not a part of the face that looked different from others, this man’s was different. The lips were nearly ghost-white, being extremely dry. At the right-side of the bottom lip, the seemingly colorless form of the man was covered with an unfitting crimson that painted a small trail from the mouth to the chin. This was quite-obviously blood, dripping down from his chin to the ground underfoot every few seconds, One drop of blood after another. The man’s ears appeared normal for the most part, the exception being the highly pale nature of his skin.

The man’s body was in just as bad a condition as his face. His clothing was tattered, stricken with multiple holes and tears throughout them. His shirt was of aged black leather. It covered the majority of his chest and stomach, though a rather large tear in the center of the clothing showed a small patch of bare flesh along the chest area. This shows the decrepit state of his physical body. He had no fat, nor much muscle. It showed simply as the bones in his body. They were obviously visible throughout the chest and stomach, even in the arms and legs to a lesser degree. It was like the body had been deprived of any source of food or sustenance. His skin was extremely pale, showing no color, matching the rest of his form. The hands were covered in wrinkles, the blood veins in his appendages being clearly visible around the bones. Though, unlike normal, these veins were not blue, nor even red. They were pitch-black, like blood that had been left to dry for years. All-in-all, he looked like a walking corpse. He seemed to have no soul, no emotion, simply a shell, an android, a puppet, a tool. All of these could be used to depict the man, and most of them were pretty accurate.

Zane Hataro was disgusted by the appearance of the man drawing near. He looked like he should have been locked away in the hospital, maybe a jail or loony bin. Anywhere to keep such a sick being from the rest of common society. He just tried to ignore it, swallowing saliva in his mouth to calm himself down to prevent an outburst. As Zane passed the man, he couldn’t help but look him in the eye. That cold, dead stare. It was unorthodox, unusual, and most notably, a tad creepy and fucked up. Once Zane passed the decrepit man, he sighed in relief, the thought of having been rid of the man washing relief over his body. This was not meant to last though. In a moment, everything got a whole lot darker.

The host was beginning to die, his body nearly fully drained by the virus that inhabited his body. He was moments from collapse, and The Infection could see this. He needed a new host. This one was trash now, not even worth devouring. By tapping in to the powers of hell, the ground began to quake, thousands of stele chains clawing their way through the ground, tearing stone and rock and bringing forth a horde of metal toward their target. The chains quickly aimed to ensnare the man that had just passed Infection, the spread of disease beginning. The chains wrapped around the man’s appendages and chest, even covering the mouth and hands. This happened as quickly as it began, Zane not even being able to react in time. His body was bound entirely, being suspended in the air by the multitude of chains that shrouded him. A black cloak slowly formed around the current host, a demonic essence flowing from the body and covering the seemingly old man’s body entirely. The cloak swirled rapidly around him, cracking the ground with a power unknown to humanity. The power of the devil, the power of a demon, the power of a parasite in waking. The vectors and tendrils that composed the demon’s body poured out of the cloak, the osmium hide and crimson gashes of the vectors being the first apparent thing people would have noticed. The tendrils moved around the host’s body, the vectors looking hungrily at the ensnared Human. They wanted to feast, but could not at the time. They needed a new abode for the time. The tendrils slowly extended toward the snared man, surrounding him and the chains, making escape nigh impossible,

Zane panicked, using his own advanced power to try and break from his binds. Blue spiritual energy flowed around his form, causing the chains to vibrate rapidly. However, they did not break. They simply swayed. The vectors moved toward the captured prey, one of them looking directly in front of the man and looking in to their eyes with its own faceless visage. Its jaws opened, the crimson light that filled its body casting a heat over the target and filling them with a sense of despair. The tendrils began to drill in to the man’s body, slowly merging with his blood and turning in to raw black plasma. The tendrils entered the body, slowly vanished. An intense sense of pain filled the man’s body as he screamed out like a dying pig. Finally, the vectors turned in to raw energy, the cloak and their plasma form entering their body. The energy went behind their eyes, down their throat, through their ears, and up their nose. The corruption of the devil entered their body and struck them with the hammer of control. Zane’s consciousness slowly faded, The Infection seeping into their mind and stealing their memories. The corruption took mark and the beginning of the end ensued.

Every last trace of energy was absorbed in to Zane’s body, the decrepit man that formerly contained the monster dropping to the floor in pain, his body turning in to dust from the overuse of the body. The dust was carried by the wind, being cast away and banished from the world’s view. With the end of one began the end of another. Zane fell to the ground, the chains receding back in to the ground and leaving no trace of their presence. Inside, The Infection tapped in to the man’s mind, slowly implementing the taint of Infection. It began to draw power from the new host, the process repeating itself all over again. Using the demented powers at its disposal, The Infection tainted the man’s mind with fallacies, painting the night’s events as just another time at the bar, erasing knowledge of the beast now living inside of him. He also added some data regarding a power he had yet to utilize for later use. The Infection didn’t intend to reveal itself yet, it intended to manipulate a blinded pawn in to the jaws of chaos and distrust. Only when all was gone would the demon of disease make its debut. Until then, the obscenity of humanity remained unaltered. ,
The Infection
The Infection

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