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Roki Saarunga - Shinigami [For the new system]

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Roki Saarunga - Shinigami [For the new system]

Post by Delute on Thu May 31, 2012 12:21 pm

The Trickster

B A S I C S //

Laying down the bricks //

Nickname/s | The Trickster
DOB | 16th May
Age | ??? /250++
Sexuality | Straight?
Ethnicity | Japanese
Occupation | Shinigami
Loyalty | Herself
Theme Song: |


Proof of who I am //


Zanpakutou Spirit |
An innocent wide-eyed child, a gentle and caring maternal figure and a flamboyantly feisty lady. The three of them whose form she takes is the council in Roki's mindscape. In a way, they are representatives of Roki's inner mind, each governing one aspect of her Freudian psyche. The Child represents the Ego, the part of herself which follows cold rational logic. The Seductress represents the Id, the portion of her soul that acts on emotive priorities. The Mother finally is the Superego, the super-rational part which seeks to reconcile and mediate between both conflicting ideals to the best benefit that compromising can bring.

Inner World |
A grass plain as far as it is wide, the Tree of Life, Yggdrassil sat rooted in its center of which the three aspects of the zanpakuto spirit sat around underneath it's shelter-providing canopy. An aged boulder stands nearby, once home to a malicious being that plagued the spirits. This however is not all there is. Unknown to perhaps even Roki herself, her mindscape is actually divided into different layers of Asgard Midgard and Niflheim, all representative to the different level of consciousness.

Sealed state |
In Eva Santsukao's unsealed form, it is an ordinary nodaichi. Or is it? If one were to observe carefully, the zanpakuto itself could be split into three different blades, one wakizashi, one katana and the remaining the original nodaichi now with a hollow blade. This allows Roki to use different forms of combat styles that only serve to reinforce her erratic self and unpredictable way of fighting.

This base state also has a permenant passive effect of which allows Roki to transform into her three different selves in an illusion that could not be broken unless Roki decides herself to show whoever her true form. This unbreakable illusion is only applicable for her appearance, not her abilities.

Overall Ability |
In Shikai form, the nodaichi dislodges itself into its components, of which will then glow faintly in their distinct colours. Red for the Wakizashi, yellow for the Nodaichi and peach for the Katana. In shikai, Roki is granted three basic moves of which are all illusions. Since they are illusions, they can be dispelled and countered with sufficient strength of mind. The illusions also affect an area instead of merely a single person and work similar to Imperio from the Harry Potter franchise by incepting an "idea" into their minds. Only one illusion can be active at any one time.

Release phrase |Azamuku (Mislead), Eva Santsukao!
Shikai Appearance | No change, only that the weapons now glow.

Overall Ability | (DO NOT USE)
Release phrase | (DO NOT USE)
Bankai Appearance | (DO NOT USE) [IMG*]image url (if there is an image)[/IMG]

Further than just the skin //

Height | Depends
Weight | Depends
Hair color & Style | Depends
Eye color | Depends
Overall Appearance |
This is where it becomes interesting, for this is the main reason why Roki is known as the Trickster. After her namesake, Loki the Shape-shifter, Roki has three forms she usually appear in that she can interchange at will, all of them are females of course.


The above "form" is Roki's default appearance and is also her most used appearance among soul society to the point that many believe that it is her true appearance which is of course, still up for debate. As a child, she find that she is able to escape notice due to her shorter height and more inconspicuous form, and is hence vital to her "missions" that require utmost subtlety. Also, a child is more often than not easier to plead her case or request with, using tactics such as the legendary "Puppy-dog Eyes" or the "Innocent Sleeve Tug" or even the both of them together at once to devastating effect. Of the three, she represents the Child.


In this appearance, Roki is the epitome of calm of maternal feelings. Abandoning the infamous Puppy-dog eyes and Sleeve tug, she instead uses her unwavering and motherly presence to "advice" people into doing things. Being a quiet beauty also added points, and many a shinigami man in Seireitei are head over heels in love with her (in this form that is). Of the three, this appearance represents the Mother.


The third and final appearance of Roki, she is now a girl who turn heads wherever she goes. Blessed with ample assets and a fiery head of beautiful long hair, she has no doubts of her looks and the attention it garners. Instead of quiet conviction or an innocent child's request, she persuades people via her looks and figure. People who are quick to assume she is a blonde (peach blonde) without brains would be brutally reminded that this is still Roki Saarunga underneath. Of the three forms, this represents the Seductress.

There is also Roki's normal appearance, but none had seen it and perhaps nobody would ever see in the future.

Understand the invisible //

Overall Personality |
Roki is a trickster through and through, who delights herself in trolling others in all manners of things regardless how meaningless or meaningful they might be towards her own purpose. She is able to manipulate the people around her with words and seemingly harmless actions and other various means. Cunning, deceptive and enigmatic, nobody can really be sure they knew what she was thinking exactly in that particular point of time nor what she is planning for the future.

However even though she might be the Deceiver (Or the Joker, depending on how ones sees it) most of the time, she is not maliciously evil (though she could if she wants to kukukukuku). Her tricks are usually made to generate fun and laughter in the boring vestiges of Soul Society such as planning to steal that tasty cake over there, or to simply give the stoic Zeraphin Apollo Rotbaron a migraine. There are times when Roki is serious but more often than not she encourages the notion that she is planning something dastardly when there is absolutely nothing at all, just to mind-screw those who would burn their brain cells in trying to figure her out.

Roki is also filled with a sense of humour, both light and dark and otherwise. She would try to make a joke out of almost every situation, almost being the word here. Intelligent and quick-witted, the gift that allowed her such fluency and eloquence in her mind-games also allowed her to be a master strategist. She is however not able to think that quickly on her feet in emergency situations, since she had not much time in planning and thinking out all possible situations and routes before being thrust into the fray.

When caught, first: Deny all Involvement. If that fails: Shift the Blame away. When that is no longer possible: Face the music and do whatever necessary to live past that. Let it be known that Roki Saarunga does not shy away from the consequences if there is no helping it. She just have to try harder to not get caught next time. This also translate to battle situations. Roki will try not to fight unless there is no way out and when she does, she leaves no advantages unturned.

Habits |

  • Reading and absorbing all knowledge except certified trashy romance novels
  • Confusing (Trolling) people for the drama and the fun
  • Debating with others

Fears | Ironically, Roki fears being average; She fears a dull and boring life.
Goals | To prank the entire Seireitei at once

Tell me a tale... //
IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Should include a triggering memory from human life, and some of the time in the academy (to portray their strengths and ect.) If shikai is obtained, then must explain on how the voice of the zanpakutou spirit was heard, and the meeting in the 'inner world'.

Birthplace | Outskirts of Tokyo
Mother | ???
Father | ???
Siblings | ???
Other Relations | ???
Companion | ???
Overall history | Live a Lie

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Re: Roki Saarunga - Shinigami [For the new system]

Post by Ravilin Asura on Thu May 31, 2012 7:07 pm

Change to the new template please.
Ravilin Asura
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Re: Roki Saarunga - Shinigami [For the new system]

Post by Ravilin Asura on Sun Jun 03, 2012 3:44 am

Ravilin Asura
Ravilin Asura

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Re: Roki Saarunga - Shinigami [For the new system]

Post by Sponsored content

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