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Arrancar- Jasper Aizawa (W.I.P

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Arrancar- Jasper Aizawa (W.I.P Empty Arrancar- Jasper Aizawa (W.I.P

Post by Jake Duriel on Wed May 23, 2012 12:55 am

Jasper Aizawa

Name: Jasper Aizawa
Nickname: “La Serpiente”, the Snake.
Age (Appearance/Actual): In his twenties/180
Birth Date: 5/7/1832
Gender: Male
Non-Zanpakutō Weapon(s): A small ceremonial dagger. Its hilt and sheath are decorated with strange symbols of a forgotten language. The blade, no longer than five or six inches, is very slightly curved, the work of precision blacksmithing. Jasper keeps it hidden within his robes at all times- only Jasper has ever seen the blade for himself, and even knows it exists.
Number: 4 (or wherever this character is placed). The number is upon the side of his right arm, right next to the tricepular muscle.
Hollow hole: Jasper hollow hole is upon the palm of his right hand. It is relatively small, being only a few centimeters in diameter.

Seeing as Jasper remembers most of his life before an Arrancar, it is not surprising that his personality has stayed generally the same since then. A hard work and get-it-done ethic is deeply ingrained within him, considering that the most eventful parts of his life were working odd jobs to make enough money to make it a few more miles. From this, he’s also learned how to manipulate people to get what he needs, even though he hates to do so. By the time he was barely eight, he had already had a strong black-and-white sense of what was right and what was wrong to him- and for his entire life, he stuck to that code. His moral code could be summarized as so: do the action that will cause the least amount of suffering to the most people. And he truly did stick to that code to the very end.
Even though his ethics have not changed, his personality has. During his human life, he was an optimist, with an absolute knowledge that things would work out in the end, even though times of extreme hardship and suffering where most around him broke down. Now, Jasper doesn’t know anymore. He knows he was a monster, and he knows what he’s done, how many souls he’s consumed, keeping them from ever seeing their loved ones every again in the Soul Society. The evil he’s seen, especially what he’s sees in himself, is so unbelievably horrible and great- it is everywhere, has touched everything. This makes him a generally a seemingly apathetic person at times, so lost within everything that he has seen and what he’s done.
Jasper’s Aspect of Death is lonliness. He died protecting total strangers within a bank from some criminals in a local gang, giving them enough time to flee away safely and get the authority. Yet, he was shot by one of the gang members during the distraction, and was left to slowly die by bleeding out upon the floor. No one came for him- he was just some kid wandering in from town, like he’d been for all of his life, and that became his death. The gang ended up overrunning the small town, and mutilated his body for everyone to see. He’s lonely, and that feeling consumes his entire being.

Physical Appearance:

Jasper’s overall appearance can be described simply as forgettable. His looks would not distinguish him from a crowd of people, except a hole upon his right hand that is usually covered up by a glove. He’s six feet tall even, and is not slender nor fat- his chest is flat, with a small muscular layer under it. His shoulders are slightly broad, his arms the length of them to his mid-thigh. His length is equally distributed between his legs and chest, his feet maybe six or seven inches in length. His fingernails and toenails are cleanly trimmed, and his entire body below his neck is shaved. Take that as you’d like to take it. His hair, is a very dark brown, almost impossible to tell it from black, is sweeped back revealing a few inch thick forehead. He has a slight amount of stubble growing from his sideburns to his face. His eyes are a light brown, within them nothingness, no sign of happiness. Just loneliness.
Theme Song: N/A


Sealed form: (appearance)
Resurrección: (appearance and transformation)
Call out phrase:
Abilities/techniques: (2 for now, then you will be able to add the others if/when you are awarded your stat points and know your appropriate rank)

Category Proficiency (Keep this section empty until you have been trialed and have been allocated points and know your appropriate rank)

Total Points: 1P/1P (P is based on your try-out. When you expend that P to upgrade a category, it depletes from the total.)
Physical Offense: Feeble/Feeble
Physical Defense: Feeble/Feeble
Agility: Feeble/Feeble
Reiryoku: Feeble/Feeble
Kidō: Feeble/Feeble
Hankou: Feeble/Feeble
Mind: Feeble/Feeble
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