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Divisional Duties

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Divisional Duties Empty Divisional Duties

Post by Ravilin on Tue May 01, 2012 6:00 pm

First Division
Run by the Head Capatin of the Soul Society, this division is responsible of leading the Gotei 13 Protection Squads, hold meetings and serve as a communication bridge between the other Divisions. They are also the breeders and trainers of Hell Butterflies.

Second Division
Onmitsukidou (Special Ops)
This Squad has three branches, the Assassination branch whose task is to normally subdue internal threats. The Scouting branch, which gathers Intel in foreign lands, and Law Enforcement whose main duty is to watch over and observe imprisoned criminals.

Third Division
Communications HM
Members of this division usually are responsible to keep close watch over the happenings in Huenco Mundo. They have missions in HM, gain information and are usually the ones who are supposed to keep the Hollows from leaving their desert to attack Rukongai.

Fourth Division
Emergency Care/Medics/Janitorial
The responsibility of this division is to house all medical equipment and technology to heal the wounded or sick back into fighting condition. Members of this division need to have exceptional healing abilities rather than fighting abilities. Members of the division are also responsible for making sure the Seireitei and it's underground sewers stay clean at all times.

Fifth Division
This division deals with gathering information on enemies and information for security or battle purposes, working close with 3rd and 13th. Information gathered from this division is documented and administrated by them. They are also responsible for interrogations.

Sixth Division
The duty of Six is to be the back up in battles. They're the force that comes after squad 11 and 2 finishing the job with their own fury. They are strong enough to take the brunt. These shinigami are balanced in almost all arts so they can support any squad that needs it. They're the jack of all trades when it comes to the thirteen squads.

Seventh Division
Rukongai Affairs
It is Seventh's job to keep watch over Rukongai. They are responsible for the safety and well-being of the denizens of Soul Society.

Eighth Division
Academy Concerns
The duty of the Eighth is to administrate the Shinigami Academy. They are responsible to teach the younger generation and educate every soul that plans to join the Gotei ranks, prepare them for the Division they would like to join and help with the first communications between the students and their future captains.

Ninth Division
Kido Corps
Shinigami with an expertise in offensive kido and ranged weapons are best suited here. This division's duty is to make sure the Seireitei holds strong kido users that can be called upon when needed in battle.

Tenth Division
When the Soul Society is under attack, this division's duty is to be sure it stays safe. Stronger officers fight off enemies and assist other divisions during attacks whereas the weaker, unseated member's duty is to take bystanders and non-shinigami to safety.

Eleventh Division
Melee zanpakutou users with a love for battle are best suited here. Arriving first on the scene of battle is the responsibility of this division to make sure the enemies can be kept at bay.

Twelth Division
Research and Development
Inventions and technology used within the Seireitei are created here. Members are expected to have a high level of intelligence to handle machinery and chemistry. Throughout the day and night experiments are conducted to further advance the technology within the Soul Society. They also keep the Dangai world in order and maintain the Senkaimon gates.

Thirteenth Division
World of the Living Affairs
The responsibility of this division is to patrol the World of the Living and eliminate enemies that threaten to harm it. Shinigami of this division are also responsible for most Konsō (Soul Burial) performances on plus souls.

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