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Markus Alistair- Shinigami [finished]

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Markus Alistair- Shinigami [finished]

Post by Markus on Tue Jun 05, 2012 2:13 am


B A S I C S //

Laying down the bricks //

Nickname/s | Sensei Alistair
DOB |July 4th, 1503
Age | 17/509
Sexuality | Strait
Ethnicity | Caucasian
Occupation Captain\Teacher
Loyalty | To his students

Proof of who I am //


Zanpakutou Spirit | Tempra is a bird of many brilliant colors, her tail is a flowing rainbow, and she resembles a bird of paradise. She is large, much larger then Markus actually standing at a glorious 7”9’ with a wing span that marks the heavens. Her eyes are a brilliant red and her body is primarily golden. In Markus’s opinion she is a very pretty bird as long as you discount her horrible personality.

As for her actual personality Tempra is the polar opposite of Markus hateful almost to the point of extremism she was hesitant to loan out any kind of power before she knew Markus was any kind of ready, and on their many encounters refused to actually give him her name to start, even if he couldn’t hear her name to begin with. Tempra’s mind is a constant whirlwind of rage and hate and she speaks negatively about everyone and everything calling out harsh names, and never referring to anyone by a proper tittle. She claims to even hate Markus, and unless he needs help she is hardly ever willing to release her blade.
Inner World | Markus’s inner world is a small island marked squarely in the eye of a large tropical storm. Off of the distance the storm can be seen on all fronts, a mass of wind and water and the rolls of lightning. The storm never moves, but is always there violent and filled with the wrath of nature. Markus thinks that Tempra is what actually causes the storm, as Markus has always felt at peace with his life, that and Tempra is a wind type zanpakuto.

The island is more tranquil then the storm that surrounds it. It is a small grass field only slightly above water level, there are no trees here, but rather a calm breeze and only tranquil waves, the eye of the storm protects the island from any harsh weather and a clear blue sky can be seen above it. There is nothing else on the island except the small beaches and grass fields, and aside from the occasional roll of thunder in the distance it is quiet here, and it is a place Markus uses in his meditations.

When speaking with his spirit Tempra she more often than not will break upwards from the surface of the water where she appears to live, but from this she is never wet, and when Markus has tried to touch the water in the past it has always appeared more solid then the ground he walks on. When he asked Tempra about why that was, her comment was more around the area of ‘I like my privacy’ and other generic terms. Not wanting to argue with his spirit he has never really brought up the odd balance in his inner world.
Sealed state | Markus’s zanpakuto takes the sealed form of a small tanto, which is a straight edge wakazashi. Only 3’ long it is perhaps one of the smallest zanpakuto’s in soul society. Markus doesn’t tend to rely on it in sealed form due to his physical strength. The blade its self is aged and chipped and has a plane brown oak handle it looks aged and warn and with no guard it looks like the user has the chance of getting his fingers cut off.

Overall Ability | Tempest is a wind powered zanpakuto, the blade manipulates wind pressure for both cutting power, and explosive power. It bends and molds wind in destructive ways and almost all of its powers end up causing more damage than Markus usually intends. The high winds and destructive qualities of his shikai’s power are hard to ignore.
Release phrase | Toss them asunder Tempra.
Shikai Appearance |The blade explodes with a violent push of wind throwing dust in all directions. It pushes out wind with the fury of a storm, as the blade reshapes and remolds from used and warn persona fixing its self and extending into two new shapes. The new forms are of two long hooked swords. The blades are actually dull, but the hooks are razor sharp and best used to manipulate the enemy’s flow of movement and stab threw flesh and bone. They are also a good way of throwing an opponent.

The handles of the weapons have guards that closely resemble crescent moons, and the length of the weapons is about 3 feet. The handle is wrapped in black leather allowing for a comfortable grip on what would otherwise be a flat piece of metal. The handle also has a pointed edge at the bottom. The weapons are thin and are made from a colorless gray metal.

Overall Ability | (DO NOT USE)
Release phrase | (DO NOT USE)
Bankai Appearance | (DO NOT USE) [IMG*]image url (if there is an image)[/IMG]

Further than just the skin //

Height | 4’7”
Weight | 110lbs
Hair color & Style | Markus has red hair kept short and well-trimmed.
Eye color | Green
Overall Appearance | Markus has short red hair and a pale complexion, he has bright green eyes, and stands short at only 4’7”. He is always smiling in some way or another, and when he isn’t in his shinigami robes, he wears short white robes, with a heavy top jacket. He weighs about 115lbs which is moderate for his height. His body is a small and he has an agile build. He is not embarrassed by his smaller height but rather he embraces it, and uses it to his advantage. He is the last person anyone would expect to be of a high power level as his build looks almost frail as if he spent most of his life with some kind of illness.
His body looks frail and when he takes his clothing off he looks even worse. He is thin and slender. He looks like he would break if he were actually punched. That said he doesn’t look mal nourished only physically weak, his body is lacking in muscles, and instead has a lethe look to him. He is obviously more built around Kido an area in which he excels. Leaving his physical defenses and offenses rather weak.

Understand the invisible //

Positive Traits |

  • Mentor: Markus strives to teach others, at times he has an almost fatherly appearance to him talking kindly to others, he is kind and tender, and uses words to settle his disputes for the most part. He is a teacher and the master of the academy, and at his core he reflects that with an easy to approach attitude.
  • Firm: Like a teacher Markus holds the majority of his respect for the rules, and is firm against those who break them. Though most wouldn’t think about it the calm relaxed teacher has a firm set of morals that he expects others to follow.
  • Honorable: Markus is not an assassin if he fights which is rare he makes sure that it is on equal ground and face to face, he is also not above giving helpful pointers to his enemies after all he is a teacher at his core.
  • Calm: Markus does not act rashly he thinks, and plans out his actions. He acts with a constant calm mind and very few people have ever seen Markus lose his temper, though there are rumors that Tempra his overzealous zanpakuto is an extension of what is underneath his calm interior.
  • Pacifistic: Markus trains others how to fight, but he doesn’t enjoy fighting himself. He has watched and buried more of his students than he cares to think about, and would rather not watch them fight. Instead he follows what he is good at and trains them in the hopes that that they don’t die.

Negative Traits |

  • Pervert: The dwarf that he is Markus isn’t exactly the most catchable man around. He has been rejected by woman most of his eternal life, and has a vast amount of size envy perversion and just a little twitch of woman hate because of it. Still a virgin in his 509th year of life with no sign of it ever changing he has been known to sneak a peek at a womans change room once in a blue moon.
  • Size envy: Markus is a dwarf, the smallest of the captains and often has an opinion that others talk down to him. He wishes he was a taller man but knows that his body one born and stilted from an illness he no longer suffers from can’t really grow up. He will make jokes and has learned to live with it, but in private and away from others he can be seen regretting his height and wanting more.
  • Easily trusting: Markus isn’t the most alert of men when it comes to others and politics. A trait that does not serve him well as a captain, but serves him well for him as a teacher. He is able to talk to anyone and allows anyone to approach him regardless, but it does mean that he can be manipulated by the wrong crowd.
  • Hopeless romantic: perhaps it extends from his height and virginity, but Markus is a known lover of romance novels. Some part of him does hope that one day he could find someone accepting enough to actually go out on a long term relationship with him, but he doesn’t hold his breath.
  • Arrogant: part of being a teacher is the refusal to learn. He does not take others advice well, and will often refuse criticism.

Habits |[list]
[*] Flirtatious: Markus will flirt often with just about any woman, usually it gets him slapped in the face, but it’s a habit he finds hard to break.

Fears | Dying alone: “All dwarves are bastards in the eyes of their fathers” Markus has never really been loved, or even been in love or hell even had sex. At his core he is a very lonely man and his worst fear is that he dies unloved and poorly remembered.

Overall Personality | Markus has the mentality of a mentor. He loves to teach others, and is more often then not kind to people he meets. He is almost always smiling, and is a genuinely happy person to be around. He strives to make the world a better place, and believes firmly in the power of the law. That said he is a mentor first and a shinigami second, and he spends most of his time at the academy as a teacher. When forced into combat he is still a teacher, and usually gives pointers to his enemies about how to better attack him.

Markus has a firm backhand to anyone who would break the law, and disapproves of actions taken only to benefit ones self. The only time that he is willing to let go of the law is during actions that directly benefit the greater good. He has a lot of self-conviction and is usually very stubborn about the way things should work in his views of politics and the law. All of that said Markus has a soft spot for children, and dislikes fighting or acting against anyone who appears to be under the age of ten.

Markus is someone that is easily trusting, but he is not blind. If someone sounds outwardly evil then he will spend time investigating that person and eventually confront him or her. However for those evil’s that are more subtle Markus is a little too trusting of others, and can some times be taken advantage of, but once his trust is lost it can almost never be regained.

Markus is also a bit of a pervert. Due to his height he feels often sexually repressed, most people dislike dating someone is so much smaller than them, as such when it comes to woman he is more often than not rejected, and as such he is sexually frustrated. This usually manifests as perversions, when dealing with woman, he is flirtatious, and a bit of a hopeless romantic always believing in love stories, he is a large fan of romance novels.

Tell me a tale... //
IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Should include a triggering memory from human life, and some of the time in the academy (to portray their strengths and ect.) If shikai is obtained, then must explain on how the voice of the zanpakutou spirit was heard, and the meeting in the 'inner world'.
Birthplace | Farming village Europe
Mother | Tessa Alistair
Father | Tyrion Alistair
Siblings | N/A
Other Relations | N/A
Companion | N/A
Overall history | The illness.
Markus was born to a farming village, and he was never what most people would call healthy. He had spent his childhood weaker than everyone else. The doctors could never quite pin down his illness which turned out to be an extreme case of asthma and he spent most of his time as a child costing his parents a fortune as they tried desperately to strengthen him with every medicine the doctor could find.

Markus’s childhood was year after year of pain. Unable to work to help his father, and unable to play with the other children in his village, Markus lived isolated from anyone and everyone else, and for most of his life he grew up helping his mother in some way shape or form when he had the strength aside from that it was spent mostly sleeping. His lungs didn’t have the strength that was required to do any of the work of the farm, and so he took to something else. Books became a friend of Markus his mother was one of the few people who had a background that taught her how to read and write, and so she was able to teach Markus since he had all the free time he could handle.

Markus began to pass on what his mother taught him to other children even younger than him, While the men were busy working Markus was able to assist the woman in teaching. He worked hard to learn more than his share since he had all the time he could to study he filled his head with books and scrolls taught himself calligraphy, all while dealing with his crippling asthma shortened energy spans and hard time breathing.

Markus’s death came at the age of 17 his body had been unable to grow due to its weakened state, and finally one night his lungs collapsed while he was sleeping. It was not a peaceful death, as his lungs filled with fluid he literally drowned in his own body.

As a spirit

Markus awoke in the afterlife having come to terms with his death rather easily he breathed in for the first time in his life feeling no pain, and having no rasp his lungs were able to expand, honestly after he was dead it was the first time he had felt truly alive. He was alive, but he was also alone in the afterlife, having no one to rely on and no one to guid him he soon found himself starving, which was odd because everyone else only ever ate from pleasure.

More often than not Markus became feeble and unable to move without eating and at first he had thought it was because his illness had fallowed him. People also acted very odd around him, as if it actually pained them to be around him. It wasn’t until he met a recruiter that all of this was explained. Markus drew the attention of those around him by the fact that he had a higher spiritual energy, and it had only been a matter of time before he was drawn into the world of the shinigami, and what followed was fifty long years as a student.

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Re: Markus Alistair- Shinigami [finished]

Post by Der König on Tue Jun 05, 2012 5:58 am



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