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A relaxing break. {Kenji and Kasumi}

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A relaxing break. {Kenji and Kasumi} Empty A relaxing break. {Kenji and Kasumi}

Post by Kenji Yasutake on Wed Jun 13, 2012 8:47 pm

It was a day like any other, though today was special. He had plans after his duties where squared away. So as his hand moved along that last of his paper work, his signature signed and the paper placed on the out bin to be sent to 1st division HQ. Kenji placed his quill down before he stood up, Kenji adjusted the left half and the only part of clothing that covered his torso. Hands reaching behind his desk to grab his Haori before letting it hang off his shoulders. He then grabbed his Zanpakuto before sliding it into his sash and adjusting them to sit properly.

Today was the day that Kenji and Kasumi got together in the full moon maple garden for some relaxation. His cold onyx black eyes moved to the door of his office as he slid it open.

“Recruit; see to it that my paper work goes to the correct people this time.” Kenji eyed the new shinigami to be assigned to his division; it seemed his reputation preserved him. Not only did he read respect in the young woman’s eyes, also fear. Good, just what he wanted to see. With that, Kenji moved down the hallways and out of the Divisional HQ.

Once outside of the gates, he let his gaze soften a little bit. He’d looked forward to this all week, it was a shame they only got together once a week to talk. Then inside his head, he heard the distinct hiss from his companion.

‘You seem quite taken with the second division captain.’ Tenryu came through the hiss, at times it was hard to tell what he was saying. But Kenji was accustomed to the sound, though at first it was annoying. Though the comment was quickly dismissed with a wave of his hand, lucky that no one was around him to see it.

“I am not Tenryu, we are just close friends. Nothing more, nothing less.” He didn’t know why, but Kasumi was the only person to get close enough to see who he was under the cold Bravado he put up with everyone else. Kenji saw her as a friend, or was he just telling himself that to keep him believing it? He didn’t know.

None the less, Kenji walked with urgency. He was already running late, or by his watch he was. He knew that things where hell around here for divisional heads. With everything that had been going on, it was a wonder they even had the free time to meet up like this. The lithe swordsman sighed and shook his head at the thought.

So to save time, he took one more step. Vanishing from sight, in a use of shunpo he came out in the wonderful technique he was at the entrance to the garden. From here he’d go on foot, taking his time as he looked around. It reminded him of a cherry blossom grove not far from Edo when he was alive. It was where he went with his father to train with the sword. Then they ate the lunch under the largest tree in the grove. He wondered if it was still there, or if its beauty was wiped away like much what once was.

“I wonder if Kasumi is already here.” He smirked to himself, taking time to just look around for her. He came to a stop under a cherry blossom tree, flashbacks of a large tree with several cuts in the bark. He smiled a little bit at the memory. Sometimes it was hard to live with those memories but it was the only way he was still connected to his family. He’d seen his mother in the west section of Rukongai, but she didn’t remember him. Which only caused Kenji to retract back into his cold shell, it was sad really. Not every soul keeps there memory from when they were alive.

Taking a seat at the base of the tree he leaned back and closed his eyes, placing the wakazashi of his daisho style duel zanpakuto beside him while the long blade rested against his left shoulder. It didn’t seen she was here yet, which was fine. He didn’t mind waiting at all.
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